José Sócrates, the corrupt Prime Minister who led Portugal into bankruptcy, received a standing ovation at a tribute luncheon

How to run a country into the ground and still be hailed as a hero by the people of that same country? It is enough to have been the most corrupt and destructive Prime Minister of Portugal.

The Portuguese even founded a citizens’ movement with the very interesting name of “José Sócrates Forever!” to show all the love and affection they nurture for this guy, as well as their gratitude for the seven years of dilapidating the public treasury with ruinous state deals steeped in the dirtiest corruption, which obviously led to the bankruptcy of Portugal and Portugal’s indebtedness for future generations, after having been bailed out for the umpteenth time with taxpayers’ money from other countries, through the intervention of TROIKA (EU, IMF and ECB).

In any other country, this criminal would have been dressed in an orange suit and rotting in prison for life, along with probably half of the members of the Socialist government of the time, but in Portugal, this criminal is free as a bird, having been exonerated, with the greatest shamelessness, of all very serious accusations, including corruption, by a Portuguese “judge”! Do you still believe that Portugal is a democracy?

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A hundred people showed up at Parque das Nações to show support for the former Portuguese prime minister, in an event organized by the civic movement ‘José Sócrates forever’

Former Prime Minister José Sócrates was greeted this Sunday with shouts of his name upon arrival at a tribute lunch,

with around 100 people, in Lisbon, declining, for now, to make statements to journalists.

One of the founders of the PS, António Campos, and the former minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications Mário Lino are among those participating in the event, organized by the civic movement ‘José Sócrates forever‘, with some of the organization’s members restricting access to the restaurant, in Parque das Nações, Lisbon, specifically to collect images.

The former Secretary of State for Public Works Paulo Campos, also under the aegis of Sócrates and son of António Campos, later joined the meal in which all the people approached also refused to make any statements to the media.

The former socialist general secretary, who in the meantime asked to disaffiliate to avoid “mutual embarrassment” following the accusations of corruption against him, reserved any words for the speech after the meal, saying he wanted to address the people present at the lunch.

José Sócrates, the only leader of the PS to achieve an absolute majority, was prime minister between 2005 and 2011 and now faces, like other defendants, accusations from the Public Ministry of various economic and financial crimes, namely corruption, within the scope of the so-called Operation Marquês and other legal proceedings, having been detained preventively between 2014 and 2015.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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