Parish councils: the PS advisor, the consultants and the many elements of the party. The socialist network in direct agreements in Lisbon

Money, money, money, tax money for me, for you, for all of us and also for my dog, who deserves it.

And the feast with Portuguese taxpayers’ money continues, this time with the current party in power. Personal contracts by direct agreement without public tender reaching values of 123,000 euros (of course, this only scratches the surface).

You can read here that there is so much fraud and so much “legally” stolen money circulating among these corrupt politicians that it is best to read the rest of the post. In any democratic country, most of these crooks would be in jail! But Portugal is indeed a paradise, a paradise for corrupt and crooks!

Corruption in Portugal is “legal” because the laws are made by corrupt politicians.

We are talking about a country where the average monthly pension is 490.65 euros, but many people receive a change of 231.88 euros!

The following article is a translation. You can find the link to the original website at the end of it.

There are several socialist authorities where there are contracts without a public tender with party members that, in some cases, exceed 80 thousand euros

He is an advisor to the PS and with a direct agreement worth 81 thousand euros, he is also providing advisory services to the Misericórdia Parish Council. João Tavares Dias Quintas, a frequent editor at the party newspaper, was hired by Carla Madeira, leader of the Misericórdia Parish Council since 2013 and member of the socialist municipal group in Lisbon.

The contract was signed in April 2022 for the “provision of advisory services in the areas of information, citizenship, participation and support to local authority bodies” and is in force until 2025. Before that, João Tavares Dias Quintas had already signed other two contracts, in 2019 and 2017, for advisory functions.

Between March 2017 and December 2022, Carla Madeira had already agreed, in two contracts worth a total of 82 thousand euros, to pay João Quintas for these services to the parish an amount of 1,800 euros per month.

In addition to this contract with the party advisor, until 2025 the socialist made two other agreements to other elements of the party for similar amounts. Eduardo Filipe Magalhães, who was part of the PS lists for the Lisbon Municipal Assembly in 2013, was hired in June last year for 84,600 euros with the aim of providing “advice to the Executive in the areas of local economy, entrepreneurship and licensing”. And Diana Prudêncio, member of the Lisbon Urban Area Federation of the Socialist Party – which also includes mayor Carla Madeira, was hired by direct agreement in April 2022.
According to Portal Base, on April 13, 2022, Diana Prudêncio, who was also part of the PS lists for the Lisbon Municipal Assembly in 2021, received 81,000 euros, in a direct agreement, for advising the Executive in the areas of image and communication.

Questioned by CNN Portugal, Carla Madeira stated that “the procedure for forming the public contracts in question – service provision contract – scrupulously complied with current legislation” and that “the right to membership and political-party participation should not be taken as primacy factors of any order, but they also should not, and cannot, limit the exercise of professional functions as long as they are properly framed and exercised within the legal and normative framework in force and under the aegis of the principles of impartiality, equality and transparency”, which is “manifestly” the example of the identified cases.

In addition to the Misericórdia Parish Council, there are several socialist municipalities, where there are contracts with party members.

Socialist José António Videira, who leads the Marvila council, also signed two contracts, in the space of a year, with Luís Filipe da Silva Monteiro, current socialist member of the Estrela parish assembly and former Lisbon Municipal deputy for the PS.

In April 2022, Videira signed a contract with Monteiro for 19 thousand euros by direct agreement for advisory services in the “culture department” and, in October of the same year, a new advisory contract was negotiated between them, worth 41,400 euros, for the “areas of culture, security and mobility”.

To CNN Portugal, José António Videira guarantees that there is “no incompatibility with the role of member of the parish assembly of Estrela” with the role of advisor to the Misericórdia Parish Council, this is because they are “distinct populations and social strata completely opposite.”

Jorge Marques, the president of the Ajuda Parish Council who is also part of the PS Political Committee of the Lisbon Urban Area Federation, signed a contract in April this year with a member of this body of socialist activists. This is João Gonçalo Pão-Mole Pereira, who received 21,522 euros, by direct agreement, for the role of technical advisor to the Executive. Marques justifies the contract of this member of his party on the basis of “political trust”, highlighting that “there is a level of advice and direct support to the executive body that is linked to the development of the political program supported by citizens, which implies convergence of thought and adherence to the aforementioned program, which is commonly called political personal trust of the holder of the executive body with whom this support is actually provided. In these cases – such as the hiring of João Gonçalo Pereira –, in addition to the essential qualifications and technical skills, the personal characteristics of the person hired in the context of the aforementioned trust are unavoidably important”, he tells CNN Portugal.

There are also three socialist parish councils that signed contracts with the same legal consultant linked to the Socialist Party’s local power structures. Both the parish of Beato, Santa Maria Maior and Penha de França carried out, in the last two years, nine direct agreements for legal advice with Nuno Ferreira Pintão, former municipal deputy of Lisbon and former legal consultant at the Ministry of Internal Administration.

In total, the contracts amount to more than 123 thousand euros, the last of which, in June this year, was with the Parish Council of Penha de França.

In response to CNN Portugal, the Parish Council of Penha de França only guarantees that “the hiring procedures comply with applicable legislation and the work carried out complies with what is required”.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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