About Me

I created this blog to expose the hideous truth about Portugal to the world, but even more importantly, to save lives. This blog is about the scum that has taken over Portuguese democracy, with the complacency of the general population

Portugal has done unspeakable damage to my life as an expat for nine years when I lived there, I’ve been massively robbed off by Portuguese institutions that are supposedly “democratic”, but which are so deeply crooked and corrupt to the point of nullifying democracy, so I hope this blog will help prevent many other unsuspecting people from suffering the same fate as me and that it will alert the world to the fact that Portugal is NOT a democracy, but a mafia of crooks who own the country with the consent of the dormant Portuguese population, who refuse to fight for their country, their rights and respect. The Portuguese never protest about what really matters, whatever happens, they simply swallow submissively and silently all the flagrant violations of their most basic rights as citizens and human beings. That’s why in Portugal there are never mass demonstrations by the civil population against the rampant corruption and rotten justice system, never. Not even massive protests on social media. Nada! Just cowardly, conniving silence. You can read my story here, as well as lots of other information (through many translated Portuguese news) about the huge Portuguese criminal state hidden behind a sham democracy, based on profoundly false statistics that are fooling the world.

Portugal is not a democracy, but a dictatorship of crooks and idiots who rule over a large majority of the population that is equally dishonest and stupid, but also very coward and apathetic, and at the same time complicit and even sympathetic to the endemic corruption, which turn this fake country into an extremely dangerous place to live in. Portugal destroys your life in the blink of an eye and it doesn’t need a gun, you just have to try to have a normal living there.
Democracy only works with honest and intelligent voters, otherwise it becomes a dictatorship over the small minority of decent people who are powerless to change things, since their very minority votes make no difference. Even if democratic institutions do exist in Portugal, it ends up being just on paper, because in reality they are elected and therefore controlled by the overwhelming majority of Portuguese people made up of crooks and useful idiots.

The Portuguese, instead of using their vote to punish corrupt politicians, they constantly use their votes to reward the corrupt who steal from them every day, which is why democracy doesn’t work with the Portuguese voting, just like democracy doesn’t work in Africa, because we are talking about the exactly same “mentality”.

The fact that Portugal is a member of the EU, very unfortunately, contributes decisively to the false idea that Portugal is a civilized and developed country, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Underneath this façade lent by the clout of the EU, there is only a highly dysfunctional and truly dictatorial third-world society commanded by countless crooks, better saying criminals in charge of all institutions, including the judicial power, and that are widespread through civilian life, cowardly hiding behind a very adequate sovereignty that SHIELDS THESE CORRUPT AND CRIMINALS FROM EVER FACING JUSTICE. Therefore, Portugal in practice, functions, at all levels, as a sovereignty of criminals, just like a MAFIA REPUBLIC with its own rules, where they can commit all the crimes (endless robbery and corruption) they want without fear of suffering any consequences, including of course the LEGAL ones.

The point is that Portugal is an infinitely more corrupt country than the world thinks, due to the fact that 99% of corruption, fraud and theft crimes committed are always carried out under alleged “LEGAL FORMS”, therefore they are never considered crimes, but rather “perfectly legal activities”. That’s why the overwhelming majority of criminal investigations end up in Portugal with the invariable canned phrase “there are no indications of crime or malice. Case closed!”

The entire justice system, the safeguard of democracy, including judges, prosecutors and lawyers, is a scandalous inhuman fraud that feeds off the desperation of the victims. Portuguese “justice” shamelessly and systematically protects all kind of loathsome criminals and sadistically punishes victims, and because of this, it is itself the biggest criminal entity in Portugal, due to the fact that its mission is absolutely essential to the functioning of democracy. Without justice, obviously, there can be no democracy either.


For Portugal, joining the EU is a national purpose, not because they believe in the European project or feel European, but simply because, naturally, they love receiving all those billions of euros handouts every day for free, which only serve to fill countless corrupt pockets to the detriment of the population’s well-being and the real economy, for what was originally so generously intended.

When everything everywhere is so bad, it can’t just be the fault of a few random crooks, but due to a much deeper cause, which is the Portuguese population itself, which is intrinsically dishonest, dumb and extremely disinterested. So the horrible Portuguese mess comes from the bottom up, and the top, i.e. the ruling class, is just a reflection of the mentality of the Portuguese population. As a result, almost everything in Portugal turns out to be a fraud or fake and exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to be, including the “democratic institutions” which, because of this, are neither democratic nor competent. Portugal is a wholly rotten society full of authorized thieves who behave like a cancer full of metastases within the Portuguese society, sucking all the life and wealth out of the economy and making everyone else’s life more and more miserable by the day.


My blog has no filters, I try to expose the naked truth about Portugal and the Portuguese, as I see fit, as well from my hideous experience of having lived in this really beautiful “country”, geographically speaking, but full of horrible and toxic people, even though the words are very harsh, and unfortunately they have to be because this site wouldn’t be of any good if I sugarcoated my findings and thoughts.

I see the construction of this website and blog as a PUBLIC SERVICE, since there is nothing, or almost nothing, on the web that tells the truth about the criminal state of Portugal, let alone in English.

The real Portugal is terribly different from what the tourist postcards convey and that’s what you’ll discover in this blog, so that it can prevent many other people from suffering many irreversible aggravations and catastrophic events in their lives, as was my case, but you don’t have to take my word for it, just check out the many translated Portuguese news reports on this website.

It should be noted that everything exposed here is just a small glimpse of the monstrous Portuguese criminal state, since corruption, the corrupt and crooks in general are eagerly hidden and protected by State institutions, including by the heinous Portuguese courts. To make matters worse, the truth is often also muzzled by the subservient and cowardly Portuguese media, most of whom dare not to fulfill their noble mission of defending democracy giving voice to the truth.
So, in reality, Portugal is nothing more than a mafia of countless corporatist mafias (e.g. it could be any state or civil professional class, association, etc.) disguised as a democracy that ruin the country but also cheat and steal the EU and other world organizations for the benefit of its countless corrupt officials and crooks, as it has been doing for so many decades, turning Portugal into a degrading mixture of a Soviet Union style dictatorship and a third-world country with a truly stone-age mentality.
Although, what makes a Portuguese is not where he/she was born, but rather having a very typical Portuguese “twisted” callous mentality that is sympathetic or indifferent to evil.

It is not my intention, and much less my pleasure, to gratuitously insult an entire population, but the simple truth is that Portugal’s extremely serious anti-democratic problems and the mentality of the Portuguese population are intrinsically intertwined and are one and the same thing. I can’t stand thugs and scum in general, unfortunately it turns out that Portugal is full of them to the brim.


Tragically, the few good people that exist in Portugal are preyed upon and annulled by the overwhelming majority of crooks and useful idiots, who are, in essence, the root of all ills that befall that hellish place. I realize from my own empirical experience that probably only 5% of the Portuguese population truly cares about the dire situation of the country and its fellow citizens. It’s that bad! So we’re talking about 95% rotten majority (by activity or complacency) who deserve the dictatorship in which they live in, but not the remaining 5% of the population who are totally hostage to the situation, and, in my opinion, the best thing they should do to themselves, is to leave that horrible place as soon as they can, because it’s totally impossible to change anything for the better with such a tiny proportion of decent Portuguese. Actually, for me, a good and decent person doesn’t even have nationality; first and foremost, she or he is a human being with her or his own individuality.

No one with a shred of decency, a bit of ambition and two brain cells can bear to live in Portugal for long. The more your life is dependent on and entangled in Portuguese society and the Portuguese system, the more this is true and the more risk you run of having your life suddenly obliterated or severely damaged sooner or later, by an erratic event out of the blue. Moreover, for all these reasons and some, it is impossible to have a stimulating and fulfilling life in Portugal, quite the opposite.

It seems that Portugal is generally a safe country in terms of not having violent crime * (which can also be attributed to the authoritarianism and there are no reliable records anyway), but in everything else such as; democracy, the rule of law and citizens’ rights, it is NULL. In Portugal, when you need the country, you are entitled to the same rights as a fly, so, for me, it can be the most dangerous country in the world to live in. Yet for criminals Portugal is so safe, that it is more of a sanctuary.

* However, a lot of hidden violent crime goes on under the radar, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, rape and so on. These crimes are not reported by the victims for fear of harsh retaliation, or when they are reported, they are not properly registered by the authorities, if at all, or they are almost always dismissed (archived) by the courts. Moreover, the Portuguese authorities, in general, have little will or the skills to put an end to these tragedies.


Don’t waste and risk your life living in Portugal. There are four things that are guaranteed to happen to anyone living in Portugal: becoming miserably poor if you live off Portugal; being ripped off by the countless authorized and legalized crooks that are everywhere, starting with the Portuguese State itself, with enormous chances of it happening catastrophically to your finances; becoming crippled by some random idiotic cause like having to walk into a Portuguese public hospital and being severely mistreated; growing old and dying prematurely out of sheer boredom and sadness.
In Portugal, you will be 1% of yourself, a shadow, due to the extremely toxic and undemocratic social environment that will SURELY crush all your efforts to fulfill your dreams, be happy and succeed. It’s a shame, because Portugal’s climate and region are wonderful, but most people are sh*tty people, and that’s the big problem and the reason why things never change for the better and are, in fact, going into a downward spiral. Practically every week or month there are political and civil scandals in that country that would make the US Watergate scandal look like the theft of a lollipop, nevertheless, it doesn’t even make the Portuguese blink.

I personally can explain this disaster by stating that most Portuguese are genetically very low quality people, and that is the main reason they are so dishonest, stupid and full of inferiority complexes.

In good conscience I have to say that Portugal has to exit the EU, because it is a democracy only on paper. In fact, it insidiously operates likewise a criminal organization in everything that matters most for a democracy, and therefore, due to obviously moral and legal reasons, Portugal should never have been allowed to join the EU. It was a monstrous error to let them in, in all respects!


  • Portugal is a country that don’t abide by the law!
  • Portugal as a developed country is a complete fraud!
  • The world is being fooled by Portugal! *
  • Portugal is a den of endless authorized thieves and criminals!
  • Which makes the very concept of Portugal as a “country” a total scam.

* The statistics on corruption and crime in general and particularly financial crime such as fraud, scams, etc. hide 99,9% of the cases without exaggeration, simply because there are no convictions and in the overwhelming majority of cases there are not even trials, because everything is systematically dismissed by the courts! This is how Portugal is deceiving all the world organizations that certify the level of corruption in countries, by sending them statistics that are profound lies! It also doesn’t help that the overwhelming majority of the Portuguese population doesn’t care at all about the situation, because they don’t even know the difference between right and wrong, passing on an extremely misleading impression of peace (in reality entirely rotten) to the outside world. Must read… (Is Portugal a paradise for corruption?)

I created this blog to denounce Portugal’s endemic crookedness, but that doesn’t mean in any way that I am a herald of virtues, which definitely I am not, I have many, many more flaws than qualities like any other human being, but I’m not dishonest and I can’t stand crooks and injustices, that’s all. Which is not even a quality, we should be decent human beings by default.

I intend to post on this blog for as long as I have free time to write and because there is no shortage of heinous stories to tell about this country full of authorized thieves, rich in absurdities, corruption and boundless stupidity, and above all to show the world that Portugal is, in practical terms, a criminal dictatorship state where the “democratic” institutions, including the primordial justice, are a complete abhorrent farce, permanently at the service of corrupt politicians and all the crooks in general.
However, unfortunately, the full truth is always very difficult to ascertain in Portugal, and at the level of the anonymous citizen, naturally, the media only covers %0.00001 of the atrocities that happen. So, the victims in Portugal always suffer alone, ostracized and abandoned by everyone for the rest of their lives, without any hint of solidarity from their fellow sh*ty citizens.

In conclusion: Portugal is so evil, so corrupt, so rotten, so disrespectful of the most basic human rights, so undemocratic that it really should be treated as a pariah by the international community and organizations, starting with its urgent expulsion from the EU, for it poses a humanitarian danger to us all, individually and collectively because Portugal is a grinder of innocent human lives. I am shocked that it isn’t!

In Portugal, where it matters most, THERE IS NO separation between judicial and political power, which makes Portugal a glaring dictatorship!

I’m absolutely sure that in any democratic and developed country, at least 60% of these crooked Portuguese politicians, public managers, as well 60% of the these corrupt magistrates, would all be worthy of being rotting behind bars, and almost all the others would be sacked for sheer incompetence. It’s obvious that these Portuguese politicians and magistrates would never be able to exercise these vital jobs and functions in any real democratic country other than the fake Portugal, not to mention that probably 10% of the rest of the Portuguese population is also worthy of many years in prison.

Poortugal is such an odious and abhorrent country, full to the brim of criminals on the loose, that it should quite simply be legally abolished from the face of the earth! Portugal doesn’t deserve to exist!

Your comments and testimonies, and why not, pictures depicting the real Poortugal, are very welcome and valuable. They will be an essential part of the growth and quality of this website, including the 5% tiny minority of decent and caring Portuguese who are held hostage in their own country and who will eventually also have many tragedies and injustices to tell are also very welcome. I hope this blog can be the start of something meaningful. With your contribution, it could be.

Here, your voice will be heard.