Dentist scams clients and practices psychological terror in clinics

Be very careful with some Portuguese dentists, because you can find real butchers and sociopaths, like this swindler, who not only destroys people’s mouths, as also keeps their money and even has the nerve to send his victims to see a psychiatrist.

Now you’re going to tell me that this criminal has been arrested! NO, of course NOT! He wasn’t even tried, he remains free to open one dental office after another, and in the meantime the courts are piling up complaints, but as always the Portuguese courts do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Run away from Portugal, for God’s sake!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any further information about this butcher dentist that would be suitable for use on this website.

The following article is a translation. You can find the link to the original website at the end of it.

Several patients who were left without teeth after consultations with Afonso Correia

Maria Cândida spent four years without teeth, eating only liquids.

“I weighed 35 kilos, I was 60 kilos when I went to the clinic. I looked like an old lady without teeth,” she recalls.

In 2018, the dentist Afonso Correia – who manages the Dentalmed clinics in Algés, Charneca de Caparica, Benfica and Odivelas – proposed to extract several teeth from the upper and lower jaws and then place prosthetics. Maria Cândida explained that she could not have implants because of an old fracture in her jaw, caused by a car accident.

Charneca de Caparica, Benfica and Odivelas – suggested that several teeth be extracted from the upper and lower jaws and then prosthetics be placed. Maria Cândida explained that she could not have implants because of an old fracture in her jaw, caused by a car accident.

But the doctor ignored this information and placed four implants, causing her enormous suffering. Until today. “I went crazy with pain,” she recalls.

But the doctor insisted that he had only applied “internal bandages” that would come off in time.

He even suggested that Cândida see a psychiatrist.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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Unfortunately, I have had regrettable experience with dental clinic in Portugal (*****). It is appalling how they can belittle you if you only dare to disagree with their divine like opinion. Hideous people and unnecessary experience. Gladly I was able to finally move out from this morally corrupted country.

I have had horrible horrible experiences with Portuguese dentists, all of them. Long story that I don’t want to share at this time, but I must warn the public to AVOID Portuguese dentists at all costs!

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A Portuguese dentist tried to steal my gold crown!

Most Portuguese dentists will schedule an appointment for you, even if you are in pain and you have to wait several weeks to usually 2 months. Then what they do is cancel the appointment between 1 hour and 1 day before the appointment or postpone it for many times until you give up. Some Portuguese dentists nwork without masks, very unhygienically and if you have a root canal done by those butchers, they will do a very quick root canal and infect it, so you lose the tooth quickly. Instead of repairing the teeth they either damage the teeth further and expect you to pay for dentures or implants or they offer to pull all your teeth. Stay away from Portuguese dentists!