Wake up Europe! THE BIG SCAM – How Portugal is scamming the EU to feed the lavish lives of its corrupt

Portuguese democracy

Portugal is not a democracy, it is not even a country in the true civilized sense of the word. Portugal is in practical terms, nothing more than a criminal organization that is primarily focused on scamming and stealing EU taxpayers’ money (mine and your money if you are also a citizen of the European Union), besides the Portuguese taxpayers’ money, which they have always stolen and wasted, and most of the Portuguese don’t mind a bit, not only because they are very dumb, but also because most of the Portuguese population share exactly the same mindset as the crooks who steal from them, they think: “I wish I was the one getting that money…” or “If I were there, I would do the same…”, a Portuguese actually told me that. Stealing is part of the Portuguese culture and mentality.

It is not just the Portuguese government that is defrauding the EU, but all the State institutions (and not only) as a whole and in collusion with each other, which is the result of unfettered “social” corruption on a small and large scale, such as: Portuguese political parties, Portuguese councils and municipalities, the Portuguese magistracy and its despicable judges and prosecutors who fiercely protect the corrupt, Portuguese statistical companies that falsify data to please the EU, where the government is highly suspected of shamelessly paying off/compensate some international rating organizations to say very good but untrue things about Portugal, and basically every John Doe who might have the opportunity to get his/her dirty hands on a chunk of EU taxpayers’ money.

Sending money to Portugal has the same effect as turning on a tap in a plumbing system full of leaks. Millions of liters of water flood the pipes at the beginning, but only a few drops of water come out at the end. This means that the corrupt get the millions and the people and the economy get the cents.

There was a crooked Portuguese Prime Minister who said at an EU meeting in a very, very indignant way (pretending of course!) that it was “repugnant” that the Dutch Finance Minister would dare to ask for a totally legitimate supervision of our taxpayers 750 billion Euro coronavirus rescue fund. This humongous 750 billion euros comes out of our pockets as EU taxpayers, so of course it MUST be supervised, which of course is the last thing this corrupt Portuguese Prime Minister and his goons want. If the Portuguese government has nothing to hide, why are they so afraid of strict EU supervision? We perfectly know, because then they wouldn’t be able to steal the EU, simple as that.

This reaction of the Portuguese Prime Minister was so typical of a swindler, trying to appear and to mask the exact opposite of what he really is.
This Portuguese politician was totally desperate to get his and his greedy friends’ hands on our money.

As you read this, this huge bailout fund, paid for by EU taxpayers, in substantial part, is being avidly and methodically “legally” stolen by the corrupt and is not reaching and developing the very poor Portuguese economy, but instead is lining the pockets of many, many countless crooks.
After the European bailout was approved, the ecstatic Portuguese corrupt could not believe they had won the lottery so easily. They wasted no time in setting up bogus companies to compete in bogus public tenders where the winners are always awarded to themselves, the corrupt friends bogus companies with whom they happily share the EU money while at the same time mocking us all, the European suckers.

Fact: Legitimate companies very rarely have a chance to win public tenders. This is shameful corruption under the noses of the Portuguese.

Several buildings side by side in the Portuguese suburbs
The more the crooks and the corrupt steal, the poorer the Portuguese society becomes, but the very stupid Portuguese people in general seem to like it a lot, as they not only continue to vote for the same thieves of the country, but also admire them dearly. | The Real Portugal

There are thousands of Portuguese scams to steal EU money happening all the time throughout the Portuguese society. When most Portuguese smells money, it doesn’t matter who it belongs to, he/she just has to grab it if the opportunity arises, nothing else matters, it is in their DNA, so normal it is. Stealing Europe’s money doesn’t just mean stealing it, it also means squandering it, and the Portuguese are the world’s greatest experts at squandering public money.

The laws in Portugal (including EU and international ones) are deliberately “designed/skewed” to include a huge amount of loopholes, I mean REALLY full of loopholes, with more holes than a Swiss cheese, intended to protect the corrupt and criminals, especially in regards to financial crimes.
This means that corruption in Portugal is downright “LEGAL”, 99,9% of the time, as the laws are “designed” by these same corrupt politicians. And even when the corruption is deafening, the corrupt Portuguese judges just rules that it is “legal” after all. Life in Portugal, is indeed very easy for criminals.

Consulting companies “empresa de consultoria” are one of the favorite schemes employed by Portuguese corrupt to be able to steal unlimited amounts of money from the EU, since through these sham companies it is very easy to charge any amount on an invoice, regardless of whether something was actually provided by the sham company or not.

The Portuguese courts and their corrupt judges and prosecutors are a fundamental part of this exceedingly “lucrative” system, and the only thing they check is to make sure they are the first in line to receive their share of the cake quickly.

Portuguese courts like to condemn from time to time someone, always a much smaller player, to be sacrificed on the altar of justice, with the sole intention of first and foremost freeing the big corrupt from any trial and thus diverting attention (like a certain former Portuguese Prime Minister who stole and damaged the country to the tune of billions for coming generations and is completely free to live his luxurious lifestyle).

For every corrupt/thief convicted, there may be 1000 who are free from facing trial. This has also the intention to deceive the EU and make the world think that Portugal is relentless against corruption, which is the EXACT opposite of reality.

The Portuguese media don’t report much either, and when they do, only superficially, denying themselves the duty and the noble mission of every free press in the world, which is to be at the forefront of the defense of democracy and freedom of speech. Obviously, there is no democracy without free press. Once again in Portugal, and it is the rule, almost everything is NOT as it is expect to be, because the Portuguese media, for the most part, are a bunch of subservient cowards, just like the rest of the population, who don’t like nothing at all to talk about these “issues”, and when there is a rare honest and ethical Portuguese journalist that does, he/she is promptly silenced, fired or put on the shelf, by “superior orders” which is the same to say, Political Interference. Exactly!

I remember a female journalist of great integrity who relentlessly denounced the infamous corrupt Portuguese Prime Minister (when he was still in power) who stole and damaged the country to the tune of billions of Euros (and I say again, this beyond criminal person is free as a bird living in a luxury villa overlooking the ocean), she suffered a barbaric and disgusting condemnation from almost the entire Portuguese society from all walks of life for telling the truth! Did I mention that the Portuguese don’t like to hear the truth and honest people? Needless to say, this great journalist is now at home because no one hires her for the sole reason that she has ethics and she is a person of integrity! Something that is anathema to most Portuguese.

It’s frightening! Portugal acts exactly just like the former tyranny of the Soviet Union or any other dictatorship: Honest people are eliminated while the scum are rewarded and protected.

This is why the careers of the upright and infinitely more capable Portuguese people are systematically shelved to the detriment of the corrupt and mediocre, who are promoted and rewarded for their “good behavior” by the corrupt ruling class (politic and civil) with the sole intention of protecting and nurturing their fruitful criminal lives. This happens up to the highest levels of the hierarchy of State bodies, including the whole corrupt judicial system and obviously, it also happens within the civil society, including many journalists who are sold to power in order to “advance” their careers.

That’s why the good and best people in Portugal have no other option but to emigrate out of that stinky cesspit, while inversely, more and more scum pile up in Portugal, turning Portugal into a more vile, pestilent place to live in, year after year.

For the same “mentality” reasons that democracy doesn’t work in Africa, it doesn’t and will never work with Portuguese people either.

A clear example of the profound disloyalty of the Portuguese occurred when the Portuguese government blatantly lied and overstated the qualifications of its candidate for Portugal’s vacancy in the newly formed European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), created with the mission of fighting corruption.

No wonder the Portuguese crooks went into panic mode! The utter paradox of putting a Portuguese person (especially of the Portuguese government) in charge of fighting corruption!

Apartment building in Portugal
Block of flats in Portugal. This is how probably 95% of the Portuguese live, if not much worse. Everything is dirty and unkempt. This is the real face of Portugal. Very different from the tourist postcards, for sure. (Of course, there are also very nice, beautiful and modern apartments and houses, but these are only affordable by a very small minority of privileged people with salaries and wealth far above the Portuguese average.) | The Real Portugal

It is PURE MADNESS, and a moral crime to send any kind of money to this “country”. It only solidifies the rampant corruption and the unassumed dictatorship even more.

The Portuguese government very disrespectfully as well as very unusually rejected the choice of the European Advisory Council, which favored another Portuguese attorney candidate who, however, to the Portuguese government crooks, was too honest for their liking. This EU candidate had investigated a high-profile case involving the supply of fire-fighting equipment after deadly forest fires in which Socialist politicians were implicated. It could only be that! What it means is, because of these Portuguese crooks we got a corrupt puppet and a disqualified person in a rather important EU institution instead of a righteous person who was punished by the Portuguese corrupt for being exactly that, a person of integrity! This news was published all over Europe. The shame! Read more detailed information here and here. Next, you can see how the Spanish MP was so upset and outraged by these dirty deceitful maneuvers of the Portuguese politicians. Unfortunately, but understandably, because he doesn’t know the Portuguese mentality, he mentions that the Portuguese people don’t deserve this. It is just the opposite, the Portuguese love this kind of crooked politicians! Months later, the same slimy Portuguese Prime Minister was elected with an absolute majority! What does this say about the ethics of the Portuguese people? There is none, of course! See the video here.
By the way, it is very likely that the career of that righteous attorney has suffered a major setback. It’s so revolting!

Paying taxes in Portugal is literally giving your money to thieves. There are no real benefits and protection to your life and rights. Portugal gives you peanuts, it only demands from you without ever reciprocating, especially when you need it most.
In what depends on the Portuguese State, it is guaranteed that the Portuguese people, and whoever is unfortunate enough to live there, will have a miserable life.

Portugal will always be a perpetual beggar, with both hands outstretched, begging for EU money, YOUR money if you are an EU citizen.

Portugal will always be an eternal freeloader and a heavy burden on the EU and its citizens, dragging us all down.

Portugal is the only country I know that has received four bailouts in 40 years, ONE IN EVERY TEN YEARS! For nothing! Because it is still the same miserable cesspool. Where has all that money gone? It’s obvious!

Besides being a bottomless pit for our money, Portugal and its scandals are a huge embarrassment for the EU and a blow to its credibility, let’s face it.

The Portuguese don’t give a damn about Europeans, the EU or the world; in fact, they only joined the EU so that they could receive the endless free billions of euros directly from our pockets.

It’s only a matter of time before Portugal asks the EU for another multi-billion bailout, which again will come straight out of our paychecks, as always.

When I was in Portugal, I saw many construction sites being built or improved with EU funds, but very strangely, in many of them, from what I could see, the millions of euros advertised on the billboards were strikingly much higher than the amount of work actually carried out on site. I once saw the construction of a small dog park and some landscaping with trees and shrubs, something that could not possibly cost more than €200K, but still the billboard stated an investment of €2.5M (!?!) Impossible! It seems obvious that at least €2.3M were stolen, or there must be a really good explanation.
I have also witnessed the start of many constructions, financed by quite large millions from the EU, and then suddenly, for no reason, everything stopped and the works were abandoned indefinitely. Just one more of the infinite ways in which our money is being stolen by the Portuguese corrupt!

All supposedly democratic Portuguese institutions, including the judiciary system itself, end up acting as veritable crime organizations, violating democracy, acting with total impunity hidden behind a very convenient sovereignty that protects their countless criminals from EVER facing justice.

Public investment of a Portuguese municipality
I cannot believe that 2.5 million euros have been invested here! | The Real Portugal

Certainly, we would run less risk of our money being stolen if we sent it directly to some African countries than to Portugal, with no disrespect to the African nations.

Portugal will never contribute to the EU coffers and the Portuguese are not the least interested in doing so. Yuck! Work hard and honestly? Hell no! That is anathema to most Portuguese, it is much better to keep receiving the EU taxpayers dole forever.

It is time for the Europeans to start thinking about whether it is morally and democratically acceptable to continue sending our hard-earned money to that fake democracy of authorized thieves called Portugal, only for most of it to be stolen and criminally squandered by every crook and idiot laying on that “country”, and never to benefit the economy and the people for whom it was so generously intended for. Or if it is even right to have this “Venezuellish” slum inside the EU club. I FIRMLY don’t think so, because Portugal is a kind of geographical aberration, it is located at the corner of Europe, but its society and its people are inherently of a third world, even Medieval/Stone Age mentality, which is not compatible with EU values and above all with universal human and democratic values.

Money will NEVER, change mindsets, it will only fuel more corruption and make the problems much worse.
It doesn’t take a genius to see that pouring endless billions of euros into a corrupt country full of thieves will not bring anything positive to anyone but the thieves. So I ask, what do we gain from this perpetually stupid situation?
I’m not against EU funding, but I’m VERY, VERY STRONGLY against giving money to corrupt and thieving people.

Portugal should leave (or be expelled) from the EU because it is in practice a dictatorship ruled by criminals who cut through all layers of the conniving Portuguese society. Portugal could join the African Union (that is, if the AU wants them). Anyway, the theft of our money through billion-dollar EU handouts must stop IMMEDIATELY! Giving our hard-earned money to this Portuguese mafia is outrageous!

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


The real Portuguese flag
Portuguese Evolution

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The brothers, “RESPECTED LAWYERS” Pedro and Manuel Bourbon, sentenced to 25 years in prison in the ‘Braga Mafia’ case for the MURDER of businessman João Paulo Fernandes, whose body was dissolved in SULFURIC ACID, were officially expelled from the Bar Association.



And you are a fucking asshole, a shit head. Europe are full of crooks, starting with the leaders of European institutions. Open your eyes in richer countryes there are a lot more crooks, just open your eyes. Get out of this country

Sometimes during a lunch I would just show a finger to the Portuguese guys who sit behind the table with me and they would laugh like crazy just looking at my finger. It’s not that they are stupid, but they are natural people, easy to entertain. A good laugh is worth for health’s sake. So when they work at your place and steal some little things, it’s just they are kleptomaniacs and they don’t mean to hurt you. Yet most Luso workers usually they are honest, they don’t steal. But there are some who like to damage things on the site, if they don’t like you, or you have not given them what they asked, they may begin damaging things on your property. I can’t understand that kind of attitude though.