Portuguese elect a dictator as the greatest Portuguese of all time, and in a close second place elect a communist who wanted to annex Portugal to the former Soviet Union

Although it was a television contest, it speaks volumes about the primitive mentality and positioning of the Portuguese people in general, completely out of step with the democratic and free world of modern nations in the 21st century. Not only did the Portuguese elect a dictator, in this case a right-wing one, but the runner-up was a Joseph Stalin-worshipping communist, who simply, wanted to annex Portugal to the then dictatorship of the Soviet Union.

Yes, this was a television contest, but in the other countries the results were normal and the expected ones of a normal country with normal people, however, giving the due and enormous distance, this was the same thing as seeing Germans vote for Hitler as having been the greatest German citizen that ever existed. Even knowing that the German dictator was a monster, to use a euphemism, Salazar wasn’t a monster as far as I know, but he was a dictator for sure, and that’s the point. Anyone with two neurons in a row doesn’t vote for dictators or people who want to annex their country to a dictatorship, but anyway, as we’re talking about Portuguese people, there’s no need to say more.

“The Great Portuguese / Os Grandes Portugueses” show, an original BBC model, has been broadcast in several countries. In France, Charles De Gaulle was chosen, in England Winston Churchill and in the United States Ronald Reagan. In Portugal, the chosen ones were two dictators(!!!) One from the left and one from the right to please everyone 🙂

The Portuguese definitely don’t understand what democracy is and being a free citizen with duties, but also with all the alienable rights and respect to which we are all entitled as unique human beings, which is why Portugal’s lying democracy is in fact a dictatorship concealed by allegedly democratic institutions, but completely taken over and run by criminals from all backgrounds, since the Portuguese in general are very fond of dictatorships systems, corrupt people and scum in general. Good luck, Poortuguese!

Now you know a little bit more about Portugal and why things are the way they are in Portugal… Yes, be afraid…

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Salazar is the «Great Portuguese»

Former Portuguese dictator was chosen as the “best Portuguese ever” by RTP1 viewers, who voted in the contest. In second place was Álvaro Cunhal, followed by diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes.

António Oliveira Salazar won this evening the RTP1 program «Os Grandes Portugueses», ahead of the historic leader of the PCP, Álvaro Cunhal, and the former Portuguese diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes, responsible for the escape of many Jews from the Nazi regime, during the Second World War.

The leader of the dictatorial regime, which ended on April 25, 1974, also surpassed, with 41 percent of the votes, seven other finalists.

In fourth place was the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, ahead of the author of the Lusíadas, Luís de Camões. D. João II was sixth on this list, which in the remaining places also included Infante D. Henrique, Fernando Pessoa, Marquês de Pombal and Vasco da Gama.

“Just a contest”

University professor Jaime Nogueira Pinto (supporter of dictator Salazar), who presented the documentary about the former dictator, refused to consider censorship and the political police as failures that could be attributed to him. «This is not a weakness of Salazar, it is a weakness of a regime that is not a democratic regime», he said, during the program led by presenter Maria Elisa.

«The main weakness is perhaps a lack of attention and even perhaps knowledge of the lives of ordinary people. From a certain point onwards, Salazar is disconnected, focusing on major issues, such as those of Africa and international issues”, he further stated, when the results of the vote had not yet been revealed.

After the overwhelming victory of António Oliveira Salazar, who obtained 41 percent of the votes, was announced, the academic reacted by de-dramatizing. «This is essentially a competition. Let’s not make this a political catastrophe or a great political restoration”, he defended, explaining that he agreed to participate in the program because he considered it “a part of the history of the 20th century that is very poorly told”.

«Terrible image of Portugal»

Ana Gomes, who presented the Vasco da Gama documentary, regretted the result of the vote. «I think it gives a terrible image of Portugal and the Portuguese and that it does not correspond to the reality of the country, although it does not call into question the reality of the vote», he said, agreeing, with Jaime Nogueira Pinto, in one aspect: «This is just a contest . I feel sad but I don’t dramatize.”

«We accepted the rules of the game»

Paulo Portas, who represented King D. João II, also devalued the result of the contest. «We all accepted the rules of the game of submitting historical characters to a vote. It’s not worth criticizing the method, which is obviously dubious.” An explanation: «In these types of competitions, people who are most committed to an idea are mobilized»

«This is all that the Portuguese think that the Portuguese 20th century was good. Personally, I don’t think so. I think we had very few happy and prosperous moments», said Paulo Portas.

«Whitewashing of fascism»

The most critical voice of the night was that of Odete Santos (supporter of Marxist-Leninist communist Álvaro Cunhal), who presented Álvaro Cunhal’s documentary. “Apology for fascism is prohibited by the constitution,” she said right at the moment Salazar’s victory was announced.

«I want to say that after all, the PCP (portuguese communist party) was right in the letter it sent to RTP, not long ago, about this program and what would result from this, which was the whitewashing of fascism», she stressed, pointing out: «These are signs of the times. At a global level they are very bad and they are towards the right and if, one day they can get there, fascism, because capitalism takes advantage of all regimes except one: communism».

Odete Santos also regretted the choice of «a person who advocated poverty for the country». «The people lived by the light of the lamps (…), the people suffered from illiteracy, because, for Salazar, a cultured people was ungovernable, the phrase is his. It’s a shame that this happened, but the world didn’t end and fascism won’t take it forward”, she concluded.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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Oh and Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle are the greatest examples of righteous people hahahah f*ck off and open a book!

You write about the third placed, “former Portuguese diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes, responsible for the escape of many Jews from the Nazi regime, during the Second World War.” This guy didn’t give a shit about saving Jews. He was a diplomat in Bordeaux who sold visas for bribes. He was no different from the others: only interested in looting gold for his own pocket.