Punching a woman’s eardrum and hitting her with a nail-studded bat “is not particularly serious”, according to a Portuguese judge

The title says it all, so here we have another “spectacular” stone age ruling from a Portuguese judge, and he even has the nerve to quote the Bible in his ruling, saying “we can read in the Bible that the adulterous woman must be punished by death”. So what he meant implicitly was that his sentence was actually kind because what that woman really deserved was to die! I’m stunned!

Location of the event: Portugal
Year: 2019 (21st century)

The following article is a translation. You can find the link to the original website at the end of it.

Neto de Moura says that cases he has judged “are not particularly serious”. Remember the lawsuits.

The judge says he is “left-wing” in social terms and says he was a member of the Union of Communist Students.

Neto de Moura, the judge who decided to remove the electronic bracelet from a man who broke his wife’s eardrum with his punch and who gave suspended sentences to two men who attacked their partner with a nail club,

states that cases of domestic violence that has judged “not particularly serious”. In an interview with Expresso, the judge reiterates that it makes sense to quote the Bible to support rulings on attacks motivated by marital infidelity and says that he is “left-wing” in social terms, but “conservative” in customs.

“I am not sexist, nor misogynistic or cave-dwelling. I’m a very normal person, but I have some values that may not be the ones currently dominant. For me, marital fidelity is important. I don’t understand that two people are cheating”, emphasizes the judge.

Neto de Moura’s first controversial case was a case of domestic violence, in which the victim was attacked by her ex-husband and by the man with whom she had had an extramarital relationship (a relationship that led to the couple’s separation a few months before the attack). ). In June 2015,

after the woman was kidnapped by her ex-lover who asked her to resume their relationship, the man called the victim’s ex-husband to confront her together. In the attack, a “club” with nails was used.

Neto Moura decided to impose a suspended sentence on the two men, claiming that the woman’s adultery was a mitigating factor and cited a passage from the Bible in the ruling.

“Now, adultery by a woman is a very serious attack on the honor and dignity of a man. Societies exist in which adulterous women are the target of stoning to death.

In the Bible, we can read that an adulterous woman must be punished by death. It was not so long ago that the criminal law [of 1886] punished with a penalty little more than symbolic the man who, finding his wife in adultery, killed her in that act”, reads the ruling.

In mid-June last year, the magistrate had to decide on yet another case related to domestic violence. This time, the case was that of a husband and wife who lived in Matosinhos. According to what was proven in court, the man always mistreated his partner, even during pregnancy. Things got worse in the last five years of the relationship, with death threats, slaps and verbal attacks.

Until one day he punched her in the head several times, puncturing her eardrum.

The woman filed a complaint and at the time an electronic bracelet was applied to the defendant as a measure of coercion. Last summer the man was sentenced by a judge at the Matosinhos Court to a three-year suspended sentence for aggravated domestic violence, to pay 2500 euros to the victim for moral damages and attending an aggressor control program. He was also prohibited from approaching his ex-wife or contacting her in any way during this period of time. But Neto Moura decided to mitigate the sentence and removed the electronic bracelet that his first instance colleagues had applied to him to ensure that he would not approach the victim again.

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A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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