There is nothing more stupid and criminal than a Portuguese judge

The ethics of Portuguese judges

Of course there are competent and honest judges, prosecutors and lawyers in Portugal. The problem is that they are so few (in my opinion, no more than 1% in this class) that even if you are very lucky to find an honest lawyer and judge (I’ve never had that luck), he/she cannot be of much help against the crooked people that clog the gears of the very corrupt and inept Portuguese justice system as a whole. This post is not about those good people, who are, very unfortunately, the rare exception.

Anyway, the terrible reality is that you are the unluckiest person in the world, if one day your life hangs on a decision of a Portuguese judge, it is almost certain that this judge will dictate the most outrageous, incomprehensible, shameful and unfair sentence against you and all in favor of the acquittal of the criminal who has harmed you so much, and will likely do so with great joy.

When you are in a Portuguese court (or even outside of it), you clearly feel that you are treated like a criminal, or at least like a big nuisance, and the criminal, on the contrary, is treated like a victim. This is shameful beyond words.

The Portuguese, for the most part, are probably among the most dishonest and stupid people in the world. In fact, the personality of most Portuguese is a hideous mixture of these traits. However, when certain Portuguese get into positions of power, these character flaws are greatly exacerbated by the power they are given, which will, most of the time, cause devastating damage to the lives of the people under and dependent on their decisions.

Much worse (and much more dangerous) than an idiot is an idiot with power.

In addition, these Portuguese judges, like the general population, are extremely ignorant and uneducated on many subjects. Mix this with the typical Portuguese meanness, envy, inferiority complex and laziness and it can only spell disaster for the victims.

Every day, unscrupulous Portuguese judges and public prosecutors systematically acquit and exonerate (directly or indirectly) hundreds of criminals from legitimate prosecutions, criminally denying justice to the victims, destroying people’s lives, destroying society, destroying the economy and with it; ABOLISHING DEMOCRACY.

Of course, the majority of these Portuguese judges and prosecutors would NEVER be qualified and accepted to practice in any other country of the civilized world, for the simple requirement of competence, let alone for reasons of ethics and deontology.

In fact, most of these criminal Portuguese judges and prosecutors should have been in prison long ago, or at the very least stripped of their functions, because they are by far the most dangerous enemies of Portugal, for the simple reason that they are hijacking democracy by NOT exercising their FUNDAMENTAL job in democracy.

However, not everything that goes wrong in the Portuguese justice system can be attributed solely to corruption, but also due to the fact that its officials, especially its judges and prosecutors, are also very lazy, sloppy and stupid, like the majority of the Portuguese population, which obviously does not make their behavior any less criminal.

Shockingly, the Portuguese seem very happy with this. With all these scandals, this country should be in civil war by now, due to the extreme state of unbridled corruption, thievery and INJUSTICE that the country has reached, but there is not even a demonstration of two guys with a placard protesting in the streets.

Is it possible to be more stupid than this? Judges and prosecutors protect the scum, the cancer of society, which only impoverishes it, to the detriment of the people who add real value to society and make the economy grow for the benefit of all. Of course, they act like this because they are obviously scum too.
It is like having a lawn and only nurturing the weeds and killing the grass.

Private vegetable gardens at the entrance of a Portuguese city
Living in Portugal permanently in survival mode: Personal vegetable gardens at the entrance of a Portuguese city in the 21st century! Many Portuguese don’t have enough money to buy food, yet the corrupt are filthy rich. | The Real Portugal

Portuguese judges have also their hands stained with blood, because whenever they refuse to do justice, they are also responsible for some of the wronged victims seeking a personal reckoning “ajusta de contas”, which so often happens in Portugal, destroying not only the lives of the victims, but also, unnecessarily, the lives of the perpetrators, often fatally. I’m sure the Portuguese judges find this hilarious, and I’m not joking.

The media, the voice of freedom of speech and therefore the guardians of democracy itself (as it happens in any democracy, although, because Portugal is not a real democracy, but instead an endless chain of institutionalized and “legalized” frauds from top to bottom of society), the media prefer to be most of the time deafeningly silent, concealing and conniving. I have never seen such spineless people as the Portuguese, but I can explain this behavior, the Portuguese are, deep down, so bizarrely similar in terms of crooked mindset, that really it is only the chair they sit on and their job title that changes, inside they all think alike.

The boundless corruption and ineptitude of the Portuguese judiciary is so entrenched that there is even a Portuguese saying “a culpa morre solteira”, which translates as “the guilt dies alone”, which only proves that the Portuguese are perfectly aware of the situation, but they prefer to accept this highly dangerous situation (mainly for themselves) as something as “just normal life”.

Democracy can only exist with a non-corrupt and effective Justice System as well a vigilant free press. Portugal doesn’t have either, on the contrary, the entire Portuguese justice system, including the profiteering lawyers, is a scandalous fraud that feeds on the tragedies of the victims, who are despised and treated as a commodity to be profited from and not as human beings, precisely by those who have the duty in society to protect them and are the only and last resource for them. As for free media, Portugal does not have any, but mainly political propaganda. That’s why Portugal is, in practical terms, a dictatorship, because the Portuguese NEVER stand up for their rights, I am really convinced that the Portuguese don’t even know what democracy is and what citizenship means and that they are fully entitled to both as free human beings, but they must react and fight adamantly against the evil when it advances, and not systematically vote and reward criminal behavior, something the Portuguese NEVER do. In democracy, the power is in the hands of the collective people, but it needs courage, principles and above all solidarity to defend it, something that the Portuguese unfortunately completely lack. The Portuguese have happily surrendered democracy, handing it over to evil long ago.

Abandoned street shops in Portugal
This is the general panorama of Portugal, whole streets of bankrupt shops one after the other. Portugal is a minefield for business (and life in general of course). | The Real Portugal

Sadly, it is quite obvious that most of the Portuguese, for their own good, are not fit to be judges, prosecutors, lawyers, or any other profession that requires the highest foundation of integrity, ethics, intelligence, and by that I also mean common sense and competence, otherwise the consequences are dramatic on all levels, first of all for the Portuguese themselves, but the great irony is that most Portuguese, being so intellectual and moral limited, are not capable of seeing the problems as they are. As far as the Portuguese are concerned, it seems that they all live in paradise and therefore nothing needs to be changed, and when the mentality of a population is like this, it is certain that really NOTHING will ever change in Portugal for the better, only for the worse, as it is so clear before our eyes.

Curiously, and for some reason, I’ve never heard of any Portuguese being a judge, or for that matter in any other position related to the law, in any other country, not even in third world countries, let alone in developed countries, even with so many Portuguese emigrating en masse. The obvious reason for this impediment is, of course, first and foremost the tremendous lack of character, integrity, honesty and ethics so characteristic of this people in general, which is absolutely incompatible with the duties of the magistracy. By contrast, in Portugal they are at ease because they are all the same, patting each others backs, except for a tiny, decent minority with no power whatsoever.

Yet, this a Portuguese problem, not ours; the European Union cannot be forced to subsidize Portugal’s unbridled corruption and unleashed stupidity out of our pockets.

This is just another horrible side of Portugal, but the worst, since we are talking about the justice system of a country, the main fundamental pillar of democracy. For some reason, Portugal is a bottomless money pit that never fixes itself, despite the huge flood of free money from the EU and the endless recurring bailouts that Portugal has constantly received for so many decades over and over again with no avail. The reason is quite simple, most Portuguese, no matter what social class, probably the higher the worse, are hopeless, as far as I can tell, for the most part they will always be dishonest and inept and so they will continue to steal and waste our money as long we (the EU and others) are willing to give it to them.

Portugal is, and will continue to be, a huge embarrassment, a burden and a bottomless pit for OUR money.

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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The REASON why foreign expats are flocking into Portugal is that the country is corrupt enough to ignore them and allow them to not pay any income taxes and even social security taxes as long as they do not involve themselves in any kind of business activity of large volume such as a million per year or more. The climate is warm enough to not having pay the heating bills and property tax on properties valued below €94001 are non-existente. And they can get free health care. Thus it is possibile to survive in Portogallo on a very little money, even if it is €1000, €500 or even €300 per month as longe as you own your own small rural property, thus you pay no property tax nor rent nor heating or a/c much, which already saves you many hundreds of €uros per month already. Then if you have a large enough plot of land you can grow your own vegetables and food, keep your own livestock, so you can survive on no money at all. Portugal is a country not only for crooks, but for those honest and poor people who have to choose between living a street bum’s life or a quite decent life in Portugal on a very low string budget. I have seen some German people living in Portugal in a tent made up from greenhouse plastic sheets, living with no money at all. There are some unfortunate people who can’t make a living. Some of them were victims of crooks in a country of their own and so they moved to Portugal to be able to survive.