Portuguese are horrible people

Portuguese people at a bus stop
Behind the facade of apparent normality, you will find out the worst way how horrible the Portuguese are if you live there long enough, bearing no resemblance to any other place in the world. Honestly, Portugal is a country of crooks and mentally deficient people. My nine years' experience as an expat in Portugal has shown me how devious things can get. Deep down, the Portuguese are only happy when they see others suffering...
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Portugal; Where all dreams are shattered and all nightmares begin

Extremely run down vehicle in Portugal
Geographically, Portugal is very beautiful and I think, full of untapped potential, but very regrettably, due to the vast majority of Portuguese people being very dishonest, callous and inept, it becomes a very difficult, more like impossible, place to construct a successful and happy life, as you have to fight against an immense plethora of difficulties and pitfalls that are presented to you almost every day...
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There is nothing more stupid and criminal than a Portuguese judge

Portuguese buildings on a hill
You are the unluckiest person in the world, if one day your life hangs on a decision of a Portuguese judge, it is almost certain that this judge will dictate the most outrageous, incomprehensible, shameful and unfair sentence against you and all in favor of the acquittal of the criminal who has harmed you so much, and will likely do so with great joy.
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Portuguese lawyers are legalized swindlers

Portuguese Car Valet
the Portuguese justice system is a monstrous fraud, and Portuguese lawyers are, for the most part, vultures around it who profit at the expense of poor and defenseless victims that feeds this big scam. So, these lawyers are in fact, legalized swindlers working in tandem for such inhuman institutionalized fraud called Portuguese "justice".
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Is Portugal a paradise for corruption?

Corruption in Portugal
The answer is clearly YES, and that is the intention. And at the same time it's a nightmare for honest people. The Portuguese state and all governments in Portugal have never had and will never have a real desire to change the state of things, because it goes against the interests not only of the politicians, but in essence of most of Portuguese society, which coexists very well with the corrupt, thieves and scum in general.
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In Portugal, there is no real knowledge of fraud in European funds

Fraud in Portugal with EU funds
"We don't know the real number of fraud cases in Portugal," says Ana Carla Almeida. Thank you! That is very reassuring to know! In Portugal it is like this: 2,709 suspected cases of fraud in the use of European funds were reported in the QREN, but so far there have only been two cases of proven fraud, involving 200 thousand euros in agricultural aid. In Portugal 2020, there were 1,320 suspected cases and none proven.
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Golden Visas: they invest in Portugal, and end up being deceived

Portugal Golden Visa Scams
Portuguese Golden Visas are only a good idea on paper, in reality, many, if not most people involved in this scheme (scam), to a greater or lesser degree, have seen their lives wiped out, or at least their return and experience fell far short of what was promised by the countless, let's call them "actors" of this tragic comedy that in the whole world could only happen in Portugal.
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They bought a “house”, but live in “tourist accommodation”. Hundreds could lose the right to use the house they bought

Palmela Village housing scam
Six thousand people scammed! Just because they bought a house to live in! These six thousand defrauded people bought their houses with official documents issued by the City Council, explicitly stating that they were houses for "habitation", but after a few years they discovered that they had not purchased a "house" in the legal sense, but rather an "accommodation unit" intended for commercial tourism.
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British presenters “lose” ten million euros on a “dream villa” in Portugal, which never got off the ground and didn’t even have a license

British presenters lose ten million euros on a dream villa in Portugal
How to be a millionaire and become poor instantly? Bring all your money to Portugal! This insolvency case is completely buried, as you will read, in very strong factual illegalities committed, as well as numerous indicators also strongly suspicious of criminal activity, to say the least, however, as this is Portugal, absolutely nothing is ever investigated, because everyone is in on it.
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60% of Portuguese nurses requested a declaration to emigrate in 2023 and more than 3,300 nurses have left Portugal since 2020

60% of Portuguese nurses emigrate
In what country does an entire class of professionals emigrate en masse? Even more so of a class as important to a country and its health as nurses! I honestly don't know, nor have I ever heard of such a thing, because not even in so-called third world countries does this happen on such scale!
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President of the Portuguese Republic denies having pulled the strings for the treatment in Portugal of two Brazilian twins with a medicine that costs 4 million euros

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and the treatment in Portugal of two Brazilian twins with a medicine that costs 4 million euros
Portugal is a country full of urgent needs at all levels and measly salaries, yet it can pay 4 million euros from the public purse for a medicine to be administered in Portugal to some citizens living in Brazil, for the simple reason that they, in their own words, “knew the daughter-in-law of the President of the Portuguese Republic, who knew the Minister of Health”.
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Party members earn thousands with contracts without public tender in Lisbon parish councils

Parish Councils of Lisbon
Forgive my expression, but this already seems like an orgy of corrupt. The shamelessness, the lack of scruples, the normality is absolutely abysmal in Portugal. Contracts worth more than 70 thousand euros are awarded directly to one-person companies that have been set up in a hurry, a month ago or very recently, and therefore have no history or even clients.
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Parish councils: the PS advisor, the consultants and the many elements of the party. The socialist network in direct agreements in Lisbon

Socialist Party Portugal
Money, money, money, tax money for me, for you, for all of us and also for my dog, who deserves it. And the feast with Portuguese taxpayers' money continues, this time with the current party in power. Personal contracts by direct agreement without public tender reaching values of 123,000 euros (of course, this only scratches the surface).
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Former Prime Minister José Sócrates, who led Portugal into bankruptcy, is acquitted of all charges by Judge Ivo Rosa as “speculation”, “fantasy” and “total incoherence”

Former Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates and judge Ivo Rosa
The former Prime Minister of Portugal, José Sócrates, was, as far as is known, the most corrupt person in Portugal to occupy the highest executive position of the Portuguese State, however, as we can read in this necessarily long and dumbfounding post, he was acquitted (as is the norm in Portugal) of all extremely serious charges, namely corruption, being charged only with peanuts...
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Faro doctor gathers more evidence of negligence at Algarve hospital. Anesthetist with 32 years career confirms stories

Portuguese hospital inside
This shocking news is a very good report of how most public hospitals in Portugal work, with more or less seriousness. It is very frightening to know that a patient who goes to a Portuguese hospital in search of help actually runs the risk of leaving in a worse state of health than when he entered, or even of suffering a very common "accidental" death, for which there is never a responsible or culpable party.
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“Politicians investigations are over” PGR orders to limit the Public Ministry’s actions

Lucília Gago and Albano Pinto
"All agents of the Public Ministry (who can no longer be called magistrates) are now only a long hand of the will of the Attorney General of the Republic. This, appointed by the President of the Republic on a proposal from the Government, becomes directly responsible for everything that happens in the Public Prosecutor's Office: for what it orders, for what it should have ordered, for what it allows, for what it does not prevent."
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Mega-fraud in the financial support for the reconstruction of houses burned in the fire of Pedrógão Grande, which caused 66 deaths

Pedrógão Grande fire fraud
Even in a disaster as terrible as the devastating fire of Pedrógão Grande in 2017, which caused 66 deaths and 253 injuries, destroyed about 500 houses, of which 261 were permanent homes, and 50 businesses, the victims were robbed, most of whom never received the aid supposedly intended for them, including millions of euros in personal donations, and many people even went hungry without access to food.
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EU opens proceedings against CPLP visas in Portugal for non-compliance with EU rules

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa President of Portugal
Portugal only gives the European Union headaches. This time they have decided to open the doors of the Schengen area to any citizen of the CPLP (Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries), but the problem is that it is being done arbitrarily, without rules and without any minimum acceptable requirement other than paying 15 euros, for an almost "free" access to the common EU Schengen area.
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A Spanish doctor and his team operated as much in 6 days as 5 doctors in a year and for half the price charged in private

Ophthalmologist in Portugal
It can be said that a Spanish doctor is worth 285 times more than a Portuguese doctor: Spanish doctor - 234 surgeries in six days | Portuguese doctor - 0.82 surgeries in six days. As the Spanish doctor says "I understand their concern and I know why there are such long waiting lists in Portugal. It's just that for each private operation they charge around two thousand euros". Oops!
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Had to wait 12 years for justice with his life destroyed

Gonçalo Neves waited 12 years for justice
Gonçalo Neves, also known as Tofu, became a paraplegic 12 years ago after a car accident left him in a vegetative state due to a traumatic brain injury. In true Portuguese style, the case dragged on in court for 12 (twelve!) years! Only now have they received compensation! And where is the other compensation for the 12 years of total hell, on all levels, psychological, financial, etc., that they went through…? It's something that of course nobody cares about…
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Fake invoices, fictitious jobs, hired mothers. Here are the “hired” in the network of favors in the Lisbon councils

Lisbon PSD councils network of favors
"I don't forget my friends," says a Portuguese politician to another politician, beginning one of the wiretaps that are part of the police investigation. Portuguese nepotism at its best: schemes involving favors, contracts, agreements, jobs and even hired mothers. On the party bench in the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, they serve wages as if they were lunch, of course, to do nothing, not even to show up.
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Government hides value of millionaire pensions paid to politicians

Minister Ana Mendes Godinho
In Portugal it's like this: the law says one thing, but the politicians do another. The law in Portugal is just a piece of paper to blow your nose on. This time, a government minister and the Caixa Geral de Aposentações (CGA), with the greatest audacity, are hiding the updated values of the lifetime monthly subsidy granted to 298 former political office holders.
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US says Portugal buys “expensive and useless toys” out of “pride” and inferiority complexes

Submarine from the Portuguese squadron booty
In the American telegram entitled "What is wrong with the Portuguese Ministry of Defense", it is stated that Portugal buys weapons as a matter of pride and to overcome inferiority complexes, whether they are useful or not. The most obvious examples are its two submarines and 39 fighter jets, of which only 12 are capable of flying (what a joke).
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Top horrors of medical errors in Portugal

Inside a hospital in Portugal
Certainly, among hundreds or millions of anonymous cases with more or less severity, this article can only present four horrifying stories about the "treatment" that so many people undergo when they need intervention in a hospital in Portugal, from dying in hospital after a simple operation to nasal polyps, and family members still having to wait 20 years for the case to reach the European Court just to receive some justice
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State company Parque Escolar authorized illegal expenses and payments of more than 500 million euros

João Sintra Nunes and Teresa Heitor from Parque Escolar
The public company Parque Escolar (PE) authorized illegal expenses and payments of (at least) 492 million euros, since they had not been previously remitted and audited by the Court of Auditors (TC), although the public company is obliged to do so. In the end, the sentence was just a fine of 2200 euros!! Do the math!
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There are courts in Portugal where cases drag on for more than 20 years

Corrupt and inhuman Portuguese Justice
It is very easy to conclude from this extensive news that Portugal is definitely a madhouse. However, it turns out that this is a problem that starts with the Portuguese mindset, for reasons as diverse as ingrained incompetence, laziness, sloppiness, dishonesty, disorganization, and the fact that the Portuguese generally don't give a damn about each other.
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Punching a woman’s eardrum and hitting her with a nail-studded bat “is not particularly serious”, according to a Portuguese judge

Portuguese judge does not condemn domestic violence
The title says it all, so here we have another "spectacular" stone age ruling from a Portuguese judge, and he even has the nerve to quote the Bible in his ruling, saying "we can read in the Bible that the adulterous woman must be punished by death". So what he meant implicitly was that his sentence was actually kind because what this woman really deserved was to die! I'm stunned!
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“In 20 years, we will be an island on the European continent”, the rail plan is “completely retrograde”: the open letter of the experts

Portuguese train
Portugal is an eternally postponed country. Nothing ever goes the right way in Portugal because the interests of the countless corrupt always come first. Obviously, Portugal is not only not converging with the EU as it should, it is actually diverging, and at an exponential rate.
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“Portugal is not a corrupt country”, says Attorney General Cândida Almeida

Cândida Almeida Portuguese Attorney General
It's hard to write a preamble about this news, it makes my blood boil to see such human decay, and further irrefutable proof that Portugal is indeed a dictatorship, as if there wasn't already enough blatant evidence. This woman, who probably (because in Portugal all evidence is systematically hidden, postponed, erased or literally destroyed) during her entire career systematically dismissed thousands of corruption cases (only of what is known) worth billions of euros that passed through her hands during almost 13 long years of raping democracy...
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“The Pinhal Mafia” Fire in Pinhal de Leiria was planned a month before the tragedy – 86% of the pine forest consumed by the criminal fire

Fire in Pinhal de Leiria
The fire that devastated 86% of Pinhal de Leiria in October 2017 was criminally caused, for economic gain. The pine forest was trapped with resin pots with pine needles inside, in order to start the flames. The Judicial Police had already concluded that the fire was caused by criminal activity. This is a heinous crime against environmental patrimony.
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“Hi Fernando”: Luís Filipe Vieira’s request to Fernando Medina to exempt his son from the IMI tax “Thanks, Dad! It’s already singing here!”

Luís Filipe Vieira’s request to Medina to exempt his son from IMI
In Portugal, the promiscuity and corruption between football, political power and judicial power is total and very smelly. In this case, the son of a director of a famous Portuguese football club, did not want to pay the IMI, the property tax, what a bummer, nobody likes to pay, but we all have to pay. No, that's where I am wrong, this entitled gentleman thought he was above other Portuguese citizens... (and in the end he really was)
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Fernando Medina signs appointment in contract suspected of corruption for financing the PS

Fernando Medina Portugal PS party
Fernando Medina, the current Minister of Finance of Portugal, is "suspected" (I say this because, as you know, in Portugal there are no corrupt people, at most there are only suspects) of having conspired, as soon as he assumed the presidency of the Municipality of Lisbon, in a scheme to obtain bribes for the illegal financing of his PS party.
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1.06 million euros in banknotes deposited by employees in the CDS account do not demonstrate any illicit act, according to DCIAP director

Paulo Portas CDS
The lame justification given by the party for these deposits was that they were donations collected at parties and dinners, and that the rush to deposit them on those end-of-year days was explained by the change in the party financing law, of which the CDS officials had just been made aware. The receipts for all these deposits were also issued on dates after the deposits were made. Obviously, all of this makes no sense and is highly compromising.
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“Socrates’ governance in the road PPP was marked by corruption”

The corrupt of the Portuguese PPP
The title of this article tells a "la palice" truth, but for the Portuguese it is not like that, and that is why this criminal (an understatement) and his countless cronies have led Portugal to bankruptcy, the consequences of which are being felt today and for many decades to come by future generations, condemning the lives of generations to impoverishment...
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Christian Diocesan Institution accused of using dead people in fraud of 3.3 million to the State

Fraud in a Diocesan Christian Institution in Portugal
In Portugal, even dioceses associated with the Church are swindlers! The leaders of this Christian diocese, in order to get the maximum amount of money from Social Security, duplicated users, used the names of people from other social centers, invented users, and even used the names of dead people, referring to them by the interesting name of "UFOs"!
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PSP agents, jurists and lawyers “erased traffic fines” in exchange for financial benefits

Corruption in traffic fines in Portugal
In this scheme, took part several public institutions in Lisbon, law firms, PSP facilities and vehicles, facilities of the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), the Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT), the Traffic Division of the PSP of Lisbon, the Financial Management Department of the PSP and the Lisbon Municipal Police… Uff! It's a big list, no doubt!
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Case of the faceless baby reported in Spain as putting “the Portuguese medical profession in check”

Ultrasound of baby without a face in Portugal
A case of true horror that could only happen in Portugal. This obstetrician, who had already accumulated many complaints for failing to detect malformations on ultrasound scans, also "missed" the case of a girl who had "inverted legs, no chin, and also serious brain injuries". I'm not an obstetrician, but I don't think even I would miss that!
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Swindler is free from prison as long as he returns five percent of the money he took from his clients, which exceeds 800,000 euros

Portuguese swindler
Another totally absurd and criminal sentence from another Portuguese corrupt judge, one that perfectly illustrates why Portuguese justice is such an aberration, a horror movie, a criminal institution above all. It is very clear that this judge is far more concerned about the crook than about his many victims (I wonder why!), going so far as to state something so outrageously insulting to the victims as "not to jeopardize the dignity and livelihood of the accused"...
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Pinto Monteiro must be investigated for “stifle inquiries” into Sócrates

Pinto Monteiro and José Sócrates
In this article, the journalist Manuela Moura Guedes, a person of moral integrity like very few others in Portugal (and who paid a high price for it), accused the former Attorneys General of the Republic, Pinto Monteiro and Cândida Almeida, of having "done everything possible to stifle the cases involving former Prime Minister José Sócrates". Which is 100% true!
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“There were no doctors, no stretcher, no sheet”: the family of a man who died outside the hospital

Man dies at hospital door in Portugal
In Portugal, you can also die at the door of a hospital, as if you were an animal, a pig, according to the words of the victim's older brother. When the family arrived at the hospital, they were just told that they were sorry, but at that time there were no doctors in the hospital, and so the man apparently ended up dying there on the asphalt of the road...
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Portugal has implemented only 3 of the 15 recommendations of the Council of Europe (GRECO) to fight corruption

Portugal only implemented 3 of the 15 GRECO recommendations to combat corruption
The problem is that not even these 3 tiny anti-corruption measures that Portugal has implemented out of 15 recommendations will be fulfilled according to the spirit of what is written, that is, in Portugal they will be completely irrelevant laws, because in Portugal the laws are only used to compose the facade of a democracy and a fake rule of law state. The laws in Portugal are not meant to be taken seriously, and 99% of the time they never are.
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Ricardo Mexia, the mayor of Lumiar, makes several contracts with an advisor of his party

Ricardo Mexia from PSD mayor of the Lumiar parish council
The doctor who heads the Lisbon Municipal Council signs not one, but three direct contracts with a member of his party. This member, who seems to have many and very generous friends (with money that is not theirs), also received a salary from another party friend, who was also very generous with other people's money, the Portuguese taxpayers' money.
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She went to give birth and ended up with a perforated intestine. After five years, the case has still not come to trial

Giving birth in Portugal
Portugal is such an absurdly dysfunctional and dangerous country that even giving birth in a Portuguese hospital can have disastrous consequences for the life of the mother and her family. The end result is that the health consequences are so severe that this mother will never be able to have children...
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