Portugal robbed me €130.000 euros and six years of my life!

Living in Portugal as an expat

Portugal is a beautiful country full of untapped potential, but unfortunately the majority of Portuguese will never let that happen.

What this country full of crooks and obnoxious people has done to me, and to countless other victims every day, is so shocking that it could only happen in any dictatorship in a third world country. Yet it happened in a supposed EU “democracy”! How is this possible?

My life in Portugal was an endless nightmare of the most dreadful things that can happen to a person’s life. The Portuguese are generally terrible people, very dishonest and stupid. At first glance Portugal has the façade of a more or less developed country paid for by the European Union taxpayers, but underneath it functions like a third world country, but much worse than that, because in practical terms, Portugal is a dictatorship, since there is no real separation of institutional powers. The judicial power in Portugal is a complete fraud in broad daylight, utterly corrupt, abhorrently incompetent and very cozy with the corrupt political power. Unfortunately, having joined the European Union, it deceives people into thinking it is a more or less developed country, nothing could be further from the truth, as you can read in this article and all the others on this blog that portray the true cancerous nature of this fake democracy, based on my experience living in Portugal as an expat for nine years.

Summing up.
I am an EU citizen who moved to Portugal in my thirties with the idea that associated with good weather, quiet life, good food and other advantages, (I thought at the time, because without a doubt there are very good things in Portugal, but only regionally, because the people are unfortunately absolutely horrible, once you get to know this society better), and Portugal being part of the EU and the Euro currency would be a good place to start a business targeting the EU market. Unfortunately, I was so dead wrong and I just wasted nine years of my life, especially the last six years that I was blatantly cheated by the crooks within the Portuguese fraudulent justice system and its swarm of parasite lawyers around it, salivating for more helpless victims to take all their money and their last drop of blood. The following is my nightmare story:

I am very, very lucky to be out of that hellhole and to be able to try to be happy again, as all human beings deserve to be. Now, after those nine terrible years in that horrible country, I can look back and reflect and come to some deeply disturbing conclusions about the character of the Portuguese, so my ordeal will at least serve to warn and prevent many other people from wasting their lives, money and precious time in that society teeming with crooks and people who don’t care about anything or anyone except for themselves, but also to warn the EU and the Europeans about the systemic theft that Portugal is doing with the EU money, our money. Sending our money to this undemocratic country owned by crooks is deeply immoral and criminal for the European taxpayers.

Now I see clearly, practically from the first day I set foot in Portugal, that I had nothing but problems, and I remember that I was almost always stressed out fighting the big and small annoyances that were thrown at me every day.
Portugal is a very irritating place to live for so many different reasons.
Unfortunately I realized too late that Portugal is a total madhouse. Almost nothing makes sense there.

Quite frankly, I’m sure that the Portuguese in general suffer from various chronic mental illnesses, because that’s the only way to explain all the absolute insanity and boundless stupidity of that pseudo-sh*tty-country.

The services and the bureaucracy of the Portuguese State can function more or less normally if you are lucky, but can also often turn into a nightmare to deal with, the more serious the matter, it tends to get worse, they are full of contradictory regulations that seem to have been written by sadists, as I have also often been served by very unhelpful, lazy and obstructive civil servants, others were indeed very friendly, but in the end also not very helpful in the sense of getting things done quickly, probably not their fault, but because of the broken public system.
Most of the civil servants you talk to will tell you something different and contradictory to the other civil servant you talked to “just” before, it’s like every public office and civil servants having their own set of rules separate from the others. Information can also differ whether you get it on the website, over the phone or in person, total madness, and then they make you jump from one government office to another for days or even months and it could be years. It makes you very frustrated and you lose a lot of time, although I must say that for most Portuguese this high inefficiency and redundancy, which has a very negative impact on people’s lives and businesses, is considered quite “normal” and they can’t see nothing wrong with it.

The Portuguese tax system is a perfect killing machine for companies and entrepreneurs, especially when they are in their infancy and more fragile. How stupid can it be? It hurts the development of the economy tremendously, and in the end it only makes the economy and people’s lives poorer and poorer. Portugal resembles much more a Soviet planned economy than a free market economy. Enterprises (as a concept) are seen as the enemy and the source of all evil (some can indeed be, due to the human factor, but that’s not the question), no wonder there are so many communists in Portugal, even if someone says he/she isn’t, but then you just have to talk to them about serious matters to see that the majority of Portuguese actually share the ideas of communism, regardless of the political party they vote for.

Portugal is not an entrepreneur-friendly country, to put it extremely nicely, quite the opposite. The Portuguese are much more adept at getting what they call a “tacho”, a pot, for life, i.e. a job that pays well for doing nothing, than getting down to work and creating a legitimate and innovative business from scratch.

And when someone achieves legitimate success on their own merits in Portugal, in whatever business (or profession), they are most of the time looked upon with great envy by the Portuguese in general. Even a simple café or restaurant can be the target of the envy of the neighbors, if they think the owner is “earning” too much, they may even persistently call in the the inspecting authorities to make his life hell and close down the café or restaurant, inventing slander against him and boycotting the use of that café or restaurant, until he goes bankrupt due to lack of customers.

In Portugal you suffer for not being successful, but you also suffer and are punished if you are successful, in order to end your success.

However, precisely the opposite happens when the Portuguese meet or know a crook who has become rich by swindling and robbing countless victims, the Portuguese in general will look upon him or her with great admiration, much flattery, and as a very clever and sophisticated person. This really sick and aberrant behavior is very well explained, because in fact the overwhelming majority of Portuguese are also crooks and people without any integrity. Therefore, the Portuguese always vote for the same criminals they admire so much and identify with, which is why Portuguese politics is also so endemically filthy, turning Portuguese pseudo-democracy into a true covert dictatorship controlled by criminals.

Democracy only works and is real with good people, it doesn’t work when almost the entire population is no good and doesn’t give a damn.

In Portugal the State is very weak with the strong but very strong with the weak.

I will try to simplify the following explanation of the nightmare that happened to me in Portugal, without being too specific and extensive, whenever possible.
I was blatantly robbed of €130,000 by the whole rotten Portuguese society, and my family and I were psychologically tortured, manipulated, lied to and deceived by the very crooked and crazy Portuguese people during six years of excruciating psychological torture, because I didn’t know what I was dealing with at the time, and couldn’t possibly know until it was too late. This Portuguese nightmare of course took a very heavy toll on my productivity and consequently on the company’s turnover and profit, causing me to lose many business opportunities, but for the Portuguese there is no such thing as psychological, emotional, personal or business damage. This “country”, most of its State institutions, companies and professionals, especially those that should exist to protect you, are filled to the brim with crooks, thieves and demented people of the worst kind you can find in the world.

Clothes hanging from the windows of buildings in Portugal
The clothes of the Portuguese: This is a Portuguese tradition practiced all over the country, which consists of showing all your clothes (without exception), to your neighbors and to everyone who passes by on the street, so that everyone gets to know everyone’s underwear. It’s probably a very forward-looking way of bringing the community together. | The Real Portugal

I and many other people (all Portuguese that I know of) were swindled out of more than five million euros (it was probably much more, but the corrupt Portuguese courts do not disclose any information to help the victims, on the contrary, they conceal all the information they possible can from the victims, deliberately to protect the criminals and themselves) by a crooked “entrepreneur” who only many years later, I and countless other victims were lucky enough to learn that this crook stole millions during at least the first three years, before he also stole €85,000 from me, and during those three years, before the Portuguese courts were piling up dozens and dozens of cases from the thieves’ victims, the Portuguese judges, acting in the most outrageous and criminal way possible, dismissed all the cases as just normal debts, since the thief just had to tell the judge that he will pay (shockingly, during those three years he didn’t even have an organized accounting, disclosing company payments, receivables and bank transactions, including not paying his tax obligations.
Of course, this was very convenient for someone who is stealing (siphoning off) money from his own company, more precisely from his paying customers, since his company didn’t even have an accountant, because he shameless said he couldn’t afford one (this was later discovered in the bankruptcy report, which, not surprisingly, was also shelved and hidden by another Portuguese crooked judge), but he could still keep getting thousands and thousands of euros, accumulating millions, from all his customers. Obviously, he never returned a cent to anyone during these three years of continuous theft, so the thief could keep his fraudulent business open to steal and keep all the money he wanted from his unsuspecting customers, this time with the full support and seal of approval of the criminal Portuguese judges and courts fully behind him in case the swindler needed a little more “legal” help. This is the real Portugal and how everything works there!

Even after his company was declared bankrupt, he continued to do business openly, receiving and stealing money from new customers, including me! I repeat, his company was already officially declared bankrupt/insolvent and even then he continued to steal customers! (What kind of sh*thole country is this?!)

Just to clarify the two figures mentioned, the €85,000 refers to the thief from the fraudulent company, the €130,000 refers approximately to the value of the theft plus all my legal and other expenses during all these years. I spent a total of nine years in Portugal and this catastrophic theft and legal nightmare has literally sucked six years out of my family life.

My company needed a special machine. This machine was represented and distributed in Portugal by this crook via his company. This crook has been on the market for many years, and at first (at least as far as I know) there were no problems for the customers, but at a certain point this crook started taking money from his customers and making it his own money (carrying out a continuous embezzlement), and as the growing pile of cases in the corrupt Portuguese courts was literally just gathering dust, so much the bolder he became when he realized that there were absolutely no criminal or legal consequences for him, so he continued to steal, so the thief continued quite happily with his robberies of innocent victims for more than three years, while the courts knew about it all along and, outrageously, did absolutely nothing to stop it!

I did very thorough due diligence on this company, but surprisingly and quite strangely, there was absolutely NO, NADA information about any wrongdoing by the thief’s company, QUITE THE OPPOSITE, there were even some very reputable Portuguese business press media articles praising the company and it’s owner (the swindler) and it’s CEO (his brother), including (gasp!) some GOVERNMENTAL AWARDS granted to the thief’s company.

In Portugal there is never a way to know the truth, you have no reliable sources whatsoever, almost everything bad and very bad is hidden or masked from the public by design.
Needless to say, it is an understatement to say that Portugal is an extremely dangerous environment in which to do business! Not to mention simply living.

When I bought the machine it was agreed that I would receive it within 30 days, but the deadline has passed and the thief and the accomplice of the company’s CEO continue to make false promises and lies to me, of course I realized that I was being swindled by these crooks and then I immediately looked for a lawyer, I didn’t want to take any chances so I chose one of the best and most reputable law firms in Lisbon and by the way very expensive one, so I thought I would be in good hands.

I didn’t know it yet, but I was about to start a long journey of enormous suffering (the agony comes from trying so hard to make sense of things, but nothing makes sense in Portugal, it’s a total madhouse, basically you never know anything and are constantly being misled by all the crooks and idiots participating in this farce, it’s like living in a washing machine) as well as being robbed over and over again, but this time by the crooked Portuguese lawyers and corrupt courts. To convince me and get all my money, these Portuguese lawyers told me that I was seriously misled by the owner of the company and its CEO (I already knew that), and that if he didn’t return my money, they assured me that the thieves would face long prison sentences in the light of the law. However, none of this happened, on the contrary, in the end, after many legal appeals, he was always acquitted by the corrupt Portuguese judges and later the case was simply dismissed, but not before I had paid so much money to these law firms and the extortionist Portuguese courts with their ridiculous short appeal deadlines, which are made on purpose so that the court and my lawyers could demand even more exorbitant “urgent” fees and taxes, because the courts know that it’s impossible to meet these artificial deadlines in time, so the conniving lawyers can demand even more money from the victims because it’s urgent (and the victims have no alternative if they want justice than to pay every amount to them, but in the end I realized that I was just being swindled by the fraudulent Portuguese justice system, which is only there to protect the criminals and scorn the victims).

It is perfectly evident that the Portuguese courts do everything they can to discourage the progress of cases.

My wife and I have endured more than four years of this terrible nightmare and two law firms, with the scam of the Portuguese judicial system and its parasitic lawyers constantly making us think that justice will be done sooner or later, with the intention of just extorting more money from us. Our lawyers telling us we should appeal (again) because it was just bad luck but we have a case and VERY SOLID EVIDENCE don’t worry the lawyer said you will get your money back or at least I can assure you the thieves will go to jail if they don’t return your money, except in the end when their pockets are already full and mine are empty they start to change their tune saying some gems of knowledge like; Justice is luck (I thought it was a matter of law) and the judge can decide whatever he/she wants, even if it contradicts the letter of the law, because the judge’s word is paramount (regardless of the letter of the law, this is, shockingly, the definition of a dictatorship and the TOTAL opposite of the rule of law). I found it very baffling that the CEO of the company (not the owner of the company) was never indicted even though he continuously blatantly lied not only to me but also to all the other victims who were tricked into the fraudulent deals and the judges knew this, but for the dishonest and idiotic Portuguese judges it seems that a CEO is some kind of cleaning lady with no responsibility whatsoever in the management of the company.

Portuguese car stand with cars for sale
This car probably would barely be road legal in any EU country, but in Portugal you have to pay good money for the “privilege” of owning one. (Mainly suburbs of big cities and most rest of the country) | The Real Portugal

Later, more than five years after I was robbed, I found out, no matter how, that he (the owner of the company) was living in a very luxurious modern house in a very high-cost region with at least two luxury cars that I could recognize, and that he had also created a new company full of materials and industrial machinery to manufacture goods. (with my money and all the money he stole from all the other victims!)
All this time he had all this money and assets with him, but he always presented himself as insolvent (and divorced, so typical). The thief closed his company a little later after I filed the lawsuit, even though the company had already been officially declared bankrupt when he stole my money and the other victims after me. He hid all five million (but probably was much more) that he stole from countless victims, and when he thought he had gotten away with it, with absolutely no consequences, he started openly spending my money and the money of all the other victims he stole, with total impunity!

In Portugal, IT IS LEGAL TO STEAL, but it is illegal to say that someone stole from you (as they are always acquitted), therefore the judge will accuse you of defaming the honor of that person (the thief), and then you will be sued by the thief who stole from you, and you will have to pay him (the thief), on top of the money he has already stolen from you.
This is how the filthy criminal and dictatorial Portuguese “justice system” shamelessly protects criminals.

So arbitrary and fraudulent is Portuguese “justice” that if you consult ten Portuguese lawyers, they will most likely tell you ten completely different things about your case.

I became extremely angry and revolted, but at the same time, of course, very hopeful of recovering my stolen money. I contacted another law firm, the second one after five years since the crime took place, and curiously all the nefarious, financial and psychological consequences were on me and my family, while the thief was away all these years, I imagine, just enjoying a great and luxurious life, traveling with his “divorced” wife and with my money and the money of all the other victims he stole with total impunity!

These lawyers also told me at the first meeting that I could certainly recover my stolen money from all these exposed assets and his bank accounts, including interest and indemnifications (surely, I thought, I’m entitled to that at least).
These lawyers also investigated the past of this crook and his company, in this sense they did more than my previous “hotshot” Lisbon lawyers and only then, after five years, I discovered, to my great surprise, that he had done exactly the same to countless other victims for three years before me, in addition to the other two victims that my previous lawyers had uncovered, there were probably dozens and dozens of lawsuits (we will never know the exact number, because in Portugal the processes are constantly criminally dismissed by the courts as if they were ghosts, or victims don’t even press charges due to justice being extremely expensive, lengthy and above all totally inconsequential, A FRAUD) against him and his company over the appropriation of very large sums, but they all ended up with the same result for everyone. The criminal was constantly acquitted of any wrongdoing with the worn out phrase, and very convenient excuse, that they used all the time “there was no malice” and the cases dropped again and again, this happened to ALL the lawsuits initiated by ALL the other victims!
This is very revealing about the deeply corrupted nature of the Portuguese judicial system and its loathsome criminal judges, they never act on behalf of the victim but they act in great haste to shield the criminal from his\her victims. It’s all a total farce!

Once again, I had to pay thousands of euros more to lawyers and another incomprehensible thousands of euros more to Portuguese courts to file another appeal, and then I was scammed again! This is life in Portugal! In Portugal, one way or another, you are always paying crooks for nothing. Just because almost everyone and everything is a crook/idiot and a fraud in Portugal! One after the other, there’s no real choice!

Typical Portuguese Coffee Shop
Fancy a coffee inside a plastic bag? | The Real Portugal

The first case was very strange and unusually quickly and brutally dismissed, as if it was something poisonous for the judges, it was thrown directly into the dustbin of justice.
The judge’s letter to justify the dismissal was full of gross errors, for example, the defendant’s surname was completely wrong and the address of his company was also replaced by another address, as the judge also said that the company was foreign, just because the company had a German name (how stupid can that be?!), also the judge had the rudeness to say that there was no wrongdoing, because this gentleman (the thief) was just rebuilding his life! Yes! you heard that right! What an insulting, despicable, dishonest and mentally deficient response so typical of the people of this sh*tty country! And this is a judge?! The thief is rebuilding his life with my money and the five million euros he stole from the other victims! Also, the rejection of the appeal was totally illegal, I had the right to at least be heard, but in Portugal crooked judges are the first in line to break the law, and everyone in Portugal is very ok with that, including the profiteering Portuguese lawyers, as they so confidently told me that judges can disobey the law if they want, they very conveniently call it “interpretation”, but it is obvious to anyone with two brain cells that interpretation cannot be BREAKING the law! This is Portugal, a total cuckoo’s nest!

In Portugal, the law is not set in stone, it will depend on many other much more “important” things, like: if the judge received a good bribe; if he/she is covering for his/her peers; if he/she is not envious of you; which side he/she woke up on that day; if he/she had a good lunch; if he/she worked less than an hour that day, otherwise he/she will be exhausted; if he/she is totally brain dead; and so on…

This judge also spoke another unbelievable stupidity like the criminal court is the last resort. So for Portuguese judges there are no crimes, there are only civil disputes, being them; rape, robbery, corruption, whatever, every crime must be resolved in a civil agreement. In any real country, a crime is a crime and a civil suit is a civil suit, but it seems that for the profoundly mentally deficient (I have to use this classification because it is the only way to accurately describe the abominable idiotic actions beyond any comprehension of these Portuguese people), lazy and corrupt judges, every crime is just a civil suit, that it’s just a ploy that only serves to drag out cases for twenty years, if you’re lucky and don’t file/dismiss straight away.
So off we went again, we had to appeal in just 10 business days! And more free money from me to all the courts and lawyers!

If criminal actions in Portugal are already worthless, then civil actions are also guaranteed to be a complete and utter scam. You literally pay fortunes to receive inconsequential court documents so that you can frame them and put them on the wall as if they were diplomas.

The appeal was accepted by the High Court and then we had a hearing which was scheduled on a very tight note of only one week (no possibility to reschedule it), obviously with the malicious intent to impair and fatally harm the victims’ ability to present their case and gather witnesses in time, In addition to disrupting my schedule and that of my lawyer, it is also very strange that the witnesses of the victims are not informed of the quality of the summaries made by the court, let alone the content of the case, as a result of which many witnesses do not appear, and also because many of them live in extremely distant cities, as was the case with us, several witnesses did not appear.
These crooked Portuguese judges act like criminals and dictators and never in good faith, they are not judges who try to apply law and justice and ensure the healthy functioning of society, these scum are only there to serve themselves in every possible way!

Christmas on a street in Portugal
Christmas street in Portugal, probably the best Christmas in the world! | The Real Portugal

The hearing in the Portuguese court was the most insulting, disrespectful and humiliating situation I have ever experienced in my life. We clearly felt that we were not welcome, on the contrary, it was obvious that we were a huge nuisance to the court and we always felt that we, the victims, were being treated as if the court was doing us a favor! After all these years, my lawyer managed, with great difficulty, to contact and gather eight other valuable witnesses who had also been robbed of very large sums, some even more than me, by this thief. The stories they told were remarkably similar to mine, which only confirms that there was a pattern in the way these criminals defrauded their clients, the owner of the company and its CEO (coincidentally his brother!), the latter who, outrageously, was never charged by the court, although he was the one who interacted and told the same lies to all the victims, with the clear objective of defrauding us and stealing our money.

The first thing that struck me and my wife was the way the Portuguese judge entered the courtroom and as soon as he sat down he immediately started talking about him and how the doorman knew his mood just by looking at him, he even asked if we had seen him on TV (WTF does that matter?!).

So, before asking me about the trial, he asked me, in what I perceive to be a condescending tone, but it could be just the plain typical Portuguese rudeness, if I watch TV news (actually I can’t stand watching Portuguese TV, it’s a nauseating parade of rubbish TV shows and propaganda disguised as journalism), because he had been on TV and he was very worried that I had missed this extraordinary event (?!). He asked me how many years I had been married, and I said many years because I didn’t know the exact number, and then everyone started laughing, first the judge, then the prosecutor (public ministry), the thief’s official lawyer, and even my lawyer! The witnesses were not in the courtroom, only my wife, who was also a witness. The laughter was so offensive and uncalled for. (I felt they were treating me and my wife like clowns).

Needless to say, the judge never asked us victims how this tragedy actually affected our lives, on a personal, family, financial and psychological level. Of course, he couldn’t care less!

When a witness testified, the Portuguese judge had the nerve to tell the audience, “People believe in anything…” clearly blaming the present victims rather than the fraudster. Mr. Portuguese judge, in any developed country you can do business regardless of the amount involved, including amounts incomparably and infinitely higher than these ones, because people are generally honest and serious, and if something goes wrong, which of course it could, the courts and judges are there to do their fundamental job of keeping society healthy, safe, fair and and free of cancerous criminals, that’s why these countries are infinitely superior to the sh*thole Poortugal, swamped by crooks and judges like you, who don’t do their job, definitely the most vital job in any real democracy. This judge is obviously an imbecile as well as a crook. In the end, don’t doubt that these scoundrels in the Portuguese justice system, like judges, prosecutors and lawyers, are truly delighted to see victims have their lives ruined, because it brings out the evil personality that most Portuguese have. This happens all the time in the putrid Portuguese courts, it is standard behavior, they outrageously blame the victims and acquit the criminals who leave the courtroom laughing in their victims’ faces. In Portugal this happens in all areas, including rape and domestic violence. What a repugnant “country”!

My wife and I had the distinct feeling as if we were in some courtroom in the former Soviet Union or in Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

Instead of investigating and looking for evidence of the crime committed,
Portuguese courts, ad hoc, often seek out and “fabricate” the guilt of the victim, the target of the crime.

Facades of Portuguese buildings in very poor condition
These streets would make a great setting for an episode of The Walking Dead! (Of course, there are also very nice, beautiful and modern apartments and houses, but these are only affordable by a very small minority of privileged people with salaries and wealth far above the Portuguese average.) | The Real Portugal

It is so perverted that there was a scumbag Portuguese judge who said that raped women, instead of screaming and crying when they are being raped, should take pleasure in the sexual act! So as not to make things worse, he said!

A Portuguese judge was infamous for repeatedly and always acquitting all men who came before him accused of beating their wives. It is obvious that this was also his favorite “sport” in their home, using his wife as a punching bag, and I dare not imagine what else.

Another Portuguese judge gave the following horrific sentence (this is the norm in Portugal) in another case of domestic violence: Judge forces aggressor to have dinner with victim. “You can be as violent as you want, you buy dinner and some flowers and that’s it!“. I should say that this came from a FEMALE judge who followed the recommendation of the prosecutor, another WOMAN! The Portuguese are so vile that not even women are sympathetic towards other women.

These three examples are just a drop in the ocean of the most corrupt and mind-bogglingly stupid Portuguese “justice”. As expected from the very cowardly and conniving Portuguese population, there were absolutely no protests, except for a few inconsequential comments. Such sentences are obviously a direct attack on human rights and democracy!

My wife and I were completely shocked and so disgusted by this behavior, we have suffered so much in the last six years and spent so much money without getting any compensation and yet they were laughing like it was a comedy, the judge was only concerned if we had all seen him on TV. It seemed as if the court hearing was about him and not about the victims.
This corrupt prosecutor was blatantly sent there by the other corrupt judges to defend this criminal on behalf of all the previous judges who had criminally acquitted him and whatever else we don’t know, but which we highly suspect. The thief wasn’t even there, because the court didn’t even bother to contact him at the correct address (although that was probably my lawyer’s fault too), because the Portuguese court knows that it will just be a grudgingly staged hearing, from the get go. I was furious that I had to pay many more thousands of Euros to the corrupt Portuguese court and my useless lawyers (for this staged court hearing), and yet this criminal not only did not have to travel and appear in court, but was entitled to a defense by the corrupt Portuguese State/Public Prosecutor (dearly paid by the taxpayers), in addition to his court-appointed official lawyer, and on top of that, without having to spend a euro.

When Portuguese judges systematically fail to deliver justice, they are actually doing the opposite; they are convicting the victims to life sentences. Which certainly gives these fake Portuguese judges and prosecutors great joy.

I was petrified and furious to hear the Portuguese prosecutor defending this thief, and with blatant lies! The thief stole more than five million euros (probably much more, since many victims do not file charges because they know in advance that they will get no justice, and many charges are simply ignored by the criminal justice system in Portugal and literally thrown in the trash bin so that no one will ever know), but the corrupt Portuguese courts hid the information of so many victims for at least three years, and the court knew all about it all the time, Instead of convicting him and shutting down his fraudulent company much longer ago, thus preventing many other victims besides me from ever being deceived and having their lives completely ruined, but that is exactly what the Portuguese love to do to each other, especially when they have some power in their hands over others, with the opportunity to destroy people’s lives and inflict unnecessary suffering.

The Portuguese in general are very petty and envious people full of character flaws, so when people like that have some power over others, they become a menace to those they have the power to hurt.

The hearing was strangely very quick, the judge asked very few questions to anyone and to me, he talked more about his TV appearance and other nonsense, besides laughing very disrespectfully, than I had the opportunity to speak to the court as it is my legal right.

So when the prosecutor opened her mouth, I had an epiphany that, without knowing it, I had been living in a dictatorship all these years. The role of a public prosecutor in any democratic country is to protect society from criminals; in Portugal his role is to protect criminals from their victims and society, which includes protecting other corrupt Portuguese judges and other corrupt public prosecutors. This scoundrel, in order to absolve the scoundrel who stole more than five million euros, went so far as to say (without any proof to support this, of course, just her opinion, yes, in Portuguese courts, opinions to acquit criminals, carry more MUCH MORE weight than evidence and facts!) that the money was stolen by the cashier (when all the money was obviously transferred to the bank account of the company thief (with his name on it), no victim sent money to the cashier’s bank account), she also had the nerve to say that it was the German company from which he should have imported the machines that stole our money! In this regard, one of the witness victims even said that the German company had contacted him by email to say that they had not yet received the money from the Portuguese company, which probably made the victim’s heart stop when he found out about it! I saw that when the prosecutor was questioning the witness and heard him say this, she quickly waved her hand to signal him not to continue talking about this very inconvenient episode, you can imagine that I had to grip my chair very tightly to stay still. Of course, the sly Portuguese judge was silent as a grave when he heard all these blatant lies from the prosecutor, without ever interrupting and questioning her, as is his duty.

Typical Portuguese cafe with terrace
A Portuguese café with a terrace but which seems to be located in some African country. | The Real Portugal

In Portuguese courts opinions and lies are much more important than facts. Facts are irrelevant and a BIG nuisance for the magistrates.

There is nothing more stupid and criminal in the world than a Portuguese judge.
Actually, most Portuguese should never be allowed to be judges, prosecutors, or lawyers, because they are simply totally unfit to perform these functions, which require extraordinary ethics, morals, intelligence, and common sense, the exact OPPOSITE of what most Portuguese are, but above all honesty.

In Portugal you hear all the time from lawyers, commentators and the average Joe that any kind of crime is “very difficult to prove”. (how convenient that is…)

The Portuguese have a lot of inferiority complexes, which is why they are such envious people. Portuguese can be jealous and envious of just about anything. It is a very pronounced character flaw of the Portuguese in general. However, I don’t have the slightest idea why anyone would be jealous of me and my wife.

I was so shocked when, at the end of the sham hearing, I saw my Portuguese lawyer having a very happy and laughing conversation with the corrupt prosecutor that I said, “Did you see what she did? This prosecutor defended a criminal and lied!” And suddenly my sleazy lawyer replied, “She was just doing her job! So it is confirmed that Portuguese prosecutors exist to protect criminals from their victims at all costs, including blatantly lying to the court.
My Portuguese lawyer acted shamelessly as if she was at a party, all that was missing was a glass of champagne!

Portuguese streets completely dirty and neglected by city council services
Typical Portuguese street, full of garbage and completely neglected by the municipal services. | The Real Portugal

In Portugal you don’t have the option of not paying a crook and an idiot, simply because you can’t find honest and competent people in Portugal, so few are they.

After a few days the verdict was released and guess what it was! Yes, you got it right! The case was dismissed AGAIN, he was not even acquitted, because there was no chance of a trial! Even with all the glaring evidence of the “insolvent” thief living in lavish wealth, and the eight victims and witnesses basically telling the same story, it didn’t matter once again, the dishonest Portuguese judge gave the same mentally deficient reason as all the other crooked Portuguese judges years before; “there was no crime, there was no malice, only breach of contract”. So now the world knows that stealing in Portugal is not stealing, it is a breach of contract, which is the same as saying, f*ck you!

In Portugal you are surrounded everywhere by criminally-minded people for whom there is no difference at all between good and evil, right and wrong.

Portugal is a country basically made up entirely of criminals and connivers (of all kinds and all degrees).

Therefore, when you are the victim of a crime in Portugal, you have no choice but to ask for help from other equally criminal people (and still pay them dearly), but who wear the mantle of the “law”, such as lawyers and courts in general.

The Portuguese judges know very well that no victim will get a euro back because there is no more company and the thief declares himself “insolvent” which in Portugal means untouchable and literally protected by the law and therefore impossible for the victims to recover the stolen money (regardless of whether the thief lives in a mansion or not and other glaring signs of wealth in plain sight, the authorities don’t give a sh*t to those “signs” and therefore will do nothing to help the victims recover a euro of their stolen money).

Portuguese law also very conveniently makes it as easy as possible for criminals to evade the obligation to pay their debts later, through obscure and extremely “convenient” slimy laws full of trap doors around the amount of share capital and partner quota, like for example the thief could owe (stolen) millions of euros and by law the thief is only obliged to return 500 euros to you, in any idiotic Portuguese civil court!

As we can see, there are millions of ways to “legally” steal you in this despicable country.
Be afraid, be very afraid to bring your money to Portugal! Just Don’t, NEVER EVER, Please!

However, I became many tens of thousands of Euros poorer, wasted many years, laughed at, scorned and humiliated by the corrupt Portuguese courts and the “justice” system in general, including my Portuguese swindler lawyers, who all the time bizarrely found it all very funny! All this torment over six years of being blackmailed by all these Portuguese scum who hunt victims like hyenas, waiting for the best moment to bite you and take another piece of you.

In Portugal, you get the real feeling that everybody is just pretending to be someone, acting like a character. An example is lawyers, deep down they are not lawyers, they have no idea what they are doing, what the law is, what is right and what is wrong, I mean in the deepest deontological understanding of the profession, not superficially, so they just act as lawyers in front of you to get the most money from you for as long as possible, until your bankruptcy. This happens in every profession. IN PORTUGAL NOTHING IS REALLY REAL AND AUTHENTIC, AT MOST IT’S JUST A THIN VENEER, ENOUGH TO DECEIVE YOU.

Tragically, it is only when it is too late that you realize that almost everything in Portugal ends up being a scam or a fake or, at most, painfully mediocre, because it is everywhere and it is so “normal” and prevalent al over place that it is very difficult to recognize it in time to avoid it and also because we have to get on with our lives, and so sometimes we have to risk doing something.

Most Portuguese only care about knowing as little as possible about their professions in order to swindle money from others. The Portuguese have no passion for anything, although they are very passionate about taking what belongs to others.

Portuguese kiosk and clothing store in deplorable condition
How can these “stores” even be open? Only in Poortugal… | The Real Portugal

It was like six years of our lives had been kidnapped into an endless nightmare, like they never existed because we’ll never, NEVER get them back, and that’s what I mourn the most, not the money, although I need it quite badly, of course.
This is what Portugal does to people’s lives… Obliterate them!

What I regret the most is the toll, the heavy sadness and a lot of anger and revolt at not having justice and finally finding out that everything was hidden from me that was inflicted on our personal lives for so many years, feeling like basically everyone was ripping us off and laughing at us and financially it was catastrophic for me, in addition to the €85,000 that was stolen from me, I had been robbed of another €45,000 by the corrupt Portuguese courts and the totally useless Portuguese lawyers and I never received any of it. In addition to the €85,000 that was stolen from me, I was further cheated out of another €45,000 by the corrupt Portuguese courts and the totally useless Portuguese lawyers in exorbitant fees and I NEVER RECEIVED A CENT BACK (effectively, nor any of the countless other Portuguese victims!)

In Portugal it’s guaranteed that you pay first world fees (or even more) to receive the most abject and execrable third world treatment (or worse).

Portugal is a miserable and rogue country that cheats the EU with distorted and false statistics to show much less crime (particularly corruption and financial) than the real numbers. Nauseating corrupt and incompetent Portuguese judges are systematically dismissing criminal cases to also trick the EU (and the world) into putting more money into their corrupt pockets by portraying Portugal as a peaceful and lawful country, which is the complete opposite of reality. The Portuguese State does this with all the “important” statistics (distorted by infinite factors along the entire path of capture, on purpose or out of sheer incompetence). They deceive the EU and the very stupid Portuguese believe or pretend to believe what the corrupt Portuguese politicians tell them, because for most Portuguese, corruption is not only not condemned, but also something very coveted to pursue as a career. (A Portuguese person have told me personally, in a very convicted way that “corruption is a good thing”. So scary!)

The Portuguese justice system is so inept and corrupt that most victims do not even press charges. This in itself greatly reduces the actual number of crimes reported in Portugal. Everything! in Portugal is a fallacy, always much bigger than one might think!

Obviously, this crime would NEVER have happened in any real developed and democratic country, as the thief would have been easily caught and arrested in the first or second fraud, preventing this scoundrel from stealing more victims and needlessly destroying so many lives, including my own family’s! This thief didn’t even have an organized accounting or track of his payments, he had very conveniently fired his bookkeeper (only in the unspeakable Portugal can you run a business without a bookkeeper and organized accounting for years and years, and at same time stealing people! For some reason!) During all these three years, he stole so many innocent victims behind the false normality of the corporate façade, with the full blessing of the Portuguese judges, who were too busy trying to acquit him faster than the complaints and appeals were flowing into the courts.

What is amazing is that this thief and his henchman CEO didn’t even bother to come up with some elaborate scheme to steal, because the Portuguese courts simply AUTHORIZED them to keep the clients money ad hoc all these years. (I don’t even know how to comment on this, it’s beyond any human comprehension and only in Poortugal sh*thole!)

I have a clear idea that in many cases Portuguese judges do not even read the files/processes, only the titles and names of the participants, because an astronomical percentage of cases are acquitted, either dismissed or thrown into the trash bin.

These crooked and idiotic Portuguese judges never bothered to investigate or ask the banks or him about his account movements, because they don’t give a damn about the victims, they just had to FOLLOW the money to find out everything! So easy to see that everything was stolen by the owner of the company. It is obvious that he just took the money out of the bank accounts for himself, so simple and so stupid as this! It is so heinous and criminal that the Portuguese courts never demanded any proof or investigation of where the money was spent, he claimed he didn’t have it, and that was enough for the Portuguese judges to acquit him every single time! Right, five million euros just smoked like five euros! No big deal to the crooked Portuguese judges! NO VICTIM EVER KNEW WHERE HIS/HER MONEY WENT! The thief still presents himself as insolvent and the judge doesn’t even care why he is living a lavish life in a big modern country house with at least two luxury cars (which I could recognize), he also has a new business, and HOW CAN HE BE INSOLVENT AND RICH AT THE SAME TIME as he has never been before?! The dirty Portuguese judge scorned and dismissed everything, including this luxurious new life of his, as if it didn’t exist at all, as if we were all crazy and everything was a figment of our imagination. (And what I and all the other victims don’t and can’t possibly know about the thief’s luxurious life during all these years?)

Very dirty Portuguese streets
You might think these are Cairo streets, but no, they are Portuguese streets in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Plenty poverty and filth. | The Real Portugal

I was horrified to discover that in Portugal this type of scam is as common as apples, it is a well known scheme, in fact it doesn’t even have to be a scheme, it is a no brainer, in Portugal the crooks just have to keep and steal the victims money AS THEY ARE SURE THAT NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN TO THEM, that’s it! The crooks steal all the money they can behind the façade of ANY, really any legitimate business, from the innocent victims, as well as from their suppliers and their own employees, who never get a dime back from these scum. Then all they have to do is file for bankruptcy, or sometimes they don’t even have to bother, because it’s some victim who managed and was lucky enough to file for the fraudulent company’s bankruptcy, which is obviously totally useless.

THEN ALL THESE CRIMINALS GET RICH OVERNIGHT WITH ALL THE MONEY THEY STOLE! And certainly, also a lot of judges and other scoundrels along the way…

The criminal and sloppy behavior of these Portuguese courts greatly ENCOURAGES more and more criminals to steal innocent victims with total impunity. (I would say that it is often on purpose)

When it is no longer possible to sustain the scheme, the thieves file fraudulent bankruptcies and run off with everyone’s stolen money and then file their own personal fake bankruptcies so that no victim can ever get their money back. This happens every day in Portugal and these criminals never go to jail and most of the time they are not even tried. It happens in all areas such as; various businesses, real estate, car dealerships, car rentals, dental clinics, really any kind of business you can think of can be a scam behind the façade and it doesn’t matter anything if that business (fraud) is very well referenced in society, media, etc…. This means absolutely NOTHING in Portugal!

Essentially, you can be scammed in Portugal anywhere, by anyone, anytime, being that it is so widespread and ingrained throughout Portuguese society as plain normality, that it becomes almost impossible to detect in time to avoid being scammed/defrauded, sooner or later. The only way to avoid it is not to do anything in Portugal, except plans to flee asap.

Portugal is just a filthy bag of corrupt, thieves, swindlers, scams, scumbags, scoundrels, losers, liars, backstabbers, basically the worse of the worse of humanity is concentrated and amalgamated in this stinky cesspool, like I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world!

It is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for any normal and decent human being to live in Portugal!

There is never any reliable information available, on the contrary, most of the time, you even get strong and misleading positive references, even if the fraudulent entity is often already buried in lawsuits gathering dust in the courts.

Portugal is a nightmare of a nightmare!

Portugal is a paradise for crooks and a hell on earth for honest and decent people.
Portuguese courts are mostly nothing more than crooks judging (helping) other crooks and sometimes the judges are just plain retarded, and that is why it never ends well for the victims.

I’d like to talk about my terrible experience with Portuguese lawyers and why you should never hire one, even if you really need one, because in the end you’ll just, very very probable, lose everything anyway, because of the corrupt courts! (Sure, there are competent and honest Portuguese lawyers, but they are a very small minority, unfortunately I would say, probably no more than one in an hundred).
The first time you naively pay Portuguese lawyers, thinking that they are some educated and intelligent people who will help you out, but in the end, when it is too late, you realize that you have paid a fortune, not only to swindlers, but also to mentally retarded, in the sense of extremely stupid situations, you will know why in the following paragraphs. The thing is that these sickening events often occur with the vast majority of Portuguese people, regardless of their profession.
As a rule, when you meet them for the first time, they will tell you that you are a victim of a serious crime and illegality and that it is guaranteed, I stress guaranteed, that you will get justice, just pay your fees and everything will be resolved.
Note that they don’t show their true colors at the first meeting, or at least the worst ones, only after they receive your money.
My last two Portuguese lawyers were both female and they were particularly prolific in throwing garbage out of their mouths almost every time I spoke with them.

Portuguese cars
Probably almost half of the Portuguese car fleet is more or less in this decrepit state. What I find really strange is how these cars pass the mandatory inspection, though I highly suspect. The great danger that this poses to us EU citizens is the fact that Portugal is in the EU, so these cars, obviously not roadworthy, can automatically be driven in other member states becoming a threat to other people’s safety. | The Real Portugal

Only in Portugal it is possible to practice any profession without absolutely any in-depth knowledge of that profession, deontology and ethics, and these two lawyers were the perfect example of that.

And this happens, because in Portugal almost everyone, collectively speaking, possess very strangely, the same mindset in terms of Stone Age way of thinking, intrinsic dishonesty and limitless mediocrity. So the bar is very, very low indeed. So, in the end, you never truly have better options to choose from.

Talking to most Portuguese people about anything serious is exasperating, it feels like a fight and not a conversation and in the end you feel exhausted and deeply frustrated because most of the time it is literally like talking to walls. The truth is that most Portuguese are generally quite dumb and don’t understand very simple and common sense things.
During the few meetings and phone conversations we had, I realized that these lawyers were a mixture of unleashed imbecility and dishonesty at its worst when they said and did things like the following examples:

I must say that I am still in doubt as to whether these lawyers were more crooks than idiots, or more idiots than crooks, because I even liked some of the things they did in the process, despite mostly because the case were obviously and blatantly incriminatory from the start, the problem is that overall they showed being shockingly disrespectful and rude, and were generally deeply incompetent overall as well shameless dishonest throughout their work and relationship with me.

When I was on the phone with one of them and asked about the compensation, she said the first shocking stupidity; that I must (cannot) ask for more than €10,000 (for a theft of €85,000 almost six years ago), otherwise the process loses credibility! And added, this is not America, and then she giggled! (WTF is she talking about?), which means that in Portugal the victims are coerced banks and they are only entitled to receive interest for the theft. The victims don’t suffer anything more, their lives are not affected in any way, according to the Portuguese courts and lawyers.
Anyway, even this is another blatant lie, because no one ever gets a cent back!, but every victim has certainly spent a fortune, and their life turns every day, for endless years, into a tortuous nightmare and dreadful misery.
The other lawyer had the nerve to tell me, the victim, in an implicit way, that it’s good to have a lot of crooks and criminals in general because it gives her more work. In addition to the shameless dishonesty and lack of ethics, this shows the typical deep stupidity and short-sightedness of most Portuguese. She would rather watch the whole forest burn down, just to be hired to put out one burning tree (but of course she doesn’t even do that). I’m sure she liked the criminal much more than me.

That’s why everyone loves scum in Portugal, the scum gives a lot of money to win to other scum!

She also said in court, but outside the courtroom just before the hearing, in the presence of the witnesses, who were all immensely robbed and in great pain, that if someone is going to steal, he/she should steal big time, and then she laughed and giggled like a moron! (I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! This really happened, but coming from a Portuguese, is nothing to be astonished!) I had a hard time controlling myself. She also said (almost shouted) to me in the same place, when I said that the court had failed miserably to protect victims and society from these crooks in the three years before I was stolen, she responded to me very harshly and angrily, “The court never failed! My blood boiled! (Mind you, I was in a plain courthouse while listening to these execrable taunts). Of course, she doesn’t care whether all these people have had their lives destroyed or not, she just wants to know how she can get more of my money out of my pockets.
This very stupid lawyer also told me on the phone when I asked why the court didn’t investigate the trail of the stolen money, because surely he just withdrew it in cash or diverted it to other accounts. She very rudely replied to me, “He could take all the money he wanted from the company and do whatever he wanted with it!” This is a crime, and is called syphoning/embezzling, but this Portuguese “lawyer” don’t even know what that is! Unbelievable! So, like take it to his house and turn the customers’ money into his own. So this total idiotic and retard Portuguese “lawyer” has just told me that embezzlement is legal in Portugal! Yes, this is a typical Portuguese lawyer of the highest caliber! (What can I say about this? This is the so typical and so omnipresent Portuguese mental retardation throughout the whole of Portuguese society in general, i.e. extremely mindboggling stupid answers, that I am talking about. Never in my life I have heard such insane amount of stupidities as when I lived in Portugal from the Portuguese people!). Just stay far away from them to keep your sanity!

This lawyer also told me that the Portuguese courts acquit cases just to reduce the volume of their work, adding that this behavior is perfectly justified and necessary. Yes! She said that too! Otherwise, I say, the poor Portuguese judges will have to work more and like most Portuguese they hate to work. (Absolutely unbelievable!)

Abandoned industrial complexes in Portugal
There are thousands of such abandoned industrial complexes all over Portugal, and they remain abandoned forever because there are very few industrial companies healthy and large enough to occupy these sites. It should be noted that these places are located around and very close to Lisbon, and even so no one picks them. | The Real Portugal

My wife told the lawyer that when we went to the company’s premises she found it strange that the lights were off, promptly the lawyer yelled, “You can’t say that because the judge will accuse you that it was your fault and not his! (the crook who stole your money). Of course, that this information is irrelevant or at most circumstantial against the criminal, as it is obvious to any human being with at least two brain cells, but now you know that for the Portuguese it is a factor to absolve a swindler! Lights off when you are being swindled! These ultra absurd situations are so typical of most Portuguese people, their brains are definitely wired upside down and it is impossible to reason with them because they are so limited that they are not even able to understand why you don’t accept these deeply insulting and preposterous responses to your intelligence and don’t shut up as if you were like just another dumb and submissive Portuguese like them.
This lawyer had also the audacity to tell me that I could not call the thief who stole €85,000 from me a swindler and a thief. There it is, the mental deficiency striking again and again, and again…! Truly infuriating!

At the meeting before the last hearing, she looked at my wife and had the unbelievable rudeness of almost yelling at her, “Don’t lie in court! I started to boil inside and I just wanted to leave the room, but I couldn’t do anything because I had a court hearing the next day and of course I was desperate to get my stolen money back and my life was hanging on these two despicable women (and they knew it). In Portugal you are always cornered because wherever you look in Portugal, there are always other crooks and idiots just waiting for you to open your wallet, you really have no one to turn to, these two lawyers were not bad luck, THIS IS THE RULE and just how the overwhelming majority of Portuguese people are. Behind every door you knock on, there is an outstanding probability that there is another crook and idiot waiting for you to rip you off, just like the one you talked to before. In Portugal, there is really no DECENT alternatives, because there are so few of them!

In Portugal, it’s you against almost an entire population that is a mixture of evil and mental deficiency. You don’t stand a chance.
The simple truth is that most Portuguese are genetically very low quality people, and that is the only reason they are so dishonest, stupid and full of inferiority complexes.

Living in Portugal is literally like trying to build a life inside a madhouse and a sewer (humanly speaking).

As the other lawyer had asked us to do at our first meeting, my wife and I had spent weeks painstakingly gathering and organizing information about the thief’s assets on the Internet to send to the courts in hopes of getting our money back (of course, it was a very painful task to do because it hurt a lot to see the thief living a life of luxury with our stolen money in complete impunity). I emailed the PDF files and emails very well organized with lots of explanations to the lawyer, which took us at least two weeks to accomplish. I found out later in the meeting that she didn’t even open the files or read the emails because she said with the greatest audacity, “There were so maaany fileees…”. I just wanted to run away so I wouldn’t do anything to her that I might (or might not) regret later.
Portuguese lawyers are very fond of saying (in the end they are glorifying the criminals and insulting the victims on you face), with great insult to the victims in their presence, that thieves and crooks are not crooks and thieves, and we are talking about criminals (Portuguese from all walks of life show the same behavior), but rather they are called very smart and sophisticated people, including by my lawyers ad nauseam, and every time I had to hear it I was deeply offended, they also said the same thing about some well-known corrupt Portuguese politicians, who by the way are all free. No wonder Portugal is such a stinky cesspit!
The Portuguese have a hard time calling bad people for what they really are, on the contrary, they treat them as very honorable and even funny people, and the Portuguese actually admire them, and that’s because most Portuguese people relate to this scum, since most Portuguese are scum too.

At one of the meetings, one of the lawyers said that judges can decide whatever they want, regardless of the letter of the law.
This is extremely serious! It means that in fact there is NO RULE OF LAW IN PORTUGAL and that the courts are a farce! The EU urgently needs to know what is happening in Portugal and proceed accordingly!

Some Portuguese lawyers like to laugh in your face and make indirect jokes about your terrible situation, showing absolutely no respect and empathy for your pain and loss, just like judges and prosecutors do when they are in the presence of victims. This is typical behavior. Certainly because they know that they are getting richer in inverse proportion to the victims becoming exponentially poorer.

Nevertheless, the case was lost not because of the abysmal stupidity and rudeness of these lawyers, but because the verdict was already predetermined, no matter what was being said and presented in the courtroom. The Portuguese court, full of despicable people, has never been interested in doing justice. It’s only there to serve itself and their crook “friends”. The sentence was decided long before the hearing. This systematically happens in Portuguese courts!
After this sham trial, I couldn’t do anything to change my fate. In Portugal, you are always a hostage, whenever you need help, you are always robbed by everyone and everywhere, especially by those you need the most, but who are so eager to take advantage of your harrowing situation.
Because Portugal is so small, I was forced to live my life just a few kilometers away from the thief’s luxurious life at the expense of my €85,000, as well as the other five million plus euros he stole from so many people, and I could do absolutely NOTHING against him, not even call him a thief, because then, according to the disgusting Portuguese courts, I would be committing the terrible crime of defaming such a virtuous man, and I, the victim who was stolen from, would then be prosecuted by the thief, and consequently I would be forced to pay the thief even more money, on top of the money he had already stolen from me. Absolutely infuriating!
This is the Portugal of the 21st century and HOW this cesspool is a member of the EU?! The EU NEEDS to get rid of this filthy Portuguese Dictatorship Ruled By Criminals For Criminals as soon as possible!

This criminal who stole more than five million euros was never registered as a criminal, but only as a poor innocent insolvent person, that is why in Portugal the corrupt are not corrupt, thieves are not thieves, criminals are not criminals, because nothing is registered and nobody is ever incriminated, and consequently the official statistics are overwhelming false.

So, the Portuguese official statistics only show probably 1% of reality, and this is, of course, done on PURPOSE. Don’t doubt it!

U N B E L I E V A B L E !
Here is the summary and chronology of all the glaring illegalities committed by the corrupt Portuguese courts and their corrupt Portuguese judges, only possible in a DICTATORSHIP!

  1. The swindler had been stealing from his victims with total impunity for at least three years before I was robbed.
  2. In all that time, the Portuguese courts accumulated the cases of the numerous victims stolen from them, so they were well aware of the dramatic situation of the victims.
  3. In all this time the Portuguese courts did nothing to stop this criminal.
  4. In all this time, the criminal was always acquitted of any wrongdoing.
  5. In all this time, the corrupt Portuguese courts never bother to make any investigation of the fraudulent company, its employees, suppliers and even customers in order to find out the truth (and the stolen money!), absolutely nothing, ZERO diligence!
  6. In all this time, dozens and dozens (yet we will never know the real number) of victims have desperately filed very expensive appeals to no avail. The cases have always been criminally dismissed or acquitted by the Portuguese courts, thus DENYING THE CITIZENS’ ELEMENTARY HUMAN RIGHT TO ACCESS JUSTICE! (just like a dictatorship!)
  7. The accomplice CEO of the company (his brother), the one who spoke and lied to everyone, was not even indicted in the lawsuits.
  8. A month before I was robbed, the company was already officially declared insolvent.
  9. The insolvency was requested by a victim, rather, as it should be, requested by the company’s owners.
  10. After their “company” was officially declared insolvent, these crooks continued to steal from people with total impunity for several more months until they finally shut the doors.
  11. In all this time these criminals did not even have an accountant or any sort of organized bookkeeping (how convenient).
  12. In all this time the fraudulent criminal company never fulfilled its tax and social security obligations.
  13. The corrupt Portuguese courts never did any investigation or audit to trace the victims’ money. (My Portuguese lawyer “it’s really hard to call her a lawyer because she really isn’t, only in Poortugal she could be”, literally and with great arrogance told me that he (the thief) can do whatever he wants with the money, like, withdrawing all his customers’ money from his bank accounts and taking it to home, i.e. embezzlement IS LEGAL in Portugal! Wow!)
  14. The state prosecutor blatantly lied in court to protect the criminal and the other corrupt judges, and the judge just kept silent, like (without any proof); accusing the German company and the employee of having stolen the money, when all the victims had deposited the payments into the thief’s bank account and then the money was all gone “by magic”.
  15. He stole over five million euros. (but probably much more, as it is normal in Portugal, you only know the surface of things)
  16. The crook declared himself insolvent immediately after his fraudulent company closed is doors, but he has never been so wealthy! He lives in a luxurious modern mansion in a very expensive area. He owns at least two high-end cars, including an SUV. He has founded another “company”. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because I had to find out everything by myself, not counting what I don’t know and of course will never be able to know by myself.
  17. Even though the crook’s life of luxury with OUR stolen money is in painful plain sight for all to see, the Portuguese courts don’t give a sh*t. (Why will that be?)
  18. What’s even more horrifying, if it’s possible, is that I could have been stolen 5, 10, 50 million euros or more and the outcome would have been EXACTLY the same.
  19. In the same way, the criminal could have robbed 10, 20, 50 times more victims if he had the opportunity, and the result in court would have been EXACTLY the same, i.e. he would have been acquitted of all charges! And he would even be richer!
  20. It is unbelievable that during all these years of repeated crimes, this fraudulent company and its owners have been praised and given interviews to the specialized business press, as well as being ENDORSED by the Portuguese State by receiving governmental awards such as “Gasela Empresa” and “PME Lider”. (Unbelievable! Is it possible for a country to be more dishonest, rotten and degenerate than this?!)

This is absolutely shocking! I say again! How is this possible be happening in an EU country?!
Remember that this is just one case, a drop in the ocean, among hundreds or thousands that happen every day in the so corrupt and criminally dysfunctional Portuguese “justice”. It is obvious that the crooks bribed a lot of people in the courts, there was more than enough money to do it! Especially to pay the corrupt Portuguese judges, but I bet it wasn’t even necessary to pay much, even knowing that the Portuguese judges are so incompetent, lazy and bad character, it is very doubtful that these judges (and many others before) did not receive money to acquit the dozens of cases during all these years, but even, in the very unlikely event that this was not the case, these judges and public prosecutors behavior was obviously not a bit less criminal.

The biggest Portuguese criminals are those inside the Portuguese judicial system, because they annul democracy every day, being infinitely more dangerous to democracy than those inside Portuguese prisons! In any developed country, these criminal magistrates, probably more than 60% of the Portuguese magistracy, would have been jailed for many, many years, if not life, and most of the rest expelled from the magistracy due to sheer incompetence.

This is extremely serious, because these corrupt Portuguese judges and prosecutors have not only stolen my money and the money from the countless others victims, but also my basic right to access justice as a citizen, a EUROPEAN citizen, just as they act the same with countless other victims in Portugal every single day, and always with total impunity.
Furthermore, it helps very much to maintain the world’s general ignorance of what goes on in Portugal, the fact that Portugal is an IRRELEVANT COUNTRY on the world stage and the language is not understood outside the community of native speakers. That’s why the Portuguese justice system is the single MOST criminal entity in Portugal. It wields absolute power over the Portuguese people because the vast majority of Portuguese are dishonest, cowardly and conniving to fight for their rights and their democracy (if only they knew what democracy even is…). Portugal is a cesspit full of criminals on the loose!

That’s why Portugal is doomed to disappear, in terms of any relevance to the world, which is already happening, but it’s going to be a lot more, and it’s going to happen fast!

Portuguese justice is so deeply and criminally corrupt, sloppy, lazy and inept that it is unthinkable how this pseudo-sh*tty-country, which is nothing more than a mafia of politicians, magistrates and friends, can be part of the EU, receiving our hard-earned millions and billions every day.


Legally speaking, Portugal has the same “democracy” as North Korea.

To wrap it up: It is so clear and so evident, to anyone who is paying attention, that I (as all the other victims) received the typical puppet justice of a dictatorship, and that is the truth and the norm in Portugal for anyone, foreigner or Portuguese!

Appealing to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is also a fallacy, because the EU is not a country, like the United States for example, so the ECJ can only intervene in the abstract violation of European laws on elementary human rights, but does not intervene in the national jurisdiction of each member state. It turns out that the criminal Portuguese statesmen, very cynically, subscribe to all the humanitarian laws and a few more that exist in the world, with the sole intention of deceiving the world, in order to pass themselves off as a State governed by the rule of law, which is a total lie, because behind the scenes the Portuguese State acts like a dictatorship at all levels through the most flagrant and systemic violations of the most basic human and civil rights of its people and whoever else!

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:
“The ECJ is the highest court of the European Union in matters of Union law, but not national law. It is not possible to appeal against the decisions of national courts in the ECJ”


Portugal definitely IS NOT a (civilized) country of good people, quite the opposite, Portugal is nothing more than a façade to give cover to infinite protected criminals spread throughout society; political, legal and civil, who protect themselves behind a sovereignty that makes all these cowards untouchable. Quite frankly, in the 21st century, there should be a way for all these infinite Portuguese criminals to face justice. Therefore, there would need to be a world police force that would enter Portugal and restore the rule of law, otherwise there will NEVER be punishment for this scum, and restoration of the rule of law in POORtugal.

That way, surely 10% of Portuguese civil society, and at least 60% of the political class and the judicial system, such as politicians, judges, prosecutors, and so on, would be worthy of serving prison sentences right now, many of them for life. Now that would be JUSTICE!

The only way for me or anyone else to get justice in Portugal would be with the assistance of a foreign army, because Portugal is a dictatorship, let there be no doubt about that. Portugal, in practical terms, is a dictatorship, and should have been treated as such a long time ago! Otherwise, all these countless Portuguese criminals are just making a mockery of us all, the true democratic nations!

Do you think after this farce, that I did not want to take justice into my own hands (and not just him, but all the countless crooks I’ve met throughout the system, plus all the other countless crooks in the same system who I don’t even know the faces of, and who set me up), when I was in Portugal? Anyone who has been so egregiously wronged would. I know where the bastard lives, but I didn’t let Portugal turn me into a violent person (and I know that in that case the tyrannical “authorities” would be very agile to send an army of puppets to arrest and imprison me). So I decided to do good, that is, to denounce the, de facto, Portuguese dictatorship to the whole world if possible, and to help as many people as I can, BY FIRST AND FOREMOST TO ADVISE PEOPLE TO AVOID PORTUGAL LIKE THE PLAGUE, as well to give a voice to the victims of Portugal, and for no one to endure the excruciating and traumatic suffering that I was forced to take in this horrible dictatorship full of criminals and mental deficient people.

Car park in Portugal
No! This isn’t a war scenario, this is a car parking in Portugal! (Mainly suburbs of big cities and most rest of the country) | The Real Portugal

And this is living in Portugal, your life can be pulverized in the blink of an eye as if you were nothing, because your life in Portugal is, for all effects, in the hands of crooks, imbeciles (more like retarded) and very disinterested people who make up, according to my empirical perception, 95% of the population. This is what happened to me and my lovely wife, and I will forever regret having brought her to the worst place in the world, geographically beautiful but full of scum people, the likes of which I have never seen anywhere else in the world. Portugal’s problem is undoubtedly the existence of the Portuguese themselves.

Portugal is an eternally postponed country, and WILL BE forever.
Portugal has NOTHING to do with Europe and even less with the EU, but much more with the societies of North Africa and Latin America.
Most Portuguese definitely don’t understand (and don’t want to know) what democracy and citizenship are, as well as the rights and duties they entail to each one.

I’ve tried very hard to be happy in Portugal, but it’s completely impossible. It’s a very closed society, reminiscent of the Middle Ages or even Stone Ages in many aspects of daily life, where no one criticizes anything or anyone who deserves criticism or repudiation in Portugal, so nothing ever changes or evolves for the better, quite the opposite. That’s why the Portuguese are the perfect citizens to live under the boot of a dictatorship, and they seem perfectly happy with that choice!
I think, there is only one time when the Portuguese criticize something: the football referee when their team loses the game.

I know that as bad as Portugal is perceived by me or anyone else, I perfectly know that the hidden reality is ALWAYS unimaginably worse, since almost everything that is really bad is fiercely hidden by design from the public and the world eyes by all institutions and the conniving society as a whole. It seems that behind everything terrible that happens in Portugal there is a perfectly synchronized collective single mind behind it, hiding and protecting all evil at all costs.

There are certain too many other things, that instinctively you can feel it on your skin, that have happened to me in Portugal but that are impossible to put into intelligible words, due to the almost extraterrestrial nature of the events in terms of utmost insanity, that can only happen in this hellhole.

After all this farce, and knowing that I have been robbed of €130,000, deep down, by the Portuguese society devoid of any moral values. After having been cheated for six years, not only by the thief, but by many other opportunistic thieves who followed after, and very worryingly, above all by those who have the supreme duty to protect society from criminals, i.e. the people and institutions of the law. But also because of the general paralysis and complicity of Portuguese society as a whole, which, as passive as it is (zombie citizens, in fact), is also indirectly, but at the end equal responsible for the tragedy that befell me and my family, as well for all the inhuman monstrosities that constantly happen to everyone else in that country, but which the Portuguese don’t care about in the least.

My case was just one of countless millions of other cases, which happen all the time in all sectors and in all forms, almost always perpetrated by career criminals with dozens or hundreds of cases serially dismissed by the courts over endless years, before your turn comes, and which also, roughly speaking, all stem from and invariably end up in the same way as mine. In other words, a total denial of the basic right to justice, just like in any dictatorship! How is it that the world still hasn’t grasped the seriousness of what is happening in Poortugal? I hope that this website can make a significant contribution to the beginning of the end of this thoroughly criminal and devilish Poortugal in the international community! I will never stop! It is a humanitarian mission to save as many innocent lives as possible from being destroyed in Poortugal! The good Portuguese should leave the country, because there is no future in Poortugal (actually, nor present or past). Poortugal only gives you pure misery, suffering and unbearable sadness for your life and your family. That’s a certainty! It’s very dangerous to be in Poortugal, for infinite reasons. Never come or get out!

Note that for the crooked Portuguese courts, the criminals are always innocent (99.9% of the time).

I said to my wife: “Let’s sell everything and get out of this sh*thole full of monsters and retards as soon as possible!”
And so we did. (though not even that was easy)
Of course, to begin with, I wish I’d NEVER, NEVER have set foot in that odious place!

Unfortunately, no one told me how relentlessly bad this Portuguese cesspool was and is. If I’d had a crystal ball at the time I was conned, NO DOUBT the best thing I could have done would be to have left that cursed place the very next day after they stole my money, and thus saved myself six years of living a true waking nightmare that devastated my family’s life in every possible way. Fortunately, it didn’t succeed in destroying our marriage and our love for each other!

It is enough to know the Portuguese people mindset and society in depth to understand very easily that Portugal does not function as a democracy, on the contrary. It is a fact, that democracy doesn’t work with a population made up almost entirely of idiots and crooks, it will always turns into a dictatorship, as it is the case of Portugal.

If hypothetically there was a world, whatever, government, this filthy Portuguese ghetto full to the brim of infinite legalized lowlife crooks would have obviously been shut down and all its endless criminals, corrupts and crooks thrown behind bars for many, many years, although very unfortunately for the rest of the world, all these Portuguese criminals are shielded behind a “very convenient” Portuguese sovereign that protects them from ever being brought to justice, as they, for all moral reasons should be.


If these Portuguese thieves stole €130,000 from me like it was peanuts, imagine what Portugal is doing every day, behind closed doors, with the unmonitored billions of euros of EU taxpayers’ money. It doesn’t take a genius to know what is happening to OUR money thrown into the hands of the Portuguese, every single day!

Portugal is a slum made of concrete.
Portugal not only looks like a slum, it is a slum in every sense of the word, only made of concrete. It is a country without genuine rule of law, order or democracy, because Portugal functions at all levels as a dictatorship of criminals by criminals. | The Real Portugal

Having Portugal in the EU is exactly the same as handing the keys of our house to the burglar.
The truth is that for most Portuguese you are just a walking wallet.

What is also extremely difficult to endure in Portugal is seeing our lives being dependent on and subject to the judgment and initiative of so many mediocre people who are so clearly inferior, small and petty in every possible humanitarian and moral aspect.

At the end, this site is not just about me, but mainly about all the people, emigrants/expats, and of course, the very small minority of good Portuguese who are hostages to the overwhelming majority of scum, and who have been and continue to be defrauded, robbed and violated of their most basic human and citizenship rights, by this hateful and criminal mafia that is in control and has seized their Portugal turning it into a dictatorship in practical terms.

Don’t just take my word for it, please read the Portuguese news translated into English on this site, (you can also read in multiple languages via the top right menu) so that anyone with two neurons can realize the pattern of appalling and systemic corruption, crime and impunity spread throughout the whole of Portuguese society with the total connivance of the fake judiciary, like nowhere else in the world, except in a dictatorship. It’s all the fault of the overwhelming majority of Portuguese, who are certainly the most stupid and dishonest people on the face of the earth. They have the shitty country they deserve, but the rest of the world doesn’t have to take their crap and be stolen from behind the sovereignty that protects these cowards (until when…). Never come to or get out of Poortugal as soon as possible! Run away from the infinite stupidity of the Poortuguese people!

One thing is very clear, while the world in general is on the verge of, or has already entered, an unprecedented era of exponential technological and human development, Portugal is a sinking boat with many holes, that has reached the point of no return! While the overwhelming majority of the backward Portuguese don’t even have the cognitive capacity to realize it!

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


The real Portuguese flag
Portuguese Evolution

Your comments are most welcome and appreciated, so please feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

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If you agree…go sign the petition!
Let’s get lots of signatures!

(Disbarment of corrupt lawyers in Portugal)



What a great idea! But who would condemn the corrupt lawyers? How many would be left to run the judicial system?

Strength in Numbers.
Please sign & share

I’m truly sorry to hear about your harrowing experiences in Portugal. It sounds like a nightmare that no one should have to endure. Your story is a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in every nation’s justice system. I hope sharing your ordeal can help others avoid similar pitfalls and possibly bring about some change. Thank you for bravely sharing your perspective, and I wish you much better days ahead as you move forward from this ordeal.

You blame a whole nation out of your life experience! I feel so sorry for you and your familiy, you guys must realy be retarded and frustrated mother fuckers and child abusers.

Please do translate your shit blog into hindu, bangladesh, german, holland and all the languages, you guys are not wanted here, get the fuck out!

You talk about child abusers. Well…… Portugal does not have the best track record. Casa Pia, does it ring a bell ?
Btw, the Portugal population has a lot ( above avarage ) retarded people. Stay nicely in your corrupted, poor, disorganised country.



In Portugal, more than 12,000 children are exposed to behaviour that affect their well-being, namely domestic violence, and this is the reason for a 30% of minors in danger.


Also, people in India, Bangladesh, Germany, Netherlands etc. already speak English.



I agree with everything you’ve said. I just don’t see much difference between Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, to be honest. All full of corruption and full of people who don’t value the sense of community, and a high number of emigration. Went on vacation to all these but would never consider to live in any of these. The problem is the culture, very hard to change and evolve. I wish you and your family all the best and that you can leave this trauma behind. Best regards

“Portugal is a very irritating place to live for so many different reasons.” If you sell a t-shirt with this all buy!

Lol yah, like a t-shirt or a medical alert bracelet that says “Lusophobic – exposure will lead to nervous breakdown”

You are a disonest mother fucker. Go play with your country flag. Most portuguese are hardworking, honest, honerable and trustable people. No one cares about you being stupid and a believer on fairy tales.

I think the author is right. And I know he is not alone. The majority of Portuguese people suffer from a superiority complex which is not backed-up by their actions. My 6 years in Portugal was the worst most agonizing years of my life.

They are frustrated and have an inferiority complex. And I can understand why.

Author’s note: I only allowed this creep’s response below, so readers know what awaits them in Portugal!

Bye bye. No one gives a shit. We don t care for your opinion. Who asked you to come.

The worrying thing is so many foreigners will go back to their own country with a terrible view of the Portuguese. It means Portuguese working abroad will suffer. I know many honest hardworking Portuguese, but after my experiences I would never trust one, employ one, rent to one. There are now so many Facebook and other sites with people describing their horrific experiences. There will be consequences. Karma.

i hope you get robbed again

I hope you get educated…
Run foreigner, run

Couldn’t read all that bull, but yes. By some of the text you seem kind of previliged and with something up your you know what.

This country can be some kind of a mess but, especially the judiciary system that REALLY needs a reform, but we have been fast growing and going our own way.

This is a country made of humble and hardworking people that only has a democracy for 50 years!

If you think Portuguese people are all that maybe it’s just your character that needs to be better.

Take your company somewhere else then 🤷 if you think you are all that. Good luck tho.

PoortugalScum don’t want to change, they marvel in their diabolical indulgences at the expense of the innocent. They are incapable of accepting responsibility for their barbaric and heretic behaviour. There is no hope for those who cannot see their own wrath and destruction.

This is what the Emiratis did in 30 years…


Mind you, the Emirates have a bit of oil to fuel their economy 🙂

On the other hand, there might be some good reasons for Portugal lacking any mineral resources worth exploiting…

Unfortunately the Portuguese economy is run by corrupt, passsive, old fashioned management style. They can learn a lot from the North Western European countries. But I think it will never change. It is a cultural thing. They will always stay poor.

So if it’s just the Judicial system that needs to be reformed, it therefore means everything is broken, right? As every part of a civilized society depends on the rule of law to be implemented and maintained. A country with a broken judicial system is essentially an ungoverned state, with criminals roaming the streets disguised as law abiding citizens. And that is the state of the country, a conglomeration of mafias and criminals with a lack of morals and remorse.

I don’t think it’s the author’s character at fault…I’ve seen and experienced the same kind of abusive and criminal reality.

There are some good hardworking and humble Portuguese, but they stay hidden and quiet (probably out of fear for their lives if they dare speak up about the atrocities).

I’m Portuguese living in the Netherlands for 10 years. I have mixed feelings with this text, I guess most of what you’re writing derives from your awful experience in Portugal, particularly the judiciary system which is undoubtedly a JOKE. Not only is full of loopholes but also has many appeals only accessible to corrupt and wealthy people. Nonetheless I don’t subscribe your general view on the people. Most of the Portuguese that go abroad integrate well and oftentimes are more hardworking and productive than the locals. I also saw many cases of deep sympathy with Portuguese. But you’re completely right on one point: Portuguese feel extreme envy with the success of other people, we are the only country in EU with a communist party in the Parliament. I wish you all the best.

Why did you leave Portugal?
(Bad economy)
Why is the economy bad?
(Good Portuguese leave the country)
Why is the government inviting foreigners to come live and work in Portugal?
(Because the bad Portuguese are corrupt and lazy and they need some people to pay their taxes)
Why are foreigners leaving Portugal?
(Because of the Portuguese people)

As a Portuguese, I agree with every single word written here.

Most of us have the same values as northern africans and arabs in general.

As a portuguese entrepreneur the only thing i can say is sorry and that you are not alone in this. My company has a warehouse that needed its entire roof to be replaced (entire structure also). Sadly we fell for one of these crooks and our story starts to be very similar to urs, he took the money to start the construction and puff, he disappeared. We filed a case in court. The case was dismissed because he said we was willing to give the money back. So far 2 years have passed and nothing. 35000€ including lawyer and justice fees down the drain. So even for us, portuguese people that are serious and want to do something of ourselves, suffer at the hands of this backward 3rd third world corrupt country. I hope you can find some peace and that somehow you can get ur money back

I feel sincere sorry for those Portuguese people who are good hearted and suffer from this corrupted, dishonest system in Portugal. It is a nightmere for many. My story is so ugly what I went through. I even wanted to go to the Portuguese newspapers but, after several attempts to reach a journalist I stopped. It simply does not fuction. If you have any advise for media to turn to, I will be greatfull. We should all go.

The only newspaper/tv channel that, sometimes, writes about this type of thing is correio da manhã and cmtv. And its funny because they, somehow (corrupt justice system and clerks), always have acess to classified information even Videos and transcripts of court interrogations. You can always try and send them an email with your story. Otherwise social media is pretty much the only you have to share what happened to you

Why isn’t this a more prominent topic in Portugal since there is so much injustice, the judiciary seems corrupted.There is even a wikepedia page about corruption in Portugal. Why are people not prostesting, why so passive ?

Why are the Good Portuguese people sooo quiet??
Why do you not care about the future of your country?
Is the corruption so horrendous and intertwined in daily life, that you don’t see a resolution?
Are the corrupt Portuguese so powerful that they endanger the live of those who speak up?


Thank you for sharing Thekid,
I’m really sorry to hear about your story.
I wish more good Portuguese people would come forward and speak about the bad things that happen in Portugal, and start demanding better (any and everything) for their own country.
I’ve mostly only seen Portuguese people deny it, look away, ignore it, pretend it doesn’t happen and worst of all, defend it.

Read the Book

“As causas do atraso português.”

By Nuno Palma

Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Manchester


Economic History, Economic Growth and Development, Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Political Economy

I wasn’t going to reply because… THAT MUCH STUPIDTY must imply you’re a troll. But given as you were so kind as to go into details then I must tell you that:

a) Amerdicans are the last ones that can talk about democracy, specially in Portugal or in Libya, or Lebanon, North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Laos, Italy, Nicaragua, Argentina, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Japan, Albania, Yugoslavia, Syria, Burma, China, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, Cambodia, Congo, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Angola, East-Timor, Poland Chad, USSR, Zaire, Ukraine, Kirghizstan, Georgia, Palestine, just to name a few the list as you well know is way bigger!!

b) talking about amerdicans and talking about crooks is the same. Ever since the founding fathers… So you best watch your tone because if stupidity were to kill you’d be long dead! And with you over 90% of the so called amerdicans which have a IQ lesser than a chicken.

c) had you and some like you a bit of humility and those things wouldn’t be happening to you. I know quite a few Americans that are in Portugal and they don’t intend to leave. Not because they have any issues with the law or with anyone but because they were just struck for the places and for the people!

a) wtf ?
b) wtf ?
c) wtf ?

According to what he’s saying, he’s EU citizen.

One thing Portugal is well recognized it’s by having excellent Psychiatric Medicine. I strong recommend you return for treatment!

When a bad experience turn into obsession and controls our life, turning into pure hate, reflects a deep state of a psychosis.

Wish you all the best and a soon recovery.

Pedro Melo,
Portugal is NOT well recognised for excellent Psychiatric Practice.
However, there is an exceptionally high number of treatment centres in comparison to the population.

According to the Psychiatric Mental Health Society of Portugal;

• More than a fifth of Portuguese people suffer from a psychiatric disorder (22.9%).

• Portugal is the second country with the highest prevalence of psychiatric diseases in Europe, being surpassed only by Northern Ireland (23.1%).


The first step towards recovery,
is admitting there is a problem.
Denial and Delusions of grandeur, are also considered as mental brakes from reality.

Portugal is the countr in the Eu with the largest number ( percentage ) of depression. I am not surprised. It is a drepressing country for reasons mentioned on this very good blog/site. It is corrupt, poor, vicious, evil and many more bad things. customer service does not exist. The food is a rough, not refined kitchen. The roads are horrible just like the drivers and they love it when you experience misery ( when you ‘re a foreigner of course ). Stay away from that dark place at the end corner of Europe.

I’m Portuguese, you can’t generalize that all Portuguese people are like this. I know a lot of decent people, including business owners, lawyers and normal people that care for their country, their neighbors, and community.

But, I have to agree with some points of your article.

People may not realize this because we are an EU country, but Portugal is a very poor country, a poor country that is still catching up with modern society. A lot of people, specially older generation with low education, resort to scams and schemes to make money. Because they know the legal system is slow and in some cases corrupt.

It doesn’t help that most people, the victims, don’t compliant, being afraid of retaliation, or just not being able to afford a lawyer. They also don’t know how to make a lot of “noise” to grab eyes on the case and make things move.

I’m serious, in your situation you should have started contacting newspapers and TV exposing the company, the scammers, the lawyers, and the judge. It’s the only way to get justice here.

I’m a 40 years old Portuguese living in Lisbon since I was born, and I’m done with this society, it doesn’t represent me or my values. And in the last 10 years it’s just getting worse.

I work two jobs in the IT industry, my wife is a dental hygienist. We make more than the average Portuguese income. Still, we have to live like a teenager who got his first job bagging groceries.

The cost of living doesn’t make sense, the housing market is broken, the tax environment rewards mediocrity and punishes entrepreneurship.

My wife and I will be leaving the country this year. And I know many that are planning to will do the same.

Portugal is not the Hell that you portray in your website, but it’s definitely not the dream place to come to live that many influencers pushes on social media.

All the best to you, good luck!

While I mostly believe you’re correct, I will disagree with the affirmation that “Portugal is a very poor country” and “needs to catch up with modern society”.

The first affirmation is something deeply, deeply ingrained, through at least two centuries of past history, in the minds of the Portuguese. And it’s rooted so deeply that the effort to see things as they really are requires decades of effort.

The reality is quite different. Portugal, the country, is among the top 40 out of 250+ countries. That’s by far not a “poor” country; according to the IMF, Portugal is classified as an “advanced economy”.

However, the Portuguese are, broadly speaking, poor. It’s just a question of inequality, really; we’re not the worst case in Europe (by far), but certainly not on the top of the list (where the Nordic countries shine). This means that most of the wealth is concentrated only in a few individuals

House prices have risen higher in Portugal than salaries — and this ratio has been among the worst in Europe. This, in turn, means less disposable income. Which also means that salaries may have risen, the average GDP per capita may have increased, but the average Portuguese pays more just for living in Portugal than any other European — and that means that what is left from the paycheck at the end of the month is much less than what the average European has.

Note a few things, though…

The problem of talking about “averages”, like the economists do, is that it hides a lot of things. As the old saying goes, if one person eats a chicken, and another doesn’t eat anything at all, on average, both have eaten half a chicken, which is not bad. However, in the hidden reality behind the number, one person will have starved to death (while the other might die of morbid obesity, but that’s another statistic).

When looking at the “average” salary or the “average” income per capita in Portugal, the numbers are not really bad. The trouble is that the very few at the top contribute to the biggest portion of the overall number. In most countries of Europe, the top 10% richest people own as much as the remaining 90%, a trend which has remained stable, although the top 1% have been increasing their wealth even more, at the cost of the bottom 90%. This is where those “averages” fail. If, in Portugal, the top 10% earn ten times as much as the top 10% on the other European countries, if the remaining 90% earn just half as much, then, on “average”, Portugal would fit in the “normal” part of the curve, i.e., not far from the middle-of-the-road, so to speak.

While the above claim is not really easy to factually substanciate, it’s easier to go for the disposable income instead. Even though the average Portuguese may earn about the same what other Europeans would earn in similar circumstances, they pay much more for their cost of living — mainly housing and related services, such as water, power, fuel, etc. — than other Europeans. In limit, we should consider the very low prices of food in general, and in most of the service industry (especially the food industry): these are already very low and with a tendency to become lower (minus inflation and other adjustments, that is), simply because the purchasing power is so low. But if you buy a sack of potatoes, it costs as much if you’re poor as if you’re rich, and you pay the same VAT on the same services. Proportionally, therefore, there are lots of ways where the Portuguese millionaires can enjoy even more their disposable income than their European counterparts. The lower the price of goods and services — which is what Portuguese afford to buy — the more and more disposable income for the rich. Therefore, they are not only able to earn much more (the 10x is my own number, not confirmed, just postulated), but with what they have, after paying everything, they will remain with much more to spend.

In conclusion: it’s not that Portugal is a “poor country”. It isn’t, not by far. It’s a cheap country — if you’re a millionaire. It’s possibly the cheapest country in Europe where you can live — if you’re a millionaire.

But for the rest of us, it means that the majority of us will live with far less than the “average” salary — which is skewed towards those who are already wealthy.

One might argue that the same happens throughout Europe and, indeed, the world. Well, we cannot generalise that far: it’s a common trend among the 40 top “advanced economies”, but not all of them have exactly the same ratios, as said. But on the “not-so-advanced” economies things are far, far, far worse, with very few making an active, honest effort to get better, mostly because they have no incentive for doing so.

(Sources: IMF; Statista; Eurostat — it’s all there, you just need a bit of patience to dig the numbers out)

Boa tarde Pedro,
You write ; ‘ I’m serious, in your situation you should have started contacting newspapers and TV exposing the company, the scammers, the lawyers, and the judge. It’s the only way to get justice here.’ I tried many many times to contact some newspapers in Portugal. Even that seems a problem. I called for more then 50 !! times to several. No one spoke proper English etc. When you can reccomend me a newspaper, a journalist I would be happy to contact him/her. Can’t tell you what nighmere I ve been through in Portugal. It was total horror ! Do you believe it will help to make a lot of noise via the media ? Please provide me a name of a newspaper / television program or anything. Obrigado.

“Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.”

He is correct about most things.

The state of the portuguese justice is a mirror of portuguese society.

Congratulations for the content… Portugal really is a shithole.
It is a safe house for thieves, corrupt people, alcoholics and drug addict antidepressants.
Everything you publish is the truth, portugal is a scum shithole.

I’m Portuguese.

Thanks for sharing your story, thats why more than 50% of just gradutates are leaving to any country but Poortugal, the system is rigged and most of the population are to blind to see, they only see the propaganda in the television and wont change their voting habits if vote at all, many of us still try to fight for what this country CAN BE, but theres just too many people just admiring instead of helping… everything you said is true, and if you recieve hate comments those are people that either benefit from the system or are so blind they cant see the system….
Sorry for your wasted years, best of luck anywhere besides this garbage rulled country!

Good. Don’t ever come back.

Who wants to come back to your corrupted poor country ? Young educated people leave your country. You know why? Because they are educated. They are smart. The rest stays in dark Portugal.

Least xenophobic “digital nomad”/”entrepreneur” ❤️ if you hadn’t failed back home, you wouldn’t have come in the first place

Dear giggling Portuguese,
Thank you for showing the general Portuguese level of empathy, delusion, education, arrogance and intelligence in one short comment.

Thankyou for sharing your story. So many details ring true in relating to your experience. It’s like that Netflix show “The Good Place”. Thanks to people like you coming forward we’re really beginning to see and understand that evil underbelly that was never far from our perceptions but hard to quantify as we walked beautiful beaches and mountains and observed blue skies most days. But that feeling was always there. I really admire your bravery and honesty wish you a huge lot of luck!

There are 4 relatively new Facebook sites describing the hell of Portugal. Portugal Propaganda etc. Many have tried to put in a link to this site, but Facebook does not like the name!!!

Newspapers are beginning to publish the truth.

But, you were the first to really publicise just how bad and how primitive Portugal is. Well done. So many people’s lives are being destroyed by the Portuguese propaganda machine. Enough is enough.

What are these 4 Facebook pages called?
I cannot find anything…

Look up Portugal Propaganda, Why leave Portugal, Portugal Uncensored, Portugal whats good and whats bad, and Algarve Property, Problems and Deceptions. I am sure I do not have all the names correct. I came off Facebook for a while. Some of the stories were just too upsetting.

If I had seen your site before I arrived 8 years ago I doubt I would have moved to Portugal. My life has been totally destroyed. I have a half built house, a dog killed, living in fear of my life at secret addresses. I am in the process of organising personal security during the time I have to finish the house and get the hell out. It is just all so primitive. Lives don’t matter. I have heard so many people use the same phrase “descended on like a pack of vultures”. That has been what it is like for me for 3 years.

Thank you. I agree with you. Portugal is extremely dangerous. We need to warn people. So many people’s lives are being destroyed. I regularly get calls from a tiny 80 American lady. Twice she has been punched by neighbours – once for asking to pick up after the dog outside her little house. The other time she was trying to get her husband with dementia out of the back of a cab – the people behind got angry that she was taking so long.

Previously, she was driven off the road by a truck. She broke her neck and almost had her foot amputated – she moved to another hospital and they saved it. The usual zoo in court. She ended up with I think it was around 10k in damages.

I could go on and on. My dogminder’s parents are living in her garden shed. The mother was attacked by her neighbour in her apartment block, so had to move out. Nothing was done.

It’s a total nightmare.

Is there a reason you can’t drop the extra “o” in Portugal? Because that way more people would see this blog.

I’m glad you got out of the mess.

First of all thanks for being honest and saying it like it is. I’ve been here since 2009 and really tried to find the good in these people , reading your horror stories makes me realise that it’s not only me that sees it how it really is . I’m even more convinced it’s my time to leave Portugal and go back to the Uk.

You re doing a great job.
Please keep this site in thr air forever and try to make it as big as you can. I have had a horrifying experience in Portugal. Cant go too much into details. I am still afraid, but the judiciary is rotten till the core. I have never seen a more unreliable vicious, toxic and evil population in my entire life. One day, I will reveal my story at your site. Thank you for having this site!

You can also join one of the new Facebook sites. People on them are beginning to communicate and provide practical assistance to each other.

Thankyou for your blog, I never knew others felt the same, I have been beating myself up for years thinking I was the problem feeling bad about how I felt towards the country and people.
That is how isolated me and my husband had become, a total contrast to our usual easy integration into other countries and communities.
You have been the spark catalyst to finally sell up and move on, and seriously saved my marriage
I thank you from my heart.
My story has echos of yours but not to the extreme of yours
I am sorry you and your wife went through this terrible time in life and hope you are both doing so much better and karma repays you in full if not double.
Best regards to you and your wife

“My own comments about Poortugal’s poor economy and the continued efforts by its elite class of wankers to indoctrinate the populace into superstitious beliefs is merely a critique of Portugal’s continuing corporatist regime” https://www.pedrasdelrei.org/blog/begin-forwarded-message

Hi, thank you for writing this all up. I’ve lived in Portugal for 5 years and as far as I can see it’s true that fraud is a way of life, unfortunately. I think the EU should insist on anti-corruption measures more assertively and rigorously – start with a functioning legal system and go from there. Although, I’m not sure if it could, or is allowed to, or would consider it worthwhile.

Are people aware of the general amnesty for serious crime that was granted after the Papal Visit and World Youth Day? Even the lawyers’ regulatory body will do nothing about lawyers’ criminal behaviour due to the amnesty. The same for doctors and other professionals, as one of my Portuguese friends discovered. It is absolutely bizarre. Portugal is a very primitive society. Life is cheap.


Here ☝🏻 the amnesty law is explained…
Go check…
It does not include serious crimes.

The challenge is to find an honest person in this country who follows the law…

They are using it to forgive serious crimes. The head of the Supreme Court said it was being used to forgive serious misbehaviour by judges. I saw it being used to forgive attempted blackmail and extortion.

“Serious misbehaviour by judges” is not “serious crime”.

Serious crimes are crimes commited against people’s integrity — murder, rape, aggression, and so forth.

Serious misbehaviour is… well, whatever the Order of Magistrates considers it to be 🙂 A slap on your hand and a word of “you naughty judge, you! now back to your bench and don’t sin again” is usually the remedy.

Attempted blackmail and extortion by lawyers, according to the Ordem, is a crime that was forgiven – even though extortion is regarded as a serious crime. The head of the Supreme Court commented last year on the serious offences committed by judges being forgiven.

I see the problem. Keep up the good work highlighting this corruption.

I noticed this blog is being shared now on quite a few Facebook sites etc. Well done.

Joke of the day. A Portuguese friend said to me “do you know why the Mafia don’t come to Portugal?”. Answer. “Because they would be robbed”.

Heh 🙂

Actually, Portugal’s organised crime has been in the hands of the Russian Mafia since the late 1990s. Local police forces didn’t even know how to tackle them and had to be trained elsewhere.

In Portugal, what you have most is so-called “unorganised crime”, which might be far less violent, but nevertheless destroys lives.

Not true. I know so many Portuguese people who have suffered violent crime. Domestic violence is endemic,for instance. Re organised crime – the Algarve alone is riddled with drug dealers of every nationality. Lisboa is a known major European port for human trafficking. This myth that Portugal is a safe country needs to go. If crime is not recorded there is no crime.

Portugal is more concerned about keeping up good appearances and keeping their statistics looking good, than actually addressing the wide spread crime epidemic in all areas.
They want to portray Portugal as safe and friendly so that foreigners will invest and tourists will come spend their money. It’s just another scam.
Portugal is not safe, nor friendly.
It is a Godless free-for-all.

I don’t know what happened to you but for sure your anger is out of control. You write “about me” and just deliver the same boundless sermon like everywhere in your text – them bad, them bad, them robbed me. I hope you get well soon.

He/she is 100% correct. The Portuguese are absolute savages. I have lived in multiple countries but nothing, nothing prepared me for the savagery of these people.

Lobo, The author is right. I have had the worst experiences in Portugal. It was a complete nightmere to live there. A primitive, corrupt country with many vicious people. This whole culture sucks. They should kicked out of the EU. Btw, I have lived in 5 different countries, Portugal was by far the worst.

Oh my God you are still on this page…Thank God!

First, I just woke up to the facts of who these portuscum are and honestly, your missive and literary style is the only thing that helps me laugh at my somewhat dire situation and the sheer collective retardation (and that is not a word I use lightly) of the portuscum.

These people are asinine and completely brain dead including those of the “law”… they are not atheistic but actually just open users of sorcery in my very humble opinion… they are a strange and very dirty brood of vipers.

I am also praying for their expulsion from the EU…after they have robbed you as a society, they love trying to act superior to you, as an American this is so laughable because they are so poor, filthy, and pathetic that even if I was on my last cent, they could never impress me with their ill-begotten gain and lewdness.

Thank you for telling the truth, it only makes sense after it happens to you but knowing the someone gets it is the best part about your work.

I am sorry about you €130k, I loathe that you lost six years to this mess- time is so much more valuable to me, lastly you are a great writer and very brave for telling the truth. I hope you are in an environment where know not to cough and spit dangerous respiratory illnesses on other people.

I just calculated the financial costs to me of the dire level of corruption I have been experiencing – €50,000, so far. I have been digging into my pension to pay these costs. That is before the psychological damage the Portuguese have done to me. I will never recover from the damage done.

Very good advice. Leave Portugal as soon as you can. I started off badly – cheated by an accountant. Got over that. Then all hell broke loose. I look forward to the day I can leave, never to return. The very worst time in my life has been in Portugal.

Thank you for exposing the thruth about Portugal. I am a Portuguese and I take your criticism seriously. I am flawed just like any of us here. By acknowledging this issue next to you a non-portuguese, I want to believe that I try to be more open minded than most people.

In order for you to try and make since on the mess we’re in I would like you to search a german historiannon youtube under the nsme Kraut. He describes very well and fairly the situation in Greece which as many paralels with our own.

Here is what I am talking about:

Although this guy also makes a good point:

So take what I write to you with a grain of salt.

I think that you drank the kool-aid and jumped in too fast into settling here. If the country is currently losing population and is constantly not growing according to EU data since ever, one should ask some questions. Of all the places you decided to invest in productive activity. That’s a big no-no. I’m surprised how naive you where.

Still what happened, happened. I understand your anger and you have my solidarity. I personally redpill any foreigner coming here on how bad everything is. I have tried to save a few people and explained how things run around here. We inherited a pretty nasty economic background named corporativism. It is so ingrained that hardly any competition or inovation pops up. To make things worse we rank 4th position in brain drain. The population is pretty old thus adverse to change. And believe me when I tell you that in the 50’s and 60’s there was real poverty. Not the type of poverty as in ‘oh man I can buy Elvis lattest albun.’ But poverty like real hunger and shoeless kids… something out of industrial revolution setting. Minus the factories.

Anyway I find it just a bit strange that you failed to do friends. As an autist I do realize that people here are quite horrible. Just to give you an example I was a virgin up until a few months ago, and I am 41. As a foreigner people see you as a cash cow because none of you end up staying. The racism you talk works like this. I’m going to describe the normie setup. You’re whiter than us come, give us the money, and then do whatever you want. You are darker than us leave because we know what dark people are like. The racism towards brazillians works precisely like this, plus they are seen as portuguese without any rules. Personally I see foreigners as being a good influence. I recall having picked up many good work pratices during my university years. I am an exception. Still to this day the contact with foreigners and more organized ways of doing things enabled me to give some very valid advice in work as well scold an employer wanting my experience while paying peanuts. I am am autist so bear with me. Even greater Lisbon is an exception. You just don’t know how bad everything is outside certain richer parts.

People have been so beaten up throughout the years that the selfishness you mention is self preservation mode. In a way the racism you denounce is a remnant of the national unity in it’s more primary form (ethno nationalism). Just to tell you how bad things are we’re losing population so bad that those avoid the taxes schemes to bring in rich people so the soycislists leech from them. This is just one scheme. Another one is to open up the borders to thd third world, thus flooding the EU with migrants. I personally denounced a portuguese law that went against the Schengen area laws. Our very corrupt elite wanted to make a visa free law enabling all portuguese speaking nations to allow free entry. Of corse Portugal is also a heaven for mugration mafias. There is a whole industry with SEF and industanisn mafias literally selling documents for as cheaply as 200€.

I would like to tell you so much things that me and a couple of us find so shamefull. I would also like to explain how honest people get crushed here, although I suspect that you already have a first hand knowledge of how things work. Still it was worse. Did you know that our constitution, explicitly prohibits nationalistic far right parties? So how does Chega exist? They simply contituted themselves as a normal generic party then they backstabbed the regime.

It’s the only one trying to change things and still it’s already being contaminated by the regime’s machine. Give it a few years. I would like to redpill your fellow countrymen, but in spite of living in Cascais in the nice area I never get to meet english at the games shop. I do have an idealized vision of England. Of a friendly nation. And I am aware that I am autist. I even worked for an English man once producing quantity surveying lists and I even explained him some secrets of the trade snd gave him valuable advice for him not to be ripped off by contractors. I beliebe he left, still how do yoh english here in Portugal become friends of portuguese. You seem to attract lots of crappy people. In my gaming event I assume that an inocuous event such as that would attract smart nerdy english. So far in three years only a very cringe politically correct canadian portuguese and an english south african popped up. I see certain aspects of your culture very valid to absorb specially in what concerns work culture snd organization. In nerdy events such as wargaming having english os also usefull :). I have doxxed myself enough, still I find pity that all the people who you meet see you as a cash cow. In the anglosphere becoming rich through merit and work is possible. Here you just make others richer. I am guilty to believe that if I meet a rich portuguese I assume that the money has no honest origins. I coukd have become corrupt since I am a construction professional, but I choose to sleep well. I agree that by fighting and accomplishing goals one finds happiness in life. I do have my goals and I feel the pain when you want to invest in machines and find mongoloids in your way. I have a university degree still I love learning and I wanted to set up shop in metal mechanics making engines or casting and milling metal. I feel that pain.

I still live with my parents. They are old and I have no State to count on but my family. Self preservation mode. Families are the last to go. I coukd have jumped ship, but I decided to stay and change things a bit. I most certainly will not accomplish anything palpable here, but the important thing is to try. I don’t vote for the local mafias, and even for this new oposition (chefa) I’m keeping my guard up. They will commit the same flaws that others did, but being funded by that milionaire in the States probably they will try to change somethings.

I still have some moral left in me to fight. I have to do it in hiding like a Resistance fighter. The last judge who tried to speak against control got sacked and his life destroyed. So anyone trying to make a change has to be carefull. This is going to take centuries. It took 30 years fir the elites to allow small parties into the parliement.

As an architect it is indeed a ugly urban landscape we have and I thank you for showing how bad everything is. I constantly bitch my professional order to bring topics into the public discussion that affects the everyday life of the citizen. I don’t even practice my profession, because the pay is hirrible and because I alreafy git burned in the city hall when I filled complaints on how retarded the institutions are. Autarchies are an adversary of the citizen, not a servant.

I would lke to invite you to fight alongside and don’t give up (and stay) but I don’t have any moral to. If you stayed long enough you would have seen some good. I suspect that your golden visa is ending. You probably will call me a loser for being who I am, and I understand that you are coming from a bad place. I can’t change that. Still I would like you to know that we as a people were worse than we are now and I pity that you allowed people to approach you that are shitty, still don’t judge the whole by the part… sorry the very tiny part by the whole. What a pity that you couldn’t have been better advised. I redpilled my friend Dorota Powtak from Poland for her not to call in foreigners unless they want to visit or stay living in the middle of nowhere where nobody bugs them or until fezes hit the fan.

Keep up the good work and sorry for me being crappy. Some of us do feel shame, I just wished you were better informed and actually knew people worth keeping in touch. But nah you know judges… and lawyers.

I do wish you could change the title of your blog to just Portugalscum.com. I am not sure why you cannot. I have seen your blog now being posted on various Facebook sites. Your blog serves as a warning to those people who come across it. All is not “wonderful” in Portugal and it is about time there is someone exposing the bad side to prevent more innocent victims believing the non stop “propaganda” littering the international audience. Keep up the good work.

Thank you still I wish you guys got to know the country and we’re you’re getting into before trying to do anything. Although I’m an autist i learned how to play by the local rules not without pain I might add. I pity that foreigners in general don’t try to truly know locals and ask opinions. Still like I said if you wanna come here and live in the middle of nowhere bugging bobody it’s a good place to do so. So good that the pineal cult is gaining tracktion living completly apart from everyone. So far a baby died and the law didn’t do a thing. 🙁

Hi i just found your blog and just wanted to say thank you so much for telling the truth!!! I share a similar story only it cost me six years of my life and 70000 EUR. Im sick of everyone coming here as visitors and telling me what are you talking about its such a wonderful place and the people are amazing. So really thank you for this 🙏

I am Portuguese myself, and, like to think i am one of the few good guys, currrently searching and looking forward to move, of course i don’t agree with everything, but mostly the author of this blog is correct, Portugal is one of the worst countries in Europe to live in, the reasons being, the portuguese character (or lack of) and the hierarchical power structures, i don’t even think Portugal should exist, it should be, as in the beginning, a part of Spain, the many problems the country as it’s precisely because it wanted to be independent, and because it had to differentiate from spain, it constructed a identity rooted in colonialism, hence the third world fondness and cultural aspects, it’s a North African/South American mentalitty in a European country.

But i do hope more blogs lor social media like these appear, because there is a lot of brainwashing and stupidity when one talks about Portugal.

That is what one journalist said to me – Portugal is a third world country pretending to be European!


Just casually found yours site searching for info about Portuguese mentality.. I recently met a guy online, we spoke for some time online and on videocalls and he seemed to be nice, although I saw some indications later on that he might have a angry temper, but anyway I decided to see him in person.

So when we met in person and I spent some time with him in Portugal I saw a lot of issues with his character, extreme narcissism, anger issues, disrespect towards me, pettiness, lots of severe red flag flaws to be honest. This is at the same time that the guy seemed to be an intelligent person, but morally he was.. like that. At the same time apparently he was unable to self-reflect and see how badly he was treating me and if I said any criticism he would just keep silent and never say sorry.

I was stupid enough to stay in touch with him later on to keep talking online, with him showing me more of his poor treatment towards me and as the last drop, he insulted my mother when we were discussing some information I’ve heard from her. So at that point I had to stop all communication because all possible limits of decency have been crossed. And that’s it for my short Portuguese story. I don’t think that all the people in the country are like that, but somehow I see that many people can be like that how you describe it here in this blog, that’s so bad as at first I was a bit charmed by this country, but I see it has quite many problems!

Good day,
Thank you for this site.

My story:
I dated a Portuguese guy for three years, abroad. He was the perfect guy. It was the best three years of my life. I was saving all my money to buy n home, as I do not have any family of my own nor a family house. I spent 12 years traveling the world, lived and worked in 4 different countries, with different languages and religions.
The perfect guy proposed, with the condition we’ll live in his country, to start a family and to make me part of his family, as I didn’t have one of my own.
So I spent my life savings on buying an apartment in Portugal.
As soon as I arrived, he turned into a monster. Gaslighting, insults, death treats, as he summoned me to court to get divorced.
I was absolutely destroyed, I didn’t understand what was happening.
He had left me in a place where I didn’t speak the language, therefore unable to get a job, without transport and without any support.
I didn’t understand what was happening to me, until my lawyer explained that he has taken my money and registered everything in his name! Obviously I did not hand over thousands of euros without insisting on a contract, however his lawyer was in on it and they managed to do it “legally”…
5 years have passed, in these 5 years I’m still stuck in this absolute cesspool of demons. I have managed to teach myself the language and am almost fluent. However in 3 and a half years of working, I have had 6 jobs, and every time they “just get rid of me”. In all of the jobs I have been bullied and ostracised. In two of the jobs I was physically pulled around by my arm. In another one I was physically attacked by another woman (luckily 3 guys held her back, as she tried to fight them off to get to me). Two other jobs I was screamed at so badly, I just start crying and rocking with my hands over my ears waiting for the rant to end (which only seemed to prolong the abuse, as they seemed to like the effect it had on me). In my last job, one employee told me “I’m going to make things so awkward for you, until you just leave”. I ignored him, so he kicked it up a notch to hitting me with his shoulder when I passed him in the hallways, swearing at me, and started smearing my name with lies. As I was out of options, I reported him for harassment and bullying. The director and manager simply replied “that’s not possible”.
I consequently lost my job, again.
Now I’m on unemployment, attending programs they have in place for all the foreigners looking for work (surprise, surprise). At one of these “presentation” I asked the presenter “If my employer told me: ‘Your work is great, we cannot find any flaw with your work, but you don’t fit in here’ Is that not discrimination?” He replied, without hesitation and absolute certainty “No”.
I’m still waiting for the courts to resolve the issue…
And in the meantime I have discovered that the lawyer I have hired is completely incompetent and only focussed on the money.
I’m absolutely destroyed, and at the end of my ropes.
I am filled with utter disgust and hate for the level of blatant Racism here, towards anyone who is not of Portuguese descent.
I have never been a negative person, I’m an Empath (a Portuguese Pig’s favourite meal).
I cannot believe I’m living in the year 2023, it feels like the middle ages.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my story.
I was horrified by your story, and I would like to extend my empathy towards you and your wife.

I think this website is an absolutely necessary platform for people to come together, and let the world know, what is really happening in this Godforsaken, Godless hellhole cesspool of abusive, ignorant, arrogant, racist bullies.

There are not enough adjectives in the world, to describe these children of Satan.
Portuguese are direct descendants of Satan himself.

Please pray for me 🙏🏻

Oh dear. I “did” 6 years with my Portuguese partner. That was enough. You have all my sympathy. I hope things improve for you. I have heard so many bad stories in relation to women who get involved with Portuguese men.

I have red your story with great disbelieve, although, I lived in Portugal for a while and my experiences ( which I cannot share here to protect myself ) were the most horrible ever in my entire life. I believe everything you wrote and I feel very sorry for what happend to you. The Portuguese people are ( not all of course but the majority ) horrible, they are vicious, toxic and evil. That is my experience of living in that backward country and yes : they are very racist as well. I wish you all the best and this site should become bigger and bigger.

Thank you for your supportive words Jens, I really appreciate it. My heart goes out to you as well, for the horrible time you went through.
It is truly soul destroying and life changing.
Nobody deserves to go through this persistent endless hell.
I wish you all the best, with a happy and prosperous future free from this hell.
Thank you again

Thank you very much for your support and empathy, it really does mean a great deal to me.
I believe you are doing very needed and necessary work through this website.
I applaud and respect the time you are dedicating to inform and warn other innocent uninformed future investors. I wish I had come across this site sooner, but like you, I’m sharing my story in the hopes that it may “save” other unsuspecting investors.
Thank you again, for your time, effort, empathy and support.
I wish you and your family all that is beautiful, harmonious, healthy and positive.
God bless you

Good evening,

I came across your site and I have to say that, even though all the experiences described are beyond comprehension and utterly inhumane, it is good to know that I am not the only person who experienced that Portugal is an absolute hellhole.

I have lived in different continents and have never in my life experienced this level of inhumane treatment. Not only that, I have never been ostracised like this before. The Portuguese have no interest in anyone else but themselves. It is appalling to enter everyday service institutions without any worries and leaving the same place by feeling completely cut down and shattered, because of the treatment of foreigners by Portuguese people. It is soul destroying the way foreigners are treated here.
I never expected such heartless, cold and utterly rude people. They are openly racist, have no respect for other people and It is mind boggling, demoralising and crazy-making.

I had a similar experience to the user “Please pray for me”. I dated a Portuguese man for 4 years ( not in Portugal). He also knew that I did not have parents anymore and wanted me to come live in Portugal to have a future together. It was the plan to relocate as soon as it was possible for me and I did. To cut a very long story short, he completely vanished and also left me stranded in this hellhole without speaking the language and without knowing any other people.
I spent thousands upon thousands, gave up my whole life, my family and friends and sold all my possessions to start a new life and future in Portugal with him.

In hindsight, I feel like he wanted me to suffer and break me by being so mean and cruel by disappearing into thin air. I felt as if someone had died unexpectedly, because there was no indication that he could vanish. No fight, no nothing. He just completely vanished. I literally went into shock and was mentally so drained, I could not get out of bed.

It took me months to uncover the truth. Turns out he lived a double life and everything he told and promised me were lies. Who knows, maybe even more women were tricked by him. I was destroyed when I found this out. Who does this to another human being ? After I had spent so much money and had such high hopes for a beautiful future. It is beyond comprehension how anybody could have lied so well all those years and would be so cruel to destroy my whole life. He clearly planned that he would just disappear. I have a lot of trauma because now, I don’t trust anyone anymore and most days I do not want to leave my apartment.

My time in Portugal has been the worst time of my life. I have been ignored, been overcharged, more money has been stolen, I have been misled by more people and the list goes on.

I never thought that something like this would happen to me ever… but it all happened and all because I trusted someone for 4 years who ended up being the biggest con artist, predator and sadist.

I also pray to leave this country soon and to live among normal civilised people with proper manners again.

In the European Union the following countries have banned GMOS: France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Malta, Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia. How about POORTUGAL?

Just wanted to say thank you for the content. I had lived in Portugal for about 3 years, and recently moved back to the UK. Honestly, I have never had worst experience with people like the one in Portugal… Just disgusting (And as EU citizen I had seen Brexit the first hand – still nothing in comparison to the twisted and hideous Portuguese mentality).

Great website, but it uncovers only 0.00001% of bullshit that’s going on in this shithole called POOR-2-GEESE or POOR-2-GIRL

Very true. My 7 years in Portugal have been hell on earth. The author describing his experience in court – so accurate. I had the same experience. The court room resembled a coffee bar – with all the lawyers chatting and laughing. As one person said to me – “how do you make a small fortune in Portugal – start off with a large one”!

My ex-lawyer a woman, on a pretend right of passage case without merit and 3 laws against it, but nevertheless accepted by the Judge, walked out of the court house to have coffee with the attorneys of the opposition. I was vomiting.

hahaha 🙂 That’s a good one, mate 🙂

I am a Mozambik born portuguese who lived over 45 years away from this scum, dishonest, corrupt , crooked country! You are 💯 percent right. Since 2 years I am living all you describe. I simply hate this country!!!!!

I live in Portugal (Azores) and have learned to live here and to take advantage of what this country has to offer, without robbing it or abusing it. And I pay my dues to it as well as I am careful not to become scammed or taken advantage of, but that does happen quite often still. There still are some nice people here as well.

Have no doubt, my house is for sale and my decision to leave is irreversible. Of course there are many good people in this country and being who I am, even the press would help. The challenge is, I cannot die and leave my wife and children dealing with this insane country. Please, go to ATP.com search Sergio Cruz bio or just search on google Sergio Cruz tennis and it will give you a better perspective on why I cannot accept this scoundrel behavior from the large majority of the Portuguese and their system. Sad.

I have a child in Portugal. Divorced. The child lives with the mother. I live in Scandinavia. Try to see my child. In the beginning I went to Coimbra to see him. After a flight and taxi, long journey. I came for a closed door. The mother was not home. She forgot. She was at the Algarve. I had booked three days. Did not see my son. No one help you. They say it is your own fault. When I ask why, they start to laugh. They hate people from Scandinavia, because of our good economy ? I tried to call my ex several times. She did not answer. She apped me : ‘I forgot’. She knew my address I stayed because wanted to be there some time with my son. She asked me for it. She called the landlord and told him that I was threathing her. He kicked me out after one day. Had to book a hotel for the rest in Comibra. Havn’t seen my son. Left after three days. Portugal is the worst country I have been ever.

I came to Portugal as an expat, from Lithuania (Lituanie). I have an income of my own, thus I am an expat, not an immigrant, and Lithuanian salaries are the same as in Portugal, or even higher. Portuguese thought I was German or Swedish, or Americain, mostly American, because we look American or German. And they respect me very much even after they’ve found out I was from Northeastern Europe, with its cold climate, they respect me very much and they told me Lithuania is a very good and wealthy country. I know there’s some crookery, incompetence, unreliability going on in Portugal, but we have learned to live with that and we can’t complain much. My main interest in the warm Portughuese climate and the exotic vieuws. Can’t complain too much, just enjoy. We’ve found many friends in Portugal too. Perhaps we are the ones who are lucky.

I have the dubious honour of being part of the fourth generation of a portuguese family that suffered so much malicious intent (alcoholics needing drink money, lawyers needing BMW money, property managers needing cocaine money, even the BRUXA DA ARRUDA) that they simply abandoned their assets in Portugal.

Today, I am looking at a summons letter threatening the inheritors (all SIX of us) of a three-story Lisbon property with jail time if the dilapidated roof collapses on the head of the squatters of 47 years. Let that sink in: squatters of 47 years.

I am troubled by the fact that this kind of harrowing experience is not unique to my situation. I deeply wanted to blame it on my own prejudice and expectations of a 21st century european society. I guess the Portuguese passive aggression has rubbed off on me. Dammit!

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Difficult to have to relive them, no doubt. Indeed a moral tragedy.

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Funny I stayed 3 years in VFX and man that place is depressing and full of corruption! After a very short time I only left my place to shop groceries or walk my dogs. Nothing else. The amount of trash on the hillside behind VFX dumped into the nature by construction companies is massive and I bet they charge their clients for “removing” the waste. The people Ive met there acting so nice have tried to rob me and when they couldnt do that tried to harm me in so many ways. And as I stated in my other comments I don’t take shit and am quick to get back at them. Its hilarious because apparently they are not used to that. And yeah, drug dealers peddling right out of their own (?) houses for years even in front of the police and citizens with no attempt to even hide it. Very strange. But I believe you should take matters in your own hand in your case. Take what belongs to you without permission. Its yours isnt it? So why ask for permission to live in your own house? Where I am from that’s what we do. Good luck nevertheless!

Gosh. Very stressful. I hope everything gets sorted for you. I am hoping to cut complete ties with Portugal very shortly. The last 2 years of my life have been horrendous. I have lived in many countries, but I have never experienced anything like the deceptions and corruption I see every day in Portugal. What a nightmare.

I remember losing my bag in the Lisbon Intl. Airport and I complained about it to a well dressed guy who was begging for money asking him whether he might have seen my bag. There are plenty of well off beggars in the Lisbon Airport. He responded that I should be robbed at all times since I did not give him any money when he asked (I did not have spare change at that moment but I was willing to buy him coffee and a sandwich). Later on I got some change and gave the beggar €1 and he completely changed his attitude and became very caring towards me. Then the airport cops found my bag in the cafeteria (where I left it and forgot since I have memory problems), with all the drinks and some cash missing from the bag. I suspect the cops cleaned my bag before returning it to me since the bag seems to have been sitting on a chair in a public cafeteria place where no one would dare to open it. I have read somewhere that among European capitals while they tested how many out of 12 “lost” wallets will be returned, in Helsinki they returned 11 out of 12, but in Lisbon just one wallet was returned… by a Scandinavian tourist.

Hey but I am not saying that Portugal is a bad country. There are wonderful people there as well, very very nice, friendly and polite ones and they make up for the bad apples in between.

Good grief.

All of this is true. I am having the most appalling time in Portugal. I find everyone devious and dishonest. The court system is a nightmare and the judges and lawyers appear to be completely corrupt. Portugal should not be in the EU

Why does Portugal have so many crooks and thieves? Not everyone is a crook and a thief, but quite overwhelmingly many. And why are the Portuguese so egoistic and selfish on average? Egoism in all spheres of life, from parking their cars in the middle of the road, to not helping stranded drivers on the road, to really really bad dentists, who schedule appointments and then reschedule and finally cancel their appointments just hours before the appointment begins, even to the patients in pain! Once in pain, I had dentist schedule appointment for me on the same day. After waiting for several hours the dentist’s secretary told me that she has already left the office for the night, but when I sent a friend to check out within minutes the dentist appeared to be working on her patient! Another dentist scheduled me for 2 months in advance, and yes, all 2 months I have been waiting in terrible pain! On the last day, after 2 months of excruciating waiting, the dentist called me and told me she just is unable to service me! I asked why and asked whether she can reschedule? She just dropped the phone on me. Then I went to a third dentist, who agreed to treat my teeth after 10 days of wait. After 10 days she started working on me… with her assistant, both without masks, with bad smell coming from their mouths… your females, but have unpleasant smell coming from their mouths. They did a root canal for me, for extra money. Root canal was done in 5 minutes and I knew and felt it wasn’t done properly. A month later the tooth simply exploded. After I called the dentist and asked to repair the badly done teeth or refund my money, she responded that I was stalking her and that she will report me to the police. I did not threaten her in any way.

I could tell many stories, but there were some stories of kindness as well. All in all I would say that the level of egoism is still higher in Portugal than in some other western democracies. Being polite and kind on the surface does not mean a person is going to treat you well in all situations.

There was a case when I purchased a car from a neighbour. They had a large family so I did not negotiate the price on Friday when we met. I could see that over the weekend the neighbour took the car somewhere for 2 days and returned it back on Sunday evening. I suspected that they have replaced all the better parts for old ones. Later on after purchasing it I realized that was the truth.

A year later I wanted to sell the car so I had some acquaintance bring me his car to swap cars with. I inspected his car and while I was just gently touching his car’s doors a big hole opened up in the bottom of the doors of his car. He got upset and left without swapping. That wasn’t my fault. I discovered his car was a lemon. Some weeks or months later he was working in my yard and all of a sudden once I started driving my car there were no brakes. I saw the break hoses were freshly cut and I understood who did it… then I was told that police won’t be of any help in that case and that I had to suck up the loss of several hundred euros and to keep in mind that the guy was trying to have me killed driving off the mountain without brakes.

On another occasion I’ve been drinking with a neighbour, who’s been knocking on my door at almost midnight and each time being kind and polite I would let him in and feed him food and drinks. He would open up my fridge and help himself in the fridge, kitchen and in the garden, he would walk anytime without asking my permission (typical behaviour in Portugal, or even in the entire western Europe), he would pick up the fruits and bring them back to the house and offer me as if they were his own fruits. I would say THANK YOU. OK; so one night we got drunk and he went for a smoke and I went out as well, and slipped on slippery stones and hit my head and nose onto the stones. I bled profusely and ran back into the house to wash my face and to check my broken nose out. The neighbour, instead of helping in any way or calling ambulance for me, he went and helped himself in my kitchen looking for money, coins anything of value, while I was lying in bed. What happened next you would understand why the Portuguese say they are PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. He gathered some branches and dried leaves and made a bonfire at my front door, burning down the mat and he clearly tried to burn my house down. I have never met anyone with this sick of a mind. Ever since I told him to stay clear of my property.

There are always some kind neighbours and some weird neighbours, but I would say most people are kind enough.

Portuguese people are very quick with accusing you of things ( which are redicilous and far from the truth ) and willl call the police. I ‘ve seen it once in a restaurant. A German couple complained about the people smoking next to their table. The Portuguese refused to put his cigarette away. Minutes later the GNR appeared. They had called the police and accused those Germans of threathing them. I was astonished, so were they. We paid and left the place.

But what has caused this psychopathy? I tell people Portugal is the most dangerous country in which I have lived. I am waiting until the day I can leave.

But Portugal is considered and reported to be one of the safest countries in the world somehow and how?