Fernando Medina signs appointment in contract suspected of corruption for financing the PS

Fernando Medina, the current Minister of Finance of Portugal, is “suspected” (I say this because, as you know, in Portugal there are no corrupt people, at most there are ONLY suspects) of having conspired, as soon as he assumed the presidency of the Municipality of Lisbon, in a scheme to obtain bribes for the illegal financing of his PS party.

The other suspects of corruption are his party colleague and PS member, Joaquim Morão, and his other great friend, António Realinho, who has even served a prison sentence for fraud. No wonder they are all so friendly, they all speak the same language.

In Portugal, corruption is something very easy to practice, so in order to give the crime a “legal” appearance, two other companies were invited to present proposals, but in the end it was all just a big joke, because these companies also belonged to Realinho, the guy who already served a prison sentence for fraud. Yes, nothing better than to call in an expert, thought the Portuguese Finance Minister.

Of course, as we all know, there will be no consequences for these criminals, much less for the current Portuguese Finance Minister, because in Portugal the judiciary is just the other hand of political power. Filthy, filthy dictatorship!

The following article is a translation. You can find the link to the original website at the end of it.

Scheme involves the Lisbon City Council between 2015 and 2016, at the time when António Costa left and Fernando Medina assumed the presidency of the municipality

This Tuesday, the Judiciary Police carried out searches in the Lisbon City Council on suspicion of corruption, economic participation in business and forgery, TVI/CNN Portugal found, in an appointment to provide services that was signed in 2015 by the then mayor Fernando Medina, today Minister of Finance.

At issue, from the outset, is the vitiation of the rules for hiring a track record from the PS of Castelo Branco with a view to managing public works in the capital.

The Public Ministry believes that the purpose of the scheme was to collect money in public works, with bribes from contractors, for the illegal financing of the PS, through the so-called blue bags.

At the same time, and in a surgical manner, the PJ raided the Urban Planning Department of the Municipality of the capital, as well as the homes and businesses of two businessmen from Castelo Branco, suspected of participating in a fundraising scheme for Socialist Party structures.

The targets, suspected of corruption, are Joaquim Morão, a historical socialist and former mayor of Castelo Branco and Idanha a Nova, and his friend António Realinho, a businessman from the same area of the country,

who even served time in prison for fraud.

The scheme involves the Lisbon City Council between 2015 and 2016, when António Costa left and Fernando Medina assumed the presidency of the municipality.

In a decree signed by Fernando Medina and seen by TVI/CNN Portugal, a company owned by Joaquim Morão was commissioned to advise on the city’s requalification.

Two other companies were invited to present proposals, but it was all a sham: these companies belonged to Realinho, Morão’s partner in other companies in the North. And in response to the Chamber’s invitations, António Realinho’s signatures were even forged.

The investigation, based on the evidence gathered so far, believes that the hiring of Morão was not only illegal, but also a facade to hide the true purpose of the former socialist mayor of Beira Baixa’s mission: to collect bribes in public works for the so-called Blue Bag Party.

Fernando Medina, then president of the municipality, will be asked to explain his knowledge or lack thereof of the contract he signed for tens of thousands of euros.

Contacted by TVI, he simply said: “I am not aware of any investigation into the aforementioned issue. The hiring processes of the City Council of Lisbon have been instructed by the competent services for hiring, in compliance with the applicable standards”.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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