Portuguese justice is an inhumane monstrous fraud ruled by sadistic dictators and bloodthirsty vultures

The Portuguese justice system

Be informed that, Portugal has the “justice” of a dictatorship, because it is! There is no real separation of powers in Portugal!
Hence, Portuguese justice is truly a house of horrors, an aberration that will ruin your life forever.

Only the unscrupulous Portuguese could do something so perverse and immoral as to turn the justice system itself onto a monstrous scam, not only to profit from it, but even worse, to cruelly obliterate human lives.

Portuguese justice works only for trivial matters, and even then not very well. From time to time they also lock up some very small fish with the obvious intention of diverting attention from the BIGGEST corrupt who are always free. The purpose is not to appease the Portuguese people, who even quite like the corrupt, the bigger and more despicable, the more the Portuguese vote for them. The purpose is to deceive the European Union in the first place (where all the free billions come from) and the rest of the civilized world. Very seldom there are good and appropriate verdicts (again, especially when under pressure from abroad), but the rule is for the opposite to systematically happen.

Portuguese Justice is the exact opposite of it, it is INJUSTICE, it is a fraud and a very profitable dirty business that feeds on the victims despair who are the transactional commodity. The Portuguese have found out that there is nothing better to take monetary advantage of than someone who is victim of a felony. The victim of a crime desperately seeks justice and, of course, has no other choice but to go to court and hire a lawyer. Thus, the “Portuguese justice system” is run by dictators, the judges who lurk inside the courts, and by vultures who profit immensely from this disgusting fraud, the lawyers. Moreover, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Public Ministry) is very often the first in line to protect the corrupt and crooks, preventing cases from even reaching the courts, but the opposite also happens, the investigative work of the few ethical Public Prosecutors is often blocked and deauthorized by corrupt and ill-intentioned judges, likewise, to some extent, all judicial officials, regardless of the hierarchical level, also end up participating in this so despicable inhuman fraud, voluntarily or involuntarily.

The main purpose of this article is to warn ordinary citizens, mainly foreigners, about the appalling and pure fraud that is the Portuguese justice system and the absolutely devastating and destructive effects it has on the lives of victims. Above all, however, which also ends up being related to, there is something much more serious and sinister behind it, which is the fact that the Portuguese judiciary, in what matters most is, TOTALLY SUBSERVIENT TO THE CORRUPT POLITICAL POWER, thus, systematically acquitting corrupt politicians and members of the government, or in most cases, not even proceeding with an investigation, using the usual lame excuses such as; lack of resources, as well as deliberately letting cases expire by statute of limitations. This is completely clear to anyone reading from the numerous news reports translated from the Portuguese press available on this website, although they focus only on 1% of the cases, since most of the Portuguese media also bows to the will of the corrupt political and judicial powers with extreme ease, and therefore the information is always kept under wraps of the already very scant, or none information at all that comes out of the Portuguese courts. It goes without saying the danger this poses to any citizen.

Practically the entire Portuguese justice system is a very filthy and deeply monstrous business, THE VICTIMS’ BUSINESS, in which in reality criminals in general, fraudsters, thieves, corrupt, etc. act as “commercial” agents ” acquiring” clients in order to enrich lawyers and courts at the cost of the endless pain they cause and bringing their “clients”, the victims, to absolute misery if we don’t realize the trap and get out in time. Enrichment is not only achieved by paying absurdly high legal fees, invariably for nothing, but also by the criminals themselves regularly “paying off”, behind closed doors, the judges and agents of justice in general in order to get away with it, with the money from the criminal proceeds, but as we are talking about Portugal, no one ever investigates anything or knows anything (because everyone is in on it). However, the scandals with the blatantly suspicious sentences and filings of Portuguese justice outrageously in favor of criminals and against the victims are daily and by the minute in Portugal.

My lawyer had the audacity and stupidity to tell me exactly that, “it’s the criminals who give us work, and then she laughed”! Which is why there’s no interest whatsoever in these criminals being arrested, quite the opposite, they are THEIR livelihood, and that’s why they are treated with such reverence in Portugal! In Portugal it’s all one indistinguishable, stinking, disgusting mob!

The judicial system in Portugal is, for the most part (when not due to being abysmally incompetent and lazy, which is equally criminal), an instrument of theft and premeditated evil, and for these and many other reasons, I think that the Portuguese in general are probably the most despicable people in the world.

That’s why everyone loves scum in Portugal, the scum gives a lot of money to gain to other scum!

In Portugal, for all intents and purposes, there is NO REAL separation of judicial power from political power. This is the reality! Therefore, from my perspective, it is INADMISSIBLE for this DICTATORSHIP to be admitted to the EU or any other international organization based on democracy and human rights.

Hence, this dictatorship embodied in a Portuguese pseudo-justice means that when someone is victim of a crime, it is guaranteed that he/she will be extorted to the last cent, unless he/she exits this fraud before it is too late, and in the end the victim will have only a handful of nothing, will be broke, traumatized and a ton of humiliations to remember for life, in addition to the lost years, often decades.

Strangely enough, the justice system is the only sector of the Portuguese State that makes a profit, which is a strong indicator that, effectively, it is a fraud, how could it not be, as the victims are obliged to pay fortunes to this “fake justice” to literally do nothing!

Even more tragic than that, if that’s possible, is the following: the victim’s life is erased, the victim’s life is hijacked, with no possibility of recovering what has been lost, especially their happiness and that of their loved ones, during all those nightmarish years of “Justica Portuguesa”. After going through the punishment of Portuguese Justice, the victims will never be the same.

It can’t just be evil, it’s the pure sick madness that resides in the majority of Portuguese people that makes everything in Portugal so frighteningly horrible! A true nightmare!

In Portugal, the victims of crime are first and foremost victims of the Portuguese Judicial FRAUD, which is the single largest and most despicable criminal entity in the entire country.

Homeless sleeping in a tent in Portugal
For the corrupt to live lavishly in luxury homes, others have to sleep in tents: For a growing number of people in Portugal, this is beginning to be the only home they can afford. The highly corrupt and sloppy Portuguese “justice” system is the main culprit for Portugal being so poor, directly and indirectly by not doing its fundamental job. | The Real Portugal

Whenever justice is not done to the victims, the criminals are automatically in a state of being protected by the law. Thus, the victims, whose hands are tied, are forced to live side by side with those who have hurt them so much. This leads to a life sentence for the victim, which doesn’t make Portuguese judges lose any sleep, on the contrary. So, in this context, the Portuguese police forces end up acting (involuntarily or not) as a true political police at the behest of the dictatorial courts.

There are so many thieves in Portugal that probably half the population has been stolen from by the other half, in one way or another, but no one ever goes to jail or suffers any “real” consequences.
Portugal is really a country of protected thieves on the loose who spend their entire lives stealing from one victim to another, because they are never arrested. Isn’t Portugal such a lovely country to live in? (sarc.)

Portuguese justice is a disgusting fraud that pretends to be governed by laws, Portuguese laws, EU laws and international laws, although these laws exist on paper, yet they are full, I mean REALLY full of loopholes and protections specially designed for the corrupt and criminals in general, especially in relation to financial crimes. Regardless, the laws are most of the time totally or partially disregarded by the corrupt and incompetent Portuguese judges, who are richly paid for by the taxpayers, but who “refuse” to do their job (which many times, in exchange for bribes and other “perks” like; imagine, football tickets). In any democratic country, a judge is the noble (and essential to democracy) guardian of the law, as it is his/her duty, but in Portugal, precisely because the judge is a typical Portuguese, full of character flaws, very prone to corruption and a rather weak person overall, this judge will not give a damn about the law and much less the victims seeking justice, this judge will not enforce the law, instead he/she will be moved by many other “motivations”, whether monetary, prejudice, personal, envy, or out of sheer stupidity and laziness, which will end up protecting the perpetrator to the detriment of the victim, who is severely harmed, producing then an outrageous and totally absurd sentence, which will consequently force the victim to resort to very expensive consecutive appeals until he/she goes broke, loses his/her mind and all dignity.

After the victim appeals, the same story will repeat itself in court, but this time the victim is much poorer and suffers even more, and there it goes again, the victim appeals again, and then again, and again, and again, until the victim is bankrupt and the Portuguese lawyers and courts milk all the victims’ money, without justice EVER being served, on the contrary, they made the victim, victim again many times over. Get out of Portugal while you can!

Portuguese (in)justice will certainly lead you to financial and human ruin. It takes away all your money and dignity and gives you nothing, neither justice nor compensation.

Degraded Portuguese building facade
Yet another building façade in Portugal that reflects the misery of this decaying country on all levels, especially on the human level. (Of course, there are also very nice, beautiful and modern apartments and houses, but these are only affordable by a very small minority of privileged people with salaries and wealth far above the Portuguese average.) | The Real Portugal

In Portugal, the victim is never a victim just once, but a victim many times over from the moment they try to get legal help.

It’s so vicious, horrible and deeply criminal that when a victim files a complaint in the Portuguese courts, the same criminal against whom the complaint is filed often already has dozens, if not hundreds, of other cases of victims that have been piling up in the courts for years, doing nothing but gathering dust. It is absolutely shameful that so many human tragedies have not been and are not being prevented by Portuguese judges, if they weren’t real scumbags of the vilest kind on earth! These Portuguese judges, by NOT DOING their fundamental job, are complicit and therefore just as responsible (if not more so) for the same crimes that have been committed!

When the courts refuse to administer justice and systematically acquit criminals of any wrongdoing, they are actually doing the opposite, they are protecting the criminals from any action of justice by the victims, the victims become the criminals, this “justice” has created a dystopian society. This is the odious Portugal, in practice and in the end, the criminals are the ones protected from their victims by the Portuguese “forces of law”. Truly odious country!

In Portugal, criminals are treated like victims and victims are treated like criminals.
Be aware that in Portugal you, as a victim, have absolutely NO legal (real and not fake) protection, conversely criminals have ALL the “legal” protection they need from their victims.

In this regard, all of Portugal’s police forces end up acting as true bodyguards for criminals (corrupt, crooks, thieves and the like…), either voluntarily or involuntarily, and not as forces of good as they were supposed to be. Horrible!

Portugal is just a country of scoundrels protecting each others’ backs. So, it can be only a question of time until something terrible and UNFIXABLE happen to your life, the more entangled you are within the Portuguese society, the worse the odds are, since you can’t REALLY trust anything in Portugal.

Even if you are lucky, and a full blown catastrophic situation doesn’t happen to your life, the least you can expect is that you can’t actually achieve anything positive in Portugal, not because of you, but due to the dreadful Portuguese toxic environment.

If the victim even has the money and the psychological endurance to go through all the appeals until he/she is no longer entitled to any more Portuguese appeals, one could say that the victim could theoretically appeal to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), but it turns out that the ECJ does not have jurisdiction over national laws, only over EU (generic) laws. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

“The ECJ is the highest court of the European Union in matters of Union law, but not national law. It is not possible to appeal against the decisions of national courts in the ECJ”

Which leaves the Portuguese victims, TOTALLY hostage to this monstrous fraud called “Justica Portuguesa” and thus WHITHOUT access to any justice, as, of course, it does not happen in any TRUE democracy.

Moreover, even if it were possible to appeal, imagine hiring a swindler and incompetent Portuguese lawyer for such an important task! Only a very small percentage of Portuguese lawyers would be qualified and trustworthy to do so, but by paying exorbitant fees.

Anyway, even if it were possible in all cases to appeal to the ECJ as a last resort, it wouldn’t make any sense (it would be absurd) to have to go through and pay dearly all the corrupt and fake Portuguese justice system and its parasites for over a decade or even longer (as it is the normality in Portugal) just to finally reach a REAL court, the ECJ! The Portuguese courts know very well that no one has the money, decades and life to get to the point of appealing to the ECJ, so they very cynically take advantage of that situation.

However, even in this case, the Portuguese courts are disgustingly dishonest and deceitful, because it often happens when possible, that the Portuguese courts simply snub the judgment of the ECJ, even after one has appealed to the European Court and won! It has happened many times over.

In any democracy, people have the right to fair and true justice, though PORTUGUESE JUSTICE IS A VERITABLE INSTITUTIONALIZED SCAM.

The only cases that “curiously” seem to progress are those that originate outside of Portugal (to maintain the false façade of a country that abides by the rule of law), or that are heavily commented on in the media, and which cause revulsion in the general population as violent, gruesome crimes (even so, not many are properly prosecuted). All the rest nobody cares about, because the Portuguese don’t give a sh*t about each other, let alone about injustices.

To use the word Justice and Portugal in the same sentence is a terrible heresy.

One constantly hears the Portuguese justice claiming ad nauseam that, “due to lack of means, it is unable to run faster, that is to say, not take decades nor prescribe/statutes of limitations or nor dismiss the lawsuits, and that often fails to investigate cases of corruption and criminality in general (it should be noted that the overwhelming majority of crimes/illegalities do not even make it to court, because only a rather minuscule percentage of crimes in Portugal are in practice, not on paper, CONSIDERED crimes or illegalities by the Portuguese courts)“. Obviously, this has nothing to do with “lack of means”. This cynic excuse, repeated over and over again, only serves to COVER UP the very serious corruption and inoperativeness of the Portuguese judicial system and Portuguese magistrates in general, as well to HIDE the abysmal incompetence and typical laziness and contempt of the Portuguese people for the suffering of others.

In fact, Portuguese justice exhibits all the characteristics of the justice of an autocratic third world country, but with a very marked sadistic slant, so typical of the innate lack of character of the Portuguese people in general.

Portugal is also a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which guarantees specific rights and freedoms and prohibits unfair and harmful practices, such as: the right to a fair trial (Article 6), freedom of expression (Article 10), the right to the protection of property (Protocol 1, Article 1). Yet, Portugal makes a mockery of all these conventions. You can read more about the ECHR here.

So, these Human Rights DOES NOT EXIST in Portugal, because Portugal functions like a dictatorship! Portugal is a dictatorship and is mocking the EU and the world!

In Portugal, practically all frauds are registered only as simple innocent bankruptcies. Therefore, there is no record of the crimes committed, as was my case. This is the rule and it is fully intentional.
Moreover, no one can trust Portuguese statistics, most of them are fake or at least extremely biased.

There are so many crooks in Portugal who have stolen so much money from so many innocent people, and who will continue to steal until the end of their evil lives of crime, although in the eyes of the law they NEVER stole from anyone, and hence they are permanently considered very honorable people!

Facades of very degraded and dirty Portuguese buildings
All this ugliness and filthiness, present in almost all Portuguese cities, is a pure reflection of the human nature of most Portuguese people. | The Real Portugal

This way, the criminals don’t suffer any consequences, let alone jail time, and the victims never get their money and valuables back, even if the thieves live a life of luxury in broad daylight with the money they stole. Portuguese “justice” is there to protect them, with teeth and nails.
Furthermore, these extremely misleading statistics are then provided to international organizations to falsely show that Portugal is an almost crime-free country, which could not be further from the truth. Violent crime in Portugal seems to be low * (also due to the authoritarianism and there are no reliable records anyway), although there is an astonishing amount of financial fraud and corruption crimes committed by the whole of society in general, including the State bodies themselves, which are NEVER registered anywhere.

* However, a lot of hidden violent crime goes on under the radar, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, rape and so on. These crimes are not reported by the victims for fear of harsh retaliation, or when they are reported, they are not properly registered by the authorities, if at all, or they are almost always dismissed (archived) by the courts. Moreover, the Portuguese authorities, in general, have little will or the skills to put an end to these tragedies.

Portugal is, above all, a country infested with authorized corrupt, fraudsters and thieves, like no other part of the world! From the humblest worker to the most important politician and judge. It is everyone, it is everywhere! It is a disgrace!

THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN PORTUGAL WORKS BASICALLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY AS FOLLOWS (among innumerable other routine illegalities and deficiencies not mentioned):

  1. Cases are dismissed before they even go to trial, or until the victim can no longer appeal or runs out of money.
  2. Cases are put on hold, often deliberately, until they are time-barred.
  3. Criminals, when brought to trial, if convicted, they are convicted of petty/pathetic offenses far less serious than the actual crime they committed.
  4. Therefore, criminals, on the very rare occasions when they are actually convicted, are given inconsequential and ludicrous sentences that do not compensate the victims in any way.
  5. In most cases, the victim is blamed, directly or indirectly.

So it is very easy to claim that Portugal is a country without much crime and then present false or extremely distorted statistics to the world, completely detached from reality.
The sheer reality is that Portugal is a country PLAGUED by crooks, probably almost half of the population has already committed more or less serious non-violent illegalities, given the inherent meanness and dishonesty of most Portuguese, including of course those within the Portuguese justice system itself, and this is the big problem.

Because crimes in Portugal are hardly ever registered and no one is ever charged, the corrupt are not corrupt, thieves are not thieves, and so criminals in general are not criminals. On the contrary, in the eyes of Portuguese (in)justice they are all very honorable and innocent people.

For the crooked Portuguese courts, the criminals are always innocent (99.9% of the time).

The biggest and cruelest Portuguese criminals are those inside the Portuguese judicial system, mainly the corrupt, crooked, lazy and grossly incompetent Portuguese judges and public prosecutors, who are infinitely more dangerous to society (than the small fish, for the most part) locked up in Portuguese jails. In fact, the horrors that take place in the Portuguese courts have turned Portugal into a dictatorship. These corrupt Portuguese judges have stolen DEMOCRACY from the Portuguese!
In any other “true” country, for infinitely less, there would have been a revolution of millions in the streets decades ago, until the people rightfully reclaimed their democracy back. Though this will never happen in Portugal, because the Portuguese are extremely coward, stupid and above all sympathetic to crooks, they don’t even know that they are collectively the owners of their country, their lives and that they are CITIZENS with inalienable rights! And not the corrupt, crooks and thieves who steal from them every day! What can one do when the same people who are robbed and treated like garbage admire and vote for the crooks and corrupts who trample on them?! It is obvious that there is no solution for Portugal when the population in general admire and want to be and do what their heroes crooks do… So there is NO DIFFERENCE at all between the corrupt and crooks who steal the country and the vast majority of the Portuguese who happily vote for them, in the end they are all the same, an indistinguishable mass sharing the same devious mindset. That is why Portugal will always be a cesspool and an open wound in the EU, costing us millions and billions of euros every day. PORTUGAL IS UNFIXABLE!

The Portuguese justice system, or rather the people who work in the Portuguese justice system, are so inept, sloppy, lazy and corrupt that dealing with them is like trying to push a wall. It doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t do anything. It is like playing ping-pong with a wall.

Be very, very careful with legal documents, contracts and so on in Portugal, all of them, for the most part, are a complete sham, another Portuguese scam, because they WILL NOT protect your valuables and alienated rights in case of fraud, theft and violation of your rights as it happens in any “normal” country, in Poortugal they will be useless in court and you will NEVER be able to recover your stolen money and goods! This happens all the time in Portugal, judges will, in practice, simply disregard the letter of contracts and documents as if they were just blank sheets of paper and they won’t bother to lift a finger to help you out, but even in the very unlikely event that this is not the case, in the end you will never get justice anyway, due to the abhorrent incompetence and inertia of the Portuguese judicial machine as a whole.

Portuguese justice is retardedly arbitrary, exactly the opposite of what justice is meant to be.

In addition to criminal cases, civil cases in Portugal are also a big joke. The more serious the matter, the more foolish and harmful the Portuguese judgement will be for you, that is, when the lawsuits are not dismissed or you don’t die before knowing the judgement.

If the Portuguese justice were not so crooked and sloppy (which is equally criminal), 90% of Portugal’s problems would not exist, because it is the judges who have the fundamental duty in any democracy to impose the rule of law on everyone and everything, including corrupt politicians.

Ergo, the corrupt Portuguese justice system and its appalling inept and crooked judges are absolutely Portugal’s biggest criminals and those who are stealing democracy from the Portuguese, by not doing their crucial job, but instead exactly the opposite of it.

As a result of all this endemic corruption and the, let’s call it very euphemistically, “inefficiency” of the Portuguese judicial system, the crime statistics are extremely distorted and underestimated, as cases are constantly being dismissed or end up with inconsequential sentences for the criminals, as if no crimes were committed in Portugal at all. Basically, IT’S ALL A SCAM, so most victims, knowing this, don’t even press charges or are forced to give up their cases years later due to severe financial difficulties as well after enduring unbearable humiliations and psychological exhaustion. Which is the final goal of the Portuguese Criminal State after all.

The Portuguese falsely call Portugal a peaceful country, of course it is peaceful because it has the rotten peace imposed by a dictatorship that strangles the rights and freedoms of its people.
North Korea is also peaceful, very peaceful like Portugal. (sarc.)

The true undemocratic state of Portugal is so blatant and horrific, that if hypothetical there was a world government, the whole Portugal would already be dismantled as the, de facto, mafia/dictatorial organization and slum of crooks that it is, and all its endless criminals, from the rotten system as well civil life, would be worthy to thrown in jail, many for life. The world would surely be a much better and happier place to live. Though, very, very unfortunately for the world of decent human beings, all this Portuguese scum (except for the few good Portuguese) is currently being protected by their sovereign umbrella for cowards. Unless something changes in the world’s perception about Poortugal, which I firmly believe will be inevitable, and sooner than one might expect.

I am absolutely sure that if someone went out on the street with protest signs telling the simple truth, that is; Portuguese justice is utter corrupt, inept and conniving with the political power, that same person would be arrested on the spot! And as terrifying as it is, not a single fellow Portuguese citizen would object and show solidarity with him or her, certainly the opposite would happen, he or she would be snitched on the spot.

We have to get rid of this dictatorship of criminals in the EU! Enough with sending our money to this, for all intents and purposes, criminal organization disguised as a democratic country.

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


The real Portuguese flag
Portuguese Evolution

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I discovered this site, i confirm that all the contents and story about portugal and the Portuguese are 100%. Its identical to what i seen and have experienced over 12 years.

*Portugal is very racist country, more so in past few years, these portuguese have sold all their properties to foreigners, and are now realising it was mistake.

So the hate and revenge they start against foreigners. Jealousy and pure hate.

Communism breads these type of scumbags, and communist partys prey on these people to get their votes. Communism is a poor-mans weapon against successful hard working and prosperous seeking persons.

In portugal if you have one Portuguese enemy you will have a 100, there family, sister, brothers, there whole neighbourhood against you, spreading slander and defamation behind your back to assassinate your reputation and character.

Portuguese women are not allowed to date foreigners, its forbidden by their families who will cast shame on them. A form of apartheid exists.

I moved to portugal Algarve 12 years ago, i lived in 17 countries, ivee had more trouble In portugal than any other country, bought some land, a couple 0.5 km away started a full on hate campaign against me, writing letters to municipality and a dozen green environmental organizations, to destroy us, to stop me putting a container cabin on my land. Luckily i won the case, the municipality lied to court, falsely claimed the area was in a REN zone, it was not, case thrown out, i went through 4 years of hell, and luckily a lawyer helped me for free to get legal aid, so i had lawyer. This saved me probably 15000 €, but i lost still of my own money about 7000 euro, all because of these 2 portuguese/angolan couple, the woman is eco feminist social justice woke feminist n*zi. This started in 2014, the week after i bought the plot. The couple created false fake story and spread it all in the village, that i was destroy the nature, etc.
After 9 years im still getting death threats and we want kill you looks from locals in the village and a local cafe i have to pass every day to get in and iut of this mountain area. Then there is the uk expat communist liberal leftists cliques who started hating us, ostracised us, spread fake storys to destroy us, I had a mercedes and were conservatives, i wear a cross, some of the ringleaders of these uk expats and portuguese labeled us as na*is and racist to destroy us.
Then there’s the constant tail gating when driving, we feel it’s racist because we drive foreign car with east European eu license plates. Portugal is a communist hell hole, full of leftists and woke feminists, jealous to hell of anyone who has nice car, home, or is talented in some way. We want to sell up, were done with these evil people.

God Almighty. Horrific. Get out.

I feel the same. Horrific German neighbour who turned up next door. Immediately started encroaching on my land, along with a campaign of intimidation. Long civil case to get it back. One day he drove me off the road. The police do nothing. My dogs were kidnapped, my post box sealed up to prevent me receiving mail. He wants my land. Allegedly he has been paying black money to the local camara for years. During my, licenced, rebuild he started the blackmail. If I wouldn’t give him the land he stole from me he would have the Camara stop my work and have my house destroyed. It has been an absolute nightmare.

Someone needs to warn people before they move to Portugal. This site is invaluable. Although it might be better to rename it to something like “Moving to Portugal – a nightmare”, so that it will be picked up in more searches.

Dear Sir,

I believe everything you write.

Lived for a while in Portugal. Have had traumatic experiences. It goes too far to write you every down, but after what I went through, I believe everthing you wrote. I ve had court cases, biased judge, false witnesses, not able to present evidence, etc. etc. etc. and many other horrible experiences in that country. I am happy I found your website.