Portuguese are horrible people

Portuguese mentality

This article is not about the good Portuguese, albeit not more than 5%, as I perceive it and according to my empirical experience, but about the remaining 95% of crooks and idiots who, for a variety of reasons, turn life in Portugal a hell and a very dangerous and unhappy place to live in, with the real potential to destroy your life due to all the unbridled madness.

This article is about the experience of living in Portugal for several years, integrated and living in the country as if you were any other native citizen who needs the system and its people to make a living.
If you visit Portugal simply as a tourist, you will most likely have a very pleasant experience in contact with the Portuguese, who are generally very friendly people, but unfortunately most of the time this is nothing more than a mask that hides a very dark Portugal.

Portugal is what it is because the Portuguese are what they are.

Behind the facade of apparent normality, you will find out the worst way how horrible the Portuguese are if you live there long enough, bearing no resemblance to any other place in the world. Honestly, Portugal is a country of crooks and mentally deficient people. My nine years’ experience as an expat in Portugal has shown me how devious things can get. Deep down, the Portuguese are only happy when they see others suffering, and that doesn’t spare their own family members. They rejoice in the misfortune of others and even make jokes about it, this includes the detestable people of the law in Portugal, as happened to me.

When a Portuguese sees someone, no matter who, who has managed, for example, to buy a nice car, a nice house, whatever… The Portuguese won’t think something positive like: “good for him, if he can do it, so can I, as long as I work harder and smarter”. The wicked Portuguese will turn green with envy and will do everything to machinate that person (behind your back, of course, as the Portuguese are the most cowardly people I’ve ever seen, after all, all crooks are cowards) and it’s completely irrelevant whether it’s a relative or not, he/she will certainly dream every night that you have a very nasty accident with that beautiful new car that makes you so happy. Awful but true!

Portuguese really hate happy, successful people, because deep down they’re a bunch of losers.

One of the Portuguese’s favorite “sports” is to cowardly puncture the tires of their neighbor’s car, putting nails, screws, whatever behind the tires when no one sees them doing it. It happened to me, but unfortunately I only realized that something very suspicious was going on when I was punctured for the third time in the same month. As if that wasn’t enough, this bastard also loved to throw cigarette butts (from his window) at the top of my car, in a clear attempt to burn the paintwork, as there were always lots of cigarette butts very close to my car.

Cigarette butts thrown on Portuguese streets
Cigarette butts littering the streets. Portuguese streets are always full of garbage! | The Real Portugal

Life in Portugal feels like living in a sewer, mainly because of the sh*tty people who surround you and make your life a living hell when we need them most.
The best you can expect from Portuguese society and its people is absolute mediocrity. Portugal’s middle name should be mediocrity, and that’s already a compliment.

A Portuguese lawyer told me, in the most blasé way possible, that it’s normal to happen if the Portuguese judge suspects or knows that you have a nice car, a nice house, or whatever it is that he/she envies you, (not exactly those words, but the same meaning, referring to my particular case). So, because he/she has this grudge against you, this judge will destroy your life with a signature in a heartbeat and a big smile on his face. It’s extremely disturbing that, for these people, this is perfectly normal and acceptable, because they don’t even realize that there is something terribly disturbing and criminal about this behavior. These “judges” are committing a heinous crime by acquitting and protecting criminals on the basis of their personal prejudices. This is not normal! Precisely when society counts on and most needs a judge as a last and proper resort to live up to its highest moral standards and do its fundamental job of applying the law and protecting the innocent.
When you talk to a Portuguese person until you are blue in the face about these monstrous scandals that happen every day in the Portuguese justice system or about the corrupt and filthy Portuguese politicians who steal billions of euros from the pockets of Portuguese taxpayers and the European Union, the Portuguese just tighten their lips and look at you with a zombie face without any reaction, as if you were crazy for talking about this and stating the glaring (very dangerous) truth.

In Portugal, the abnormality is the normality, when it’s not a downright aberration.

Portuguese Christmas market
Typical Portuguese Christmas market. Not pretty and rather pauper. Can you feel the happiness in the air? | The Real Portugal

The Portuguese justice system is a monstrous fraud, which includes Portuguese lawyers, all of whom are chasing the most profitable Portuguese business ever, the victims business! The business of exploiting and robbing victims of their very last cent and drop of blood until there is nothing more left to take from them. In true democracies victims are protected and heard, but in Portugal they are just a commodity and a tremendously profitable one.

There is nothing more dangerous and nefarious than a Portuguese with power. Whatever position they hold, it will never be good for the people under them, generally speaking.

Portugal is, in practical terms, a dictatorship of crooks (and idiots), that is admired by the population who very sadly share the same objectives, truly is all a BIG SCAM, but they call themselves a democracy just to primarily continue cheating the EU, so that the EU can continue sending billions of euros in handouts to corrupt Portuguese to feed their luxurious lives with the hard-earned money of European taxpayers. Mine and yours, if you’re an EU citizen too.

In my nine wasted years in this horrible place called Poortugal, I was not able to make any friends, only acquaintances. The Portuguese are not people who can be trusted, not even banalities, because the more information they have about you, the more dangerous your life becomes, not necessarily physical, but in everything else, due to the Portuguese being very envious people and have many inferiority complexes. Even among them, there are no true friends, only self-interest (they are always backstabbing each other, including within their own families). Portuguese in general are very mean and toxic people to hang out with.
Without a doubt, most of the time there is a very negative and depressing aura of energy around the Portuguese when you get to know them better. It’s weird.

For most Portuguese, when they see an honest person, they think they’re stupid and won’t hesitate to take advantage of you.

When you need Portuguese people for something, most of the time you get screwed. Unfortunately, most foreigners find this out sooner or later.

Vandalized Chinese store in Portugal
Not even Chinese stores do well in Portugal. | The Real Portugal

Actually everywhere you look in Portugal is tremendously depressing; the dirty streets, the neglected buildings, the pauper shop windows, the cars falling apart… It’s really bad… (excluding the most touristic areas)

For the Portuguese, lying is as natural as breathing, it’s institutionalized. I was astonished when I witnessed that lying has no weight whatsoever, even in court, absolutely zero, much less if it’s the criminal or the public prosecutor who is lying.

In Portugal the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie, the more serious the matter the worse it is.

I am very convinced that most of the Portuguese don’t distinguish between right and wrong, there is no such thing has scruples, very seriously, they don’t really know the true meaning of the words: honesty, honor, ethics, morals, decency, truth, justice, friendship, reliability, loyalty, integrity, democracy, freedom of expression, rights and duties, citizenship, civility, community, shame… Very sadly, most of the Portuguese only know and take care of what is good for themselves. They have no moral values and are incapable of any kind of (not fake) empathy towards others. For many, their only value is; what’s yours is mine (whenever they get the chance).

Portugal is such a bad place and devoid of any trace of real human beings (i.e. empathy, justice, solidarity…), that even if you have money, you can never get any real help. In fact, if you have money, it’s even worse for you, because you keep suffering more and more from the problems and the monsters you meet along the way, including lawyers and the judicial system, who are only interested in taking any money you “still” have, for nothing, until you’re literally bankrupt, if you don’t get out in time.

Ironically, it’s when you’re at your happiest that you run the greatest risk of a financial catastrophe happening in your life, like a big fraud, because you let your guard down and they take advantage of your positive emotions. Be very careful, in Portugal they don’t hesitate for a second to take advantage of people’s happiness to literally destroy their lives straight away!

Portugal grinds up people’s lives!

It is impossible to be happy in Portugal, because nobody is and nobody wants to see you happy. The Portuguese are much more concerned with making the lives of others miserable than focusing on the happiness and success of their own lives. (sick!)

Definitely most Portuguese are swindlers, they just want your money! Be very, very careful if you give your money to a Portuguese, especially if it’s a large sum, take maximum precautions, but even so we’ll never know, because there is a great probability (compared to a developed country) that you’ll NEVER, EVER get it back! And if you go to a lawyer, (as is normal in any “normal” country, but you are in Poortugal), the Portuguese lawyer will just take advantage of your despair to also con you and take all your money to resolve nothing, then the court will also rob you by charging you exorbitant fees, taxes and after many and many years of humiliation, waiting and repeatedly paying exorbitant sums to crooked lawyers and fraudulent Portuguese courts all you get is an insulting, preposterous and inconsequential judicial sentence and the acquittal of the criminal in the most flagrant disregard for the law with a complementary smile from the Portuguese judge.
You will receive lots of “arquivamento” (which means dismissed/filed, your action wasn’t even accepted by the court). Note that every time you appeal the “arquivamento” you will have to pay the Portuguese lawyers and courts all over again. This is how the farcical Portuguese judicial system makes a fortune out of the despair of its victims in this truly horrible fake “country” called Portugal.

There is probably nothing more stupid and criminal in the world than a Portuguese judge.
In fact, the majority of Portuguese are not fit to be judges, public prosecutors, lawyers and politicians, as they are totally unqualified to perform these absolutely crucial functions in any real democracy, which requires acute intelligence, common sense and above all exceptional ethics and morals, the exact opposite of what the majority of Portuguese people are.

Actually, in my view, I don’t even think the Portuguese, for their own good, are qualified or deserve to own their own country. In fact, Portugal is so full of unpunished criminals and evil people, like nowhere else in the world, that if the world were totally just, that truly diabolical place should simply be dismantled for the good of humanity.

Portuguese society is poor because most Portuguese are crooks and they are crooks because they are stupid, since they are incapable of creating any kind of good and wealth and earning money honestly.

Private car sales park in Portugal
What you see most in Portugal are personal cars parked in any free space on the street for sale, but most of them are lemons, or even in a state of near scrap. (Mainly suburbs of big cities and most rest of the country) | The Real Portugal

The Portuguese often attribute everything that happens in their lives, including their own future, to God’s will. It’s actually a very lazy and convenient way of not taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions. Many of the most despicable and dishonest people are often the most pious ones, who go to church every Sunday and are always talking about Jesus, God and the Bible. They use the cloak of religion to hide their venom and their true selves (but not everyone is like that, of course).

The Portuguese population in general constantly mixes religion with witchcraft, which is a sure sign of primitive minds.

The Portuguese are the kind of people who, when they hear something (very) stupid, think it’s intelligent, and when they hear something intelligent (common sense) they think it’s stupid.

You cannot carry adult conversations with adults in Portugal, because in general, the Portuguese are extremely difficult people to engage in an intelligent and meaningful conversation with, since we hear so much drivel and stupidity that our brains just want to shut down to end the agony, or else we just have to resort to talking about silly things with them, which they seem to love. Portugal is also a very infantilized society.

It’s very difficult to be ourselves among the Portuguese, because they are intellectually and culturally very closed and inflexible people. What I mean is that they are extremely closed to the “outside” world and to other people who might think differently from them, and also because they are very basic people and don’t give a sh*t to the world and other cultures.

Portuguese street manhole cover expertise
Portuguese roads. No wonder that so many Portuguese cars run broken in Portugal. | The Real Portugal

The Portuguese hate to talk about serious matters, let alone criticize the decrepit state of their country, plagued by corruption, injustice and authorized thieves (to the point where Portuguese democracy has in fact been annulled, but no Portuguese realize it!), conversely, they also hate to hear anyone praise the advantages of other countries. How can they improve their thoroughly broken country if no one criticizes anything or is willing to learn from the good and bad examples of others?
This fear of being criticized and aversion to praising others boils down to deep feelings of envy and inferiority complexes.

If you want to know anything serious and “real” about Portugal, the very last person you should ask is a Portuguese.

On a side note; I never envy anything or anyone (it only diminishes us), the good things we see should always serve as a source of inspiration and learning to improve ourselves and our lives, in my opinion.

Among other things, happiness lies in finding a goal in life, and putting in as much effort as possible to achieve it, something you’ll never be able to successfully do in the extremely dysfunctional, evil and toxic Portugal, no matter what.

A group of Portuguese talking is most of the time like watching an endless chain reaction of unleashed stupidity.

The Portuguese are seriously ignorant, illiterate and narrow-minded, including, amazingly, university graduates (it seems that instead of a brain they have a stone in their head, since they can’t change their rusty middle-aged ideas). They are a people who neither have nor show interest or curiosity in anything more “complex” or “abstract”, but only in the little things of their petty lives and are only willing to learn what is strictly necessary in order to keep their jobs and not get fired. The Portuguese have no ambitions, no dreams, whatsoever! Just sad, empty, resigned and submissive minds and lives.

Which means that the Portuguese are exactly the perfect “docile” citizens to live under a dictatorship, because they don’t even care about it!

People without any kind of intellectual curiosity is a solid sign of low intelligence, and by the way a generalized degree of mental deficiency is clearly noticeable in some of the Portuguese population, if you’ve lived there for some time you’ll know what I’m talking about. For some reason Brazilians call the Portuguese dumb and make a lot of jokes about them. As far as I’m concerned, I can perfectly confirm this bottomless Portuguese dumbness.

I firmly believe, based on my horrendous experience, that, in general, the Portuguese are probably the stupidest people on the face of the earth.

Most Portuguese lack a real capacity for empathy, which is another sure sign of low intelligence and primitive minds, and which in itself is the cause of the Portuguese’s total lack of a sense of citizenship, i.e. caring for and respecting other citizens and not just selfishly looking after themselves, as the Portuguese do. Democracy is being aware that you are a citizen among other citizens who have the same rights and duties as you. That’s why democracy in Portugal is a TOTAL failure. The Portuguese have no sense of citizenship and because of that, evil has taken over their “democracy”.

All this coldness of the Portuguese, guided only by the most primal and animal instincts, which are not compatible with what makes us human and distinct from irrational animals, often makes us feel that we are dealing with an entire society of Stone Age people.

If we remain indifferent to the injustices and suffering of others, sooner or later we too will suffer the same fate. Democracy lives in each one of us and in the collective of the people, who must be active and vigilant citizens. When almost everyone constantly looks the other way, democracy dies and is SURELY taken over by criminals, as was the case in Portugal. And the great danger this poses for you is that the Portuguese don’t care or even comprehend what has happened to their country.

The guardians of democracy are not the politicians, they are the people. Politicians are just servants of the people.

In democratic terms, each individual is only as strong as the collective. When the collective is weak and lacks morals, decent people are in danger.

Potted plant full of cigarette butts at the entrance to a cafe in Portugal
Portuguese don’t know the difference between a garbage can and a plant pot: A plant pot full of garbage and cigarette butts at the entrance to a café in Portugal. The Portuguese are very slovenly, using a plant pot as if it were a garbage bin, and what’s even more incredible is that the café owners themselves don’t care about the image they convey to customers and don’t waste two minutes removing all this garbage from around the poor suffocated plant, or perhaps it’s not worth it because it’ll be full of garbage again in no time. | The Real Portugal

The Portuguese are only well when they are screwing/cheating each other.

Many Portuguese turn out to be “gente asquerosa” – truly obnoxious people.

In general, the Portuguese are rather gloomy people, many look unhealthy and aged, especially when they are over forty, in some localities they look very sad and miserable and strangely they seem to be always falling forward. Occasionally, but much more than I would have expected, I saw many dragging their feet and limping. I’ve never seen so many lame people in one country (except in a country at war). I don’t know, but this must be caused by the lousy Portuguese public hospitals, you can come out worse than you went in and sometimes in a black bag. Portuguese public hospitals can be slaughterhouses. Professionals are paid miserably, apart from the higher ranked ones, and work long hours without adequate rest, when there are even doctors available to assist you, but primarily due to a lot of incompetence and irresponsibility. The problem with Portuguese public hospitals is that most of the time there are no issues, I think, but the probability of things going (very) wrong is very high, compared to a developed country, due to many random and idiotic reasons. Portuguese hospitals are like casinos, but the prizes are maladies and death.

When you walk through the Portuguese suburbs and look around, you see so much misery, of all kinds, stamped on people’s faces, buildings and surroundings. This is the life that probably 95% of the Portuguese have.

Very poor Portuguese suburbs
When you see such profound misery, it is a clear sign that there is something very wrong and sick with this society and its people. (Of course, there are also very nice, beautiful and modern apartments and houses, but these are only affordable by a very small minority of privileged people with salaries and wealth far above the Portuguese average.) | The Real Portugal

Many Portuguese have a very strange way of greeting each other. In any country we say something like: “Hello! How are you?” and the other person replies something like: “I’m fine, thank you!”. In Portugal it’s different, we say; “Hello! How are you?” and many (not all) reply; “Vou andando…” which translates into something like; “I’m dragging myself…” and if we say we’re fine like; “Esta tudo biem!” they look at us with a disappointed face, because they expect us to reply something even worse like; “I’m bursting with arthritis pain!”, so they can fell happy for the rest of the day.

Once I was in a Portuguese post office and while the employee was assisting me, taking too long as she was in the middle of a lengthy conversation with two other colleagues, and then to my astonishment, I heard her saying to her colleagues “It’s a good thing that I’m getting old, this way I’m closer to retire” (a woman maybe only in her late forties, a young person in my view). Wow! This perfectly mirrors the “fighting spirit” of the Portuguese people (sarc). Is it possible to be more defeatist, you can change job, you can change country, you can change everything if you really mind it, but giving up on living? No wonder Portugal is what it is…

In addition, the Portuguese, in general, are also very lazy and incompetent, and it doesn’t matter if he/she’s a bricklayer or a lawyer. In this respect, I’ve discovered that, deep down, the Portuguese are mentally very similar, the only thing that changes is the title of the profession.
They say this proverb and then laugh “Não é para fazer, é para se fazendo”, roughly translating – It’s not to do, it’s to keep doing and keep doing and keep doing… (so without ever finishing the task). They also have another saying: “Lei do menos esforso” The law of least effort. So, this “culture” and lack of work ethic explains very well why Portugal is such a backward and eternally postponed country.

In general, Portugal is a country of losers and very envious people. Portuguese are also notoriously passive-aggressive people.
Many Portuguese are also holders of an icy cruelty, in any of its forms.

Compared to developed countries, Portuguese roads can be (very) dangerous, so it’s very prudent to drive defensively and very alert when driving in Portugal, because there are too many Portuguese drivers who are idiots on wheels and there is a general lack of civility. Only by driving defensively have I avoided many accidents, some of which could even have been perhaps fatal, additionally if you have an accident the insurance company will send you straight to court, which you will certainly lose, after spending a fortune and trashing at least a decade of your life.

Many Portuguese drive too fast and recklessly or too slow and foolishly.

Also be very careful when crossing crosswalks. Before crossing, make sure the car really stops, otherwise you could be hit by a car. I’ve seen a lot of near misses!

Mandatory payment under extortion to street car valets in Portugal
Any place that has a parking meter is sure to have a leech waiting to extort money from you under the threat of scratching your car when you leave. Obviously, the Portuguese police don’t give a damn, so they’re always at ease to extort you. | The Real Portugal

If a Portuguese is lucky enough to have a better salary, many will turn into futile and outrageous human beings, empty shells covered in brands and accessories. This type of person lives only on appearances, sustained by huge credit card debts. They don’t know that it’s not the outside that counts, but the inside (a cliché, but very true). This type of person needs all this paraphernalia to validate themselves. Just because they wear brands, they automatically think they’re better than everyone else. They measure themselves by the number of brands they display and not by their intrinsic value as human beings. Don’t get me wrong, I love good things and good quality/price brands, but those things don’t define me, of course.
I’ve also witnessed a couple throwing away, with frightening regularity, almost new items such as (good quality) clothes, shoes, bags, etc. and then going on a shopping spree to buy them all again, just for the sake of buying more stuff, but what frightened me the most was seeing these sick people criminally throwing supermarket bags full of unopened food packaging in perfect condition into the garbage bin! (However, I don’t believe this is a common occurrence though, it was just one couple I saw doing it).

Portuguese are a mixture of meanness and mental retardation (which is not perceptible at first sight), and that is the root of all the evils that happen in this fake country.
It’s not the country that makes the people, it’s the people who make a country. That’s why Portugal is a sh*thole, because most Portuguese are sh*tty human beings. I consider meanness to be a defect of nature, so most Portuguese are born defective.

I sometimes use the “heavy” words, mental deficiency to describe some Portuguese people because, honestly, there is no other way to properly describe the extremely disconcerting, disturbing and bizarre behavior of many of them, their continually preposterous and bizarre responses to serious issues, their boundless rudeness (it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, the level of rudeness, impudence, contempt and shocking lack of respect can be staggering and so infuriating and comes from where you least expect it), and especially their total lack of empathy, not human. Of course, it can’t just be plain stupidity, it has to be something else that comes from their (defective) genetics! There’s definitely something very wrong with the Portuguese people’s heads. (These aspects reveal themselves above all when you need them most, in serious situations (i.e. happened with some of my lawyers), or when you’ve known them for a while, and not necessarily in casual situations). However, the total absence of empathy of the Portuguese people in general is innate, very profound and chilling (and above all not human).

It’s well known that there has been a lot of inbreeding and alcohol abuse from the beginning of Portuguese history to the present day, starting in the villages and reaching the big cities in the poorest areas, and that it takes place within the family secret (it also happens with animals, but that’s another story), and as frightening as it is, it is still very common among the poorest people for Portuguese children to consume alcohol, provided by their OWN parents and relatives, something they call “sopa do cavalo cansado” – a very toxic mixture of bread and alcohol (more alcohol than bread) that is given to children out of gross negligence, laziness and sheer ignorance, which has obviously seriously deteriorated Portuguese genetics and continues to do so.

The Portuguese are very racist towards Europeans and Americans. Their country is an utterly dysfunctional and undemocratic society (its state institutions are a veritable fraud posing as a democracy), but they like to shout that Portugal is one of the best and the greatest country to live (during Euro 2021, there was a very awkward and embarrassing campaign in all Portuguese media stating the following: “We are Giants! We are Huge! We are the Best!”. Is it possible to be more pathetic?! An eternal bankrupt country always with outstretched hands perpetually living off other people’s generosity and money! Really!? How can you be great if you live permanently on the dole? On the other hand, they love to badmouth Europeans and Americans, which only reveals their sheer ignorance, stupidity and inferiority complexes. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be great, quite the opposite, but you have to work for it, right?! And it clearly doesn’t help to live perpetually on other countries’ dole.

Only when you, Portuguese people, start giving to others will you be able to say, if you like, that you are a great country. However, when you are REALLY great, you are also modest.

Unfortunately, the only thing in which Portugal is indisputably the best in the whole world is in crookery and mediocrity!

Portuguese people mindset
The overwhelming majority of the Portuguese population has this mindset, because they are people without any humanity towards others and are only centred on themselves and their most primal instincts and, in general, Portuguese are also people who are very poorly adapted to today’s modern world in every respect. | The Real Portugal

The Portuguese are probably the most cowardly and spineless people in the world, as they would rather bury their heads in the sand than fight and claw back their country from the criminals who have usurped their democracy. However, this will never happen because for most of them it is: “If I could I would do the same”, “Too bad it’s not me”, and so on… There are no MEN and WOMEN in Portugal with capital letters.

In Portugal, it’s not a question of us (the good guys) against them (the bad guys), because in the end the crooked mentality and lack of morals are common to all.

Portuguese actually admire dishonest people. We hear people say all the time that the scum are very intelligent and sophisticated, but they never call them corrupt, crooks or thieves. It’s as if there are no bad people in Portugal!
They even defend them, including journalists and commentators on television and in the media in general (literally or by not speaking the all truth). Only a crook and an idiot could say that another crook is clever and sophisticated, but not a crook. (What’s clever about taking other people’s money?) Your lawyer, whom you pay dearly, will tell you the same thing and even find it very funny! Portuguese people are insane!

The only thing that makes us being us, is our integrity, without it we are nothing.

Moreover, it’s very easy to be a con artist in Portugal. Even a monkey could be, all the thief has to do is simply keep other people’s money for whatever pretext (it doesn’t even have to be a scheme, it can indeed be any kind of legitimate business), and it’s absolutely certain that nothing will happen to the thief under the law, on the contrary, the thief will be protected tooth and nail by the Portuguese dictatorial “inJustice” system. Be also very aware that all the supposedly “legal” documents and contracts are of no “real” use and they don’t grant any “real” protection in Portugal, so, in case you are defrauded, you are automatically screwed FOREVER, 99.9% of the time!

You can’t trust anything or any amount in Portugal that you can’t afford to lose, because when you’re robbed it’s definitive, there’s no safety net, it’s all fake.

In Portugal it’s not; you were unlucky to be scammed, it’s more like, you were lucky not to be scammed.

The truth is that literally ANY and EVERY legal business in Portugal can be a long-standing authorized scam protected by the law, and no one is going to warn you and it’s not even written down anywhere!

In Portugal, when you’re swindled, you can’t even say you’ve been robbed by a crook, because according to the authorities you’re defaming the honor of an honorable person, and you’ll pay dearly for that sin. The only name I can call such a place is the land of Satan. Portugal is the land of Satan without a doubt! Run away as fast as you can!

So, almost everything in Portugal turns out to be a scam, in a way or another, starting with the very concept of Portugal as a developed and democratic “country”, which is a very dangerous scam and a total lie that will trap your life.

Most Portuguese are like the low cost version of a person: faulty and totally unreliable.

The Portuguese people remind me of an Italian movie from the 80s “Ugly, Dirty and Bad”, but without being funny.

The majority of the Portuguese population is communist to some degree, even those who vote for mainstream political parties are full of communist “ideals”. Most civil servants are affiliated to Portuguese Communist parties (yes, there are so many “flavors” of Communist parties in Portugal, even the Green party, which in Portugal is not a genuine, independent Green party at all, but just a proxy of the Portuguese Communist party).
There’s even a communist party every year! The TV channels and all the Portuguese media talk about it ad nauseam for several weeks and, until this communist party is over, they are always in the TV! Even the comedians in Portugal are communists! (You just want to run away as fast as possible!)

Although, I’m not talking about normal leftist parties, I’m talking about extreme left-wing parties that practice the abominable, genocidal and very dangerous doctrine of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism. Only in retarded Portugal…

I’ve never seen so many communist sickles in my life, they’re all over the streets on posters and billboards. Anyone who doesn’t know better, it seems that you have been transported to the former Soviet Union. There’s no doubt that the communist doctrine fits as a glove with the deviant personality traits of most Portuguese (lack of character, envy, malice, losers…).

However, I must say that Portugal is an amalgamation of corrupt and crooks everywhere, so politically it’s all the same, even if there are one or two parties on the fringes of politics that may or may not be different. As a whole, I should say that there are no good or bad political parties, because they are all nauseatingly bad and corrupt to the bone, but that doesn’t mean that individually there aren’t people of integrity in all parties, which sooner or later are invariably silenced and marginalized by the overwhelming majority of sleazy crooks and cowards inside the party machines. Deep down, this is how the whole of Portuguese society works, the bad constantly drives out the good.

If you watch some Portuguese national television channels and can bear the pain in your brain, you will see that the Portuguese watch and adore news and pseudo-debates all day long about their corrupt and filthy football system and its crooks, including petty things like what the corrupt club president and other crooks ate for breakfast or how they are spending their vacations, and the same goes for the thieving Portuguese corrupt politicians and mafia bankers who have stolen billions from the Portuguese and are never arrested. They watch television programs with sly presenters and pseudo-comedians who make you cringe, with audiences populated by people who don’t even know how to clap, when they clap, they raise their elbows in the air as if they were about to take off.

How Recycling Is Done In Portugal
A Portuguese woman once told me “they don’t pay me to recycle”. Now I know what she meant! | The Real Portugal

There is an absolutely promiscuous and corrupt relationship between Portuguese politics, football, banks and the Portuguese courts and its judges ensuring that these crooks are all well protected by the “law”. They all help each other getting richer and richer at the expense of the Portuguese and the EU taxpayers and the Portuguese becoming poorer and poorer, but the Portuguese population is so unbelievable stupid, that don’t even realize that it is their money that is being stolen, including the EU money, that is supposed to be smartly and rationally invested in their economy so that the Portuguese can have a better quality of life, instead they are increasingly getting poorer and poorer. As I said, they admire those who steal from them! If you ask any Portuguese, it seems that in Portugal there are no thieves, corrupt and crooks, but instead there are only very smart guys! And they even think it’s all very funny and they laugh about it! Hence the innate mental deficiency and ingrained dishonesty.

For most Portuguese, a crook is seen as an intelligent person and an honest person is seen as a stupid person (and of course, a potential prey).

There is no doubt that the majority of Portuguese exhibit all the psychological traits of sociopaths (i.e. using/manipulating others for their own benefit, a total lack of human feelings, as well as utter contempt for the suffering of others).

A Portuguese once told me, in a casual conversation, about State spending; “o dinheiros deles” which means “their money”. Unbelievable! This Portuguese doesn’t even know what taxes are and that there is no such thing as “THEIR money!” it is “OUR money!”, the taxpayers’ money. With citizens of this caliber, no wonder Poortugal is such a mess!

The corrupt politicians, in fact, are the ones who are repeatedly elected by the Portuguese. The more corrupt and loathsome they are, the more chance they have of being elected. As happens all the time!
Therefore, Portugal’s problems come from the root, from the population to the elites, and not the other way around. The corrupt elites are just a mirror of the Portuguese population mindset, in the end most of them are just competing for a chance to steal too. It’s a never-ending cycle that feeds from the bottom up.

The most corrupt Portuguese prime minister ever (at least as far as I know), who stole and damaged the country to the tune of billions of euros, directly and indirectly for coming generations (but we’ll never know the real figure), has been elected twice in a row (and I’m sure that if he were to run again today, the very dumb Portuguese would mostly vote for this piece of trash again!) Needless to say, this criminal is completely free, living in a luxurious villa by the sea and anyone can see him jogging carefree through the streets and (amazingly!) signing autographs and posing for selfies with the very idiotic and dishonest Portuguese population who treat him like a rock star instead of the scumbag he is, who stole the country and themselves and put the country into bankruptcy, which then had to be saved once again with other people’s money, this time through the Troika (basically EU and US money, the money from OUR pockets (once again)!).
This criminal, like so many other countless abominable Portuguese thieves, both political and civilian, are not imprisoned or even tried for their real crimes, but are only tried (when they are) for insignificant things in completely mock trials, which invariably end up in nothing (just like a dictatorship, which it is!).

This criminal, if he were in the United States or another EU country, would already be sentenced probably to at least 10 life sentences! But in Portugal he is a rock star! Need I say more about the Portuguese people total lack of morals?!

Portugal produces no relevant wealth of any kind and contributes absolutely zero (in the grand scheme) to the progress of humanity (e.g. science, technology, arts…). This is due to the fact that practically the entire Portuguese economy and society is based on deceit, fraud, theft, corruption, nepotism, connivance and lies. This is what the Portuguese feed on.

An “economy” like this is absolutely unsustainable, because it produces no value and only takes (steals).

While the world in general is on the verge of, or has already entered, an unprecedented era of exponential technological and human development, Portugal is a sinking boat with many holes, that has reached the point of no return!

If the advancement of humanity depended on Portuguese society, we would all still be digging potatoes. However, true European countries of similar size and smaller have always contributed and continue to contribute immensely to the progress of humanity (e.g. Switzerland, Denmark, and so on). While Portugal produces mostly shitty people with two neurons.

Portugal is a diabolical country that most likely will seriously traumatize you if you don’t realize it and get out in time. Fortunately, that’s what this website is for, to warn people of the danger they are in.

Only integrity, brains and hard work make life and civilization evolve. In Portugal there is none, quite the opposite.

Basically in Portugal we live surrounded by a dreadful society made up of crooks and profoundly imbecile people, making it impossible to have a pleasant and productive life there, more like living in a mixture of a madhouse and an open sewer (humanly speaking).

Intelligent people build value, while stupid people steal and cheat, which is why in Portugal almost everyone is a fraudster.

There was a car dealership owner who once told me, to my greatest shock, that “this prime minister has only stolen some money, but he hasn’t hurt anyone”. Hasn’t hurt anyone?! Of course not, he and his friends simply stole and damaged the country to the tune of innumerable billions of euros through corrupt contracts! But even if he had stolen 100 euros, it would be a crime that indicated that he was not a trustworthy person, and therefore, evidently, could not continue to exercise the functions of Prime Minister of Portugal. I really can’t understand and classify this kind of reaction, which is very typical of the Portuguese. It certainly reveals a mixture of mental deficiency and deep-rooted dishonesty. Imagine what it would be like to buy a car from this imbecile as well of course, a crook.

If you listen to, or even worse, watch Portuguese popular music (música pimba), almost all of it will cause you excruciating brain pain, yet most Portuguese people love it. That explains a lot!

There are no perfect countries, far from it, and of course there are people like this in every country, but the big difference is that in Portugal it’s endemic, it’s the norm, the proportion of bad people to good people is completely inverted in Portugal compared to a developed country, from my empirical experience, approximately 95% of Portuguese manifest some degree of these very serious character flaws, and therefore only around 5% of the population is good, honest and who really care about the dire situation, but very unfortunately totally powerless to change anything against such overwhelming majority of bad and useful idiots. Of course, not all of the 95% are crooks, but they are simpletons and disinterested people, which contributes to the problem in the same way, because they let everything happen under their noses and don’t know or even care about claiming their rights and using their vote to their advantage (i.e. punishing corrupt politicians and fighting injustice). These people exhibit all the characteristics of the numb, uncritical and submissive citizens of a third-world dictatorship country, but with some very perverse quirks so typical of the Portuguese population, which is why when you arrive in Portugal you are in for a big shock (this is, when you leave the tourist circuit) you’ll think you’ve fallen out of Europe, indeed truly you have, many places in Portugal seem like an extension of Morocco, perhaps even half of the Portuguese population looks North African to me (which, of course, I’m not referring to as a good or bad thing, it’s just a personal observation, but I’m making it clear so as not to be misunderstood), and of course people’s appearance is totally irrelevant, what matters is their integrity.

Qualities of the Portuguese: Very unfortunately I can’t think of any, but they are generally very friendly in the tourism sector, or in casual conversations, unfortunately this is all superficial, because when you (really) need them and the system you only have problems that can become very dangerous, as was the case with me, although I can mention that the food is really good, at least for my taste, but only if you are lucky enough to know the very few good restaurants, because there are also a lot of scams and mediocrity in the catering sector like, not surprisingly, everything else in Portugal.

I’ve also had occasional encounters with helpful, competent and polite Portuguese, but that only confirms the rule.

So, of course it’s not all bad in Portugal, there are many positive and pleasant aspects, but unfortunately in the face of everything that is very bad and the big picture, these positive things end up being totally irrelevant. Portugal could be splendid, but without the Portuguese people (i.e. the general crookedness and callousness of 95% of the population).

Portugal is not the beaches, Portugal is the Portuguese people.

However, in the end what makes a Portuguese is not the place where he/she was born, but rather having a so typical Portuguese “twisted” evil and callous mentality.

So, obviously there are decent, honest, hard-working, very intelligent and competent people in Portugal who work very hard, usually just to survive, not to live, although they are rare gems, and this article is not about them. The decent Portuguese who really care, are a very tiny minority among a sea of unscrupulous people and nitwits, so it’s impossible to win! They have my full sympathy and, personally, I say, if you are a good person, you don’t deserve to waste your life in that hellhole, which will inevitably cancel you out as a unique and valuable human being, one way or another, sooner or later! Portugal is a dystopian society that will surely crush all your dreams and will never let you to be you!

It is a fact that many people in Portugal sooner or later suffer a catastrophic and irreversible blow to their lives, from which they can never recover, because the country abandons them, or rather, is not even there for them.

It should also be noted that human quality in Portugal is deteriorating instead of improving, as most of the decent people leave the country as soon as they have an opportunity.

The only good plan to have in Portugal is the plan to leave Portugal. Any other plan will only lead you ultimately into a black hole that will be very difficult to get out of.

The big problem is that, as you’re in Portugal, you can obviously only turn to Portuguese people up to the last resort, who just make your problems worse, 99% of the time, instead of helping you out (individually and collectively speaking), and that’s why you’re always getting screwed over more and more in Portugal, as you can only deal with Portuguese people all the time (for important matters).

As a rule, you can never make a wrong right in Portugal, the wrong just gets wronger and wronger (the more serious the matter, the worse).

We don’t get many shots in life, so be very careful with Portugal, because the least that will happen to you once you’re there is that you’re guaranteed to become impoverished and squandering a large part of your resources, precious years of your life, as well as your mental sanity, because nobody honest, competent and hard-working can get even relatively wealthy in Portugal. This could, unfortunately, make it even more difficult for you to leave. Portugal is like quicksand, once you fall into this shit, it can become very difficult to get out (in a good standing) if you run out of resources.

I have certainly met many friendly people in Portugal, but that doesn’t mean that they are trustworthy and will act in good faith and with due diligence to help you if you need them. There’s a big difference between being on a wonderful terrace soaking up the sun drinking a cold beer and being attended to by a friendly waiter, or needing the service and relying on a Portuguese person or institution. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, that’s when your life can be destroyed in a blink of an eye and you’ll never see it coming, as was my case.

What makes Portugal so dangerous is that, at first glance and on the surface (I’ve had many wonderful times in Portugal and I miss the sea, the food and the sun, because Portugal, in my opinion, is sincerely REALLY great as a region and full of untapped potential, but as I said before, without the Portuguese people), it seems like a very nice place to live in; nice people (on the surface), pleasant weather, lots of sunshine, great beaches from north to south and good food, but that’s not enough to offset the atmosphere of extreme mediocrity, ineptitude, envy and legalized crookedness among the general population that can literally reach any degree of severity, which from the outset prevents you from being what you want to be, regardless of all your abilities and effort, the anti-democratic institutions that don’t work at all when and where really matters, public institutions infested and governed by corrupt and very inept and lazy people, a downright fraudulent and corrupt justice system that is there to serve itself and its corrupted political and civil “friends”, therefore to protect the scum and punish the good citizens just like in a dictatorship, which IT IS, since Portugal’s supposedly democratic institutions were fully usurped by the corrupt, criminal and mediocre (and the Portuguese don’t mind a bit about it, because they are equal). Needless to say, all this poses a great danger to your life and makes your life in Portugal extremely flimsy and, in the end, pointless. The reason for this ignominious situation is the Portuguese themselves, most of whom are rats, morally speaking, in sheepskin, scattered throughout all the layers of the Portuguese society. This Portuguese stinky shitocracy is the “great” creation of the Portuguese, and IT IS the spitting image of the very low quality Portuguese people in general. Portugal is drowning in its own shit!

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


The real Portuguese flag
Portuguese Evolution

Your comments are most welcome and appreciated, so please feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

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Author, I think it would be worth uploading the story in the Guardian newspaper about Hazel Behan. Her rape trial – the rape occured in the Algarve – is now being held in Germany. She describes how, after the rape, the GNR followed her. She stopped them and asked what they were doing. They said they had to follow her to prove she was a slut. The police also told her to go home as she would damage local tourism.

You cannot carry adult conversations with adults in Portugal, because in general, the Portuguese are extremely difficult people to engage in an intelligent and meaningful conversation with, since we hear so much drivel and stupidity that our brains just want to shut down to end the agony, or else we just have to resort to talking about silly things with them, which they seem to love. Portugal is also a very infantilized society. – THIS EXACTLY. Very well written articule. Being born and raised here i should know.

I just wonder if the country has always been like that along history or if something has interfered with its development.

Last edited 7 days ago by Marcus Winters

Portugal has always had its dark times in history. What do you think about the time of the inquisition when they killed many jews, kicked them out and took their childeren and conficated their properties. Nowadays it is one of the poorest countries in the EU. But it wont change quickly if you see their mentality.

Jealousy, wickedness, cowardice, fraud, backstabbing, betrayal, lies and most importantly arrogance are the characteristics of the Portuguese. They hate to hear criticism. I wasted three years of my life in that country, I didn’t even meet a normal person. Avoid Portugal wherever you are in the world

Ah, you fiend of foul disdain, you’re as misguided as a compass in a whirlwind! Your contempt for Portugal is as shallow as a puddle in a drought, and your ignorance rivals the vastness of the ocean that kisses Portugal’s shores. You’re like a grumbling storm, all thunder and no substance, hurling insults like pebbles against the fortress of Portugal’s rich history and culture.

Your animosity toward Portugal is as laughable as a jester’s antics, for it reveals not the flaws of the land but the poverty of your own understanding. With the grace of a bull in a china shop, you trample upon the elegance of Portugal’s language, the splendor of its architecture, and the richness of its traditions.

Oh, you pitiful wretch! Your disdain for Portugal is but a reflection of your own inadequacies, a feeble attempt to mask your envy of a nation that shines brighter than a diamond in the sun. Your insults are as feeble as a mouse against a lion, for Portugal stands tall and proud, unyielding to the petty grievances of insignificant souls like yours.

vai po caralho ó morcão de merda volta pa puta dos states ou o caralho que é o buraco de onde a puta da tua mãe de pariu caralhos te fodam

I can fully understand the blog author. The Portuguese are depressing, vicious and toxic people ( beside the good once , which are the minority ). I lived in your evil country. The Portuguese are rough, not friendly, corrupted like hell, the lie are envyies. Their food is primitive and simple. The villages are poor, the roads are bad, the medical care is bad ( public ). Disorganised. You treat your animals bad. What do you think ?? Why should we love your people ??

My 10 reasons for desperately wanting to escape this Poortugues prison:

1. 95% of my daily interactions end up in legal actions and formal complaints.
2. 100% of legal action gets “archived” with no action taken.
3. Unable to find work because 99% only employ Portuguese.
4. Severe racism as a daily reminder being hated for merely existing.
5. Becoming a sufferer of anxiety, PTSD, agoraphobia and depression due to the abusive culture.
6. No creativity and inspiration anywhere, just hatred and negativity everywhere.
7. Very ugly, unkept, dilapidated cities with diseases, fungicides and bad hygiene.
8. No logical thinking or processes, only intimidation, greed and selfishness.
9. Godless culture who hinds behind religion and revels in the seven deadly sins.
10. The food is very unhealthy, bland and primitive.

Another VERY diplomatic way of trying to WARN foreigners NOT to fall for the fake propaganda portraying Portugal as a great place to live.



Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more.
I think the reason most people choose to go “the very diplomatic” route, is because of the extremely vicious backlash and violent threats that will be received from PoortugalScum.
PoortugalScum are very very dangerous because of their lack of morals and integrity. They are very very vindictive, and will dedicate their lives to destroy someone else’s life. I think a lot of people are trying to get the message out, but trying to avoid life-threatening repercussions and cyber-abuse by the hands of the PoortugalScum.

Corruption in Portugal

You are right in almost everything you describe. As a Portuguese citizen I was compeled to exit the country when I earned my degree and got the conditions to start life elsewhere.
If you want to know my opinion the worst cancer of what you describe is the municipality of Gondomar and the latest presidents were a real disaster in terms of corruption and personal interests. But its not only the presidents the other “vereadores” and the urban “planning” technicians are all a web of corruption and dark money schemes.
You can check for instance the scandal of the Hotel in Ribeira de Abade in Gondomar near the famous Douro river where there is signs of corruption everywhere you look, and only was stopped because a bunch of local citizens arised and called the press and made formal sustained complaints against the constrution:

More recently a Burguer King was built in S. Cosme – Gondomar – on top of an existing street, making necessary a deviation on the trace of the street, but the main infrastructures like energy, telecomunications, rain waters, etc all still pass under the Burguer King building.
They also built a few years ago a McDonalds with part of it on top of the safe zone of the IC29/A43 highway, all with the municipality and the president knowledge.
If you are a private business trying to make simple things in Gondomar like an area correction of a land you wait almost 6 months to a year (Registo Predial in Gondomar is one of the worst in the country). Also if you bring international investment to Gondomar and need a license to build a Supermarket, a restaurant or any kind of private investment you have to give money to the right persons (normally the president or someone related) on the municipality to be able to get the license, or else you will wait eternity or get your ideal blocked by minor reasons that will tire you and make you give up.
Gondomar is a pond that thrives to very few and demolishes all others. But this are only small examples of someone that now lives abroad gets to know, there must be many more and even worst situations that should be known to the world so that Portugal will be a better country for coming generations!

After reading all the comments on this blog, I’ve noticed that a lot of Portuguese people who are offended by this blog responds with “it’s JUST the justice system” that is very bad…. everything else is good.
How can a country be “good” when there is NO law?
How can anybody make an honest living when criminals are in power?
How can there be any form of reconciliation when the primary problem is just being brushed off as “JUST the Judicial system”
Do Portuguese people not understand the vital importance of law and order?
Why are Portuguese people not protesting down the streets on a daily basis, demanding an honest and effective legal system?
All foreigners are getting screwed, but good hardworking Portuguese people are getting screwed too!
Good Portuguese should take advantage of being part of the EU (while it lasts) and scream from the top of their lungs that they are fed up with criminals getting away with “murder”, lives being destroyed, the economy being F’ed…etc. Specifically, because of a failing legal system.
Lawyers should be held at a higher regard. Lawyers who commit crimes should not be allowed to continue practicing law, and should spend time in jail for their criminal acts. Yet…none of this happens, WHY NOT?
It’s only logic.
Judges who are prejudice and crooked, should be held responsible! And the punishment should be more severe, because they have sworn an oath to uphold the law. Disbarred and prison time.
It seems to me like the best place for a criminal, is to become a lawyer or a judge in Portugal.
In other countries, people who are least trustworthy and highly deceptive (even when they are a lawyer or a judge) are called outlaws and criminals. Yet in Portugal they receive honour. Solely focussed on the title in stead of judging them by their actions.
It is beyond me WHY corrupt lawyers and judges are allowed to continue practicing!
How, in God’s name, is the system allowing it?

And the response you get…. “Oh, it’s JUST the Judicial system” 🤯 otherwise Portugal is great! …I mean, are you in denial? Do you think if you just close your eyes and repeat “Portugal is great, Portugal is great” that everything will be okay?

A country without law and order…is a favela! (Slum)
Your country will never improve nor recover, unless the good Portuguese STAND UP FOR JUSTICE!

Result… everyone (of good intent) will leave the country, if the majority of Portuguese JUST IGNORE the problem of identifying the true problem AND STAY SILENT about eradicating CRIMINALS IN POWER!


You’re absolutely right, but the Portuguese are passive and fatalistic. It will never change. It is their mentality.

As a native Portuguese I confirm everything I have read in this blog.

I’m 28 yo and I was born in Portugal and I live this hell today, I see me in every word I read in this blog, Portuguese is one of the most broken societies you will ever meet, all of my life I been Suffering as I try to be honest among the “portugueses”.
I was betrayed and played by everyone else incluiding my own family!
There so many problems I would like to tell you about Portugal, very creepy facts about this shit hole country! Even the schools and professors are really envious people it’s just insane!

Me and my wife we are already planing to move to , Switzerland or other country.
It’s really crazy man, as Portuguese I can tell you that even in school the “crookism” is approved, as if you are a student and honest, the teacher will ask you “why u didn’t copy the exam? The student by your side was approved”.
My father try all of his life run a honest construction company, 3 times bankrupt by strange “accidents”.
I work for a fake renewable electric generation company, that say it’s green but it’s not… it generates electricity in fact, by burning “biomass”, runned by a free mason. My salary is an average salary in Portugal as an electromechanic.
Thank you for your commitment to writing the blog, and for your words, may the creator be with you 😁

if Portugal its so bad as you say…
9 years to get back to other country?

Portugal, the second poorest country in the EU. Portugal, highest depression rate. Corrupted, no sense of humor. Food is rough and simple famers kitchen, not refined. Just like the people, not refined. Viscious, toxic, evil, envious people. Very bad organised and unreliable people. Not a nice culture in the far corner of Europe.

Hello! I am a Portuguese and I agree 100% with this article! Finally someone said the truth. After all I am not alone in my opinion. Maybe because my ancestors were from Ireland and Germany, but I always felt that I didn’t fit in this Portuguese mentality.
Thank tou so much!

I am fighting a family, well connected and well off. Every court case I lose. I am a foreigner, not Portuguse. Then you ‘re already 10 points behind. Well connected family another 10 points behind. Corruption in the judicial system another 50 points. They make themself hated by foreigners. Read this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_in_Portugal and you ‘ll undertstand. We should all stand up, be united and tell all our horror stories to the media. This has to stop !


This video is very diplomatic and factual.



Prepare for the hack of your life!!!!
You’re about to face the consequences of your actions. Your family, your secrets, your entire life is about to be laid bare by a group of hackers you’ve angered. There’ll be no mercy, no hiding. Get ready to be exposed to the world.

I think the EU should start up a Pexit. Kick Portugal out. hey get a lot of money and they are corrupt like no other. Let them be poor and passive. Let them complain. Thats what they like.

I agree…PEXIT (lol)


You’ll regret it, you big coward, get ready, when you’re found out even your whore of a wife eats ants!

Nickname translation:
Your mother’s c*nt. You son of a bitch

Original Portuguese text:
Vais te arrepender seu grande covarde, prpara-te, quando fores descoberto até a puta da tua mulher come formigas

“Meet an asshole in the morning, you’ve just met an asshole. Meet assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”


I’m Portuguese and fortunately 7 years ago I left that place and went to Germany. I never identified with the distorted, retarded, primitive mentality of the Portuguese. I agree with everything on this blog, and I love seeing many Portuguese foam at the mouth with anger that this blog exists. BE CAREFUL: don’t trust anyone for anything in Portugal, behind every smile, there is someone who will catch you at the moment you are happiest and will end your life. As the author of the blog said “in Portugal something wrong is never resolved, it will always get worse”. If you are in Poortugal the only plan you should have is an escape plan, before it is too late. I have 2 nephews aged 21 and 23 who also went to work in Amsterdam in 2022, today they have a stable and happy life. They had a miserable life in Poortugal and always lived at their parents’ house.

You’re all a bunch of nutters sucking foreigners’ asses hahaha!

Original Portuguese text:
vocês não batem bem da cabeça a chupar o cu aos estrangeiros hahaha

Narcissism, mediocrity, envy are abundant in Portugal unfortunately. I’m Portuguese btw.

Abandon all hope ye who enters here


The Lisbon Genocide
It’s a short film
It has been left out of school curriculums, out of history.
Let’s just pretend bad things don’t happen and Portuguese people are so nice, and it’s so safe. If we keep on telling everyone how great we are, they must believe it, right?

It’s a complete mob-mentality. One guy points a finger at “the foreigner” and then all the rest jump on him like a pack of rabies infested wild dogs.
One woman says “it’s a miracle” and they all believe blindly without question. When one guy points out logic, again they attack him like a pack of rabies infested wild dogs.
This mob-mentality is still prevalent today.

And it’s okay, because they’re Catholic, so “In the name of Jesus Christ, you are absolved from all your sins”, right?



You are a big mother fucker! No one invited you. Up yours. Fuck off. You are a piece of shit.

Portugal, the best place to live and one of the oldest countries of Europe. Go black to tour shit hole.

Portugal, the best place to live. The 2nd poorest country in the EU. They get billions from Brussels. Corruption is part of life. No sense of humor. Shall I go on ?

Um… actually YOUR GOVERNMENT is inviting foreigners to come!!! Because the educated Portuguese people are ESCAPING uneducated Portuguese like you!!!

Hum… na verdade o VOSSO GOVERNO está a convidar os estrangeiros a virem!!! Porque os portugueses instruídos estão a FUGIR dos portugueses sem instrução como tu!!!

Look at this link:

The Government is actively trying to LURE unsuspecting investors into the country.
Not to mention their student packages that they LURE unsuspecting students.

These are all funding received from the EU to improve the economic situation…
Yet it’s just another way the country is scamming the EU. Companies that have no other interest than relieving the investor or their money. Funds that are used to entrap even more investors. Investors that will ultimately face a major loss.

It’s all a scam.

Cry more you nazi fuck lmao

“IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY” – 10 people’s accounts of discrimination in Portugal.

For those of you enticed by the false portrayal of “the friendly Portuguese people and a peaceful life”, BE WARNED.



Brazilians decide to return to Brazil after mistreatment, discrimination, violence and abuse of children in Portuguese schools.

* Teachers hittings kids over the head with metal ruler and pulling them by their ears because they speak with an accent.
* Teachers calling children niggers, monkeys and shit. Justifying that it’s not racist because there are white monkeys too.
* Student arrested by police from school for denouncing abuse.

“I’m a foreigner, I have a different culture, and I’m very scared here”

Other mother;
“I could see the sparkle in my child disappear over time. We decided to return to Brazil to offer my child a more humane and spiritual education without violence.”




Look at this Extreme Xenophobia in Portugal 🤮
People getting brutally attacked, verbally accosted and discriminated against.

Very very barbaric and uncivilised.
A stark contrast to all the propaganda out there portraying Portugal as a wonderful and safe place with friendly people.


Oh my Lord!
They have a crate with rocks on the sidewalk, with a sign “rocks to throw at Brazilians” !?!?!

I’m not Brazilian, but I have also been physically attacked, verbally attacked (daily) and denied service and work, because I speak Portuguese with an accent. It is really really horrible to live here as a foreigner 🤢

Fuck you ox, you’re a big son of a bitch and you should be raped by 30 niggers you cunt, go eat shit for your country you dumb, stupid fucking prick!

Original Portuguese text:
Vai te foder oh boi, és um grande filho da puta e devias ser violado por 30 pretos seu cabrao, vai comer merda pro teu país seu burro, otario do caralho

Very educated people as well in Portugal and civilized.

I think you are proving the author right.

Original Portuguese text:
Acho que estás a provar ao autor que ele tem razão …

… just another daily interaction
in Portugal …

We do have issues with justice but the rest of your drivel is so ignorant, insufferable, racist and classicist (not to say outright lies) that I wish you were scammed more, you deserve everything bad coming to you

Expat U mean Immigrant,
Portugal is the country with the highest emigration rate in Europe and one of the highest in the world. The peak of emigration occurred between 2010 and 2019. In total, there are around 2.3 million Portuguese immigrants living abroad (first generation), of which 70% are between 15 and 39 years old.
Jan 12, 2024



Dear author,

Your diatribe against an entire nation reeks of ignorance, arrogance, and cowardice. It takes a special kind of spinelessness to sit behind a keyboard and hurl insults at a people you know nothing about, all while hiding behind a veil of anonymity.

Your contempt for Portugal and its people is matched only by your own lack of integrity and intelligence. You have the audacity to label an entire population as stupid, yet it was your own dim-witted decision to immigrate to a country you clearly despise without bothering to learn anything about it beforehand.

If your homeland is truly the utopia you make it out to be, then why did you bother coming to Portugal in the first place? Your presence here serves as a constant reminder of your own hypocrisy and inadequacy.

It’s time for you to grow a backbone and confront the ugliness that lies within. Your venomous words do nothing but expose your own bitterness and resentment. Until you can muster the courage to engage with the world like a grown adult instead of a petulant child, you will continue to be nothing more than a pathetic and contemptible figure, unworthy of anyone’s attention.


Hi Salvador,

Do you understand the difference between;
• describing a horrific life changing experience by the hands of your captor
• dishing out profanities without walking a mile in their shoes?

Hello, chief! I haven’t read it, but here in the country we tell those who don’t like it here to fuck off!

Original Portuguese text:
Olá chefe! Não li, mas aqui na terrinha dizemos para aqueles que não gostam daqui para irem para o caralho!

Dear PortugueseMasturbator,
I’m Portuguese, and I feel ashamed to read your comment.
It really isn’t acceptable to speak like a pirate anymore.

Caro MasturbadorPortuguês,
Sou português e sinto-me envergonhado por ler o seu comentário.
De facto, já não é aceitável falar como um pirata.

This cunt came here, not knowing the system, things don’t go well… Must be the whole country, right? Sure!

I agree with the author. He’s right.
95% of Portuguese are tremendously corrupt, arrogant, ignorant and narcissistic.

The more educated young Portuguese are fleeing the country like mice from a burning ship.

Thank you for your insightful response Costa200.

“As armas e os barões assinalados,
Que da ocidental praia Lusitana,
Por mares nunca de antes navegados,
Passaram ainda além da Taprobana,
Em perigos e guerras esforçados,
Mais do que prometia a força humana,
E entre gente remota edificaram
Novo Reino, que tanto sublimaram;

E também as memórias gloriosas
Daqueles Reis, que foram dilatando
A Fé, o Império, e as terras viciosas
De África e de Ásia andaram devastando;
E aqueles, que por obras valerosas
Se vão da lei da morte libertando;
Cantando espalharei por toda parte,
Se a tanto me ajudar o engenho e arte.”

Luís Vaz de Camões. “Os Lusíadas” Canto I

How evil do you have to be to create a website that encourages mockery and hatred of a nation and people?

An exercise in slanderous, ignorant and hateful cheap speech that should make the author blush with shame if he had any shred of ethical and moral principles and values.

The noble and secular Portuguese nation, once the world’s largest empire, is far above the braying of ignorant beasts who do not even touch its glory and grandeur.

Like all countries, we are not perfect and we have our problems, mainly thanks to the miserable and corrupt governance of left-wing and far-left parties, but taking a small part of bandits and traitors and making these imbecile generalizations is revealing of embarrassing stupidity.

Learn a little about the History of Portugal before embarassing yourself making pathetic figures worthy of pity.

The author is a hero. When the Portuguese would have 1 percent of his courage to speak out, the country would change. But the Portuguese rather stay what they are: passive, fatalistique, complaining, poor, not refined and very rude. Oh, I forgot one: corrupt!

Personally I have gone through really really really horrific years in Portugal, from which I will be scared and damaged for life. It was not only because of the “left wing” parties.
It was because of the Portuguese people; colleagues, bosses, the people working in the bank, the check out staff at the supermarkets, the dentists, the accountants, the doctors, the government employees, waiters, neighbours, lawyers and even strangers.

You write:
“The noble and secular Portuguese nation, once the world’s largest empire, is far above the braying of ignorant beasts who do not even touch its glory and grandeur.”

I mean… delusional? High?

It’s 2024!
Not 1424!

This is the most outrageously racist and xenophobic blog I’ve read in a while and it says more about yourself than anything else.
Not even the most petty, jealous, small minded portuguese that you so passionately hate would come up with something like this.
Not even the most racist dumbfuck would make the remarks you’ve done here, using African countries as an insult, calling for “defective genetics” (quite primitive and unscholar of you) and that’s quite the achievement.
I hope you don’t have kids, no one should be raised be someone with this kind of hate inside them.
And I’m pretty sure you’ll be scammed again wherever you live, you sound like an ideal target.

Well, half of Poortugal doesn’t know how emails work…so I doubt they will be able to compile a blog. And the educated and civilised Portuguese don’t throw a fit when confronted with the reality.
I see a lot of hate inside of you… do you have kids?

The author of this blog is a hero. Portugal has been the worst nightmere in my entire life. The courts are biased, corrupted, people unreliable, passive, lazy, impolite and no sense of humor. Do I need to say more ?

I have gone through a very similar hell as the author. Every sentence he wrote, rings exceptionally true to me.
It is not xenophobia when you describe how you have been physically, psychologically and financially TORTURED by a particular culture.
All good people will be able to empathise with his story, even if they don’t agree with every point.
After all, he didn’t write this blog to discriminate, he wrote this blog out of the injustices and the incomprehensibly inhumane treatment that they had faced in Portugal, in an attempt to save others from the same torturous hell.

I applaud his courage.

Author’s note: I only allowed this creep’s response below, so readers know what awaits them in Portugal!

No one called you here, no one wants you here.
We have contempt for you rancid foreigners, just because the scum socialists wanted you here does not reflect the vast majority of the population.

It warms my heart to see you get fu**ed and years of your life wasted. Keep sharing your stories i will keep laughing from the sideline.

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I honestly don’t know how could you had such a bad experience. Even worse, you had the patience to create a website around that. I’m Portuguese, I’ve lived here all my life and lived abroad for some time as well. Apart from the Northern Europe where people are usually more correct, focused and with a nice(r?) mentality, all the world has these problems. Brasil? Check. USA? Check. Southern Europe? Check. I mean… It’s a crazy world in 2024 and the problems are, quite honestly, so common everywhere that I can’t understand how could you hate this country that much. I understand where you come from and I acknowledge some of your points, but they are so so so common around the world. Do you feel happier trashing a country like this? I don’t get it.

Cry a little more 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹

Kings (ironic)
Lack of empathy, integrity, basic morals and delusions of grandeur = Severe personality disorder and acute narcissism.

This blog describes exactly creatures like you.

Hi, I hope your blog will grow and grow and grow. I have never seen a more vicious and toxic culture/ behaviour then I saw in Portugal. What a horrible people. I feel sorry for the good ones. But I am sure they are in the minority.

Before leaving Portugal, over a year ago, I was talking to a French man, who was robbed by a Portuguese, and who lost most of his money. He tried going through the courts, but wasn’t able to recover any of his money. He just ended up losing even more money on a crooked lawyer…. A familiar story…

After explaining how it happened, he said this to me at the end of our conversation:

“If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a portuguese, I would let the portuguese have it.”

I was impressed by this, because the way he said it, I knew he was completely serious. And since talking to the French man, I’ve learned that he was paraphrasing a famous quote by a Romanian named Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, which goes like this: “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

So it’s obvious the French man I spoke to was thinking of the Portuguese as traitors, the kind of traitors who smile to your face, while stabbing you in the back

Although he was leaving Portugal, I had a feeling that for him, the story wasn’t over and he would be back one day, and as I told him good-bye I thought to myself, maybe I will read about him one day in the newspapers, although I don’t even know his name

Look at this Portuguese bitch (in the 40 sec video below), insulting and screaming at a Brazilian woman, for the “crime” of speaking Portuguese with a Brazilian accent, even though the Brazilian did not even live in Portugal. She was just passing through (at the airport!) on her way home to Barcelona, where she lives and where she said no one had ever insulted her or spoken to her like this, in all the time she’s lived in Barcelona, but all it took was a few days in Portugal

And you may ask yourself, how many Portuguese are exactly the same (in the way they think about Brazilians and all foreigners) as this disgusting bitch, but maybe not quite so obvious, and maybe a little better at hiding it?

If you answered almost all of them, you got that right, and this means you’ve spent enough time living in Portugal, among Portuguese people, that you’ve seen their true ugly face, and it resembles the face of the woman below:


I love to see rancid foreigners get what they deserve, no one invited you, nobody wants you near.
You have to be delusional to stay around.
Honestly get fucked! Ahahahahah

Hi SuckMyDick,
Thank you for exhibiting such an exquisite display of charm.

To anyone even thinking about coming to Portugal…this is but a small taste of how the majority of people in Portugal talk when they don’t get what they want.

Love to see you cry

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That’s a good point, imagine your life depending on such a creature, and if a foreigner stays long enough in Portugal one day, it will. A truly frightening thought!

I already left Portugal, over a year ago, however someone I care about is still there, and I’m trying to help them get out, before it’s too late

And yes, that video above sums it up, and it should be called “Understand the real Portugal in 40 seconds”

Today, 25th of April, the people celebrating 50 years of liberty are the same who strip you of your right to have it.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is Portugal.

Hi there,
Unfortunately and as a Portuguese citizen, I subscribe your words.

Portugal is a place with no law and where the crime and corruption became part of the society and in my words it’s becoming even worse.
This country has a reputation for being “safe” and “pleasurable” to live just because of tourism. Now for those who live here the reality is incredibly different.
The Portuguese personality in general it’s disgusting. They don’t like to see you happy and having a nice lifestyle, because they’re jealous as hell. As a Portuguese I don’t trust in most of the people as well, because when with you they can look to be nice people, but as soon as you leave they’ll judge, criticise and make your life a hell.
Even within my extended family, I’ve experienced it, so I’m Portuguese, but I hate the Portuguese people and being from this miserable country.

I left Portugal 1 month ago and obviously life is not easy it doesn’t matter the place, but I don’t feel like coming back to that country again. I don’t even feel homesick about it.

For the people who are looking forward to come to Portugal, I just tell you to think well about this move.

Portugal used to be better and nowadays the immigration as many other topics has no rules and isn’t being managed at all. Everyone can enter this country, and the immigration doesn’t care if they have sufficient funds to provide for themselves, if they have work and accommodation, so after all, the honest people are the ones who have to give their money to provide to those people and to the thilthy thieves in the government who will try to steal every cent they can.

I wish my country had never existed. As a Portuguese I’m really disappointed and upset with it.

Its true! I am portuguese and this country is a SHITHOLE!!

I found this blog at the right time. I was robbed when I decided to buy a car in Portugal. I was left without my money and without the car and I was manipulated by the thieves. I’m going to sell my house in Cascais, I’ve already made my decision, thank you for this blog. I’d rather forget what money I’ve lost, but being away from this country is infinitely better.

Alert for women

If you are a woman in Portugal, you have to be doubly careful: your life is worth nothing in that country. The Portuguese police do not care about solving crimes against women, and if you are a foreigner, even less. In other words, they don’t give a crap about women and their safety.
Do not maintain a relationship with a Portuguese man because Portuguese men tend to be very chauvinist, violent and envious. Portuguese men are born manipulators and their humor consists of mocking and humiliating women (especially foreign women). On top of that, many are truly mentally ill – and the illness is not visible to the naked eye **. The truth is that, in general, Portuguese society is quite affected in its mental health **.
Be very careful: in Portugal everything is a trap, everything is hidden, fake… (including many figures of domestic violence are made up).

Original text in Spanish:

Alerta para las mujeres

Si sos mujer, en Portugal, tenés que cuidarte al doble: tu vida no vale nada en dicho país. A la policía portuguesa no le importa solucionar los crímenes en contra de las mujeres, y si sos extranjera, menos. Es decir, les chupa un huevo la mujer y su seguridad.
No mantenga una relación con un hombre portugués porque los portugueses suelen ser hombres muy machistas, violentos y envidiosos. El hombre portugués es un manipulador nato y su humor consiste en burlarse y humillar a las mujeres (sobretodo extranjeras). Encima muchos son verdaderos enfermos mentales – y la enfermedad no se nota la simple vista. ** La verdad que, en general, la sociedad portuguesa es bastante afectada en su salud mental**
Tenga mucho cuidado: en Portugal todo es una trampa, todo es oculto, falso.. (incluso muchos datos de violencia domestica están maquillados).


The portuguese are well known within the anglophone world as prone to having an horrible attitude problem.
What to expect from a country where its citizens constantly mistreat their own by all sorts of different ways? It’s hard to believe anything about this country since they do so.

There’s 5 main chores I consider within portuguese evil:
– the justice
– the health
– the education
– the economy
– the sport

I believe you summarised well everything that is happening with the justice in Portugal. What is wrong is right there and what is right is wrong. Politics control everything in this country, even job offers, but specially justice.

Portugal like many developed countries in Europe has an underfunded health system. However the situation is even worse there as it ranks high for brain drain due to the poor economy and poor salaries. As this was not enough, many portuguese take advantage of this and a poor justice system to threaten health professionals (usually doctors, obviously) with sexual offences on courts in order to get easy money through indemnization. Situations like this are very common and very rarely they’re directed against poorer health professionals. No surprise from a poor country full of scum like Portugal. Apart from this it’s now emerging a team of unprofessional doulas since there has been many maternities closed for lacking of labour force. These doulas, instead of focusing on doing their work which many may find useful, prefer to focus on discrediting all the work done by health professionals, again, specially doctors of course, and selling the idea that all women should be giving birth naturally at home (there’s no birth centres in Portugal but they’re not worried about asking for them either), regardless the potential dangers. All this in order to increase their book of clients of course, not for real interest on the future mother’s health. Sometimes not even their own. There’s an Instagram page of a portuguese doula proudly describing her happy daughter’s birth, who aspired meconium after an induced birth using a shawl (a technique not recommended by doulas on developed countries) and was then born on a poor where her mother was sitting her dirty bottom for hours.

The public education is massively biased towards left wing politics. And as not enough, information is a subject of fear in Portugal. The education system or anything supposed to exist to inform someone, withdraws information instead. For narcissistic reasons and for competitive, manipulative and dictatorial ones too.

The economy is fully corrupt with big company groups, bankers, politicians and lawyers controlling the majority of it.

The sport. Portugal is a country of football, it seems like nothing else exists there. Not only they still have hooliganism it is massively corrupt, using the club, its management and even the organisations managing the sport for all sorts of criminal stuff, drugs, violence, harassment, etc. It’s no surprise many footballers have no luck in certain countries abroad. Their manners speak for themselves on the pitch. There was a recent case where one of them, playing abroad at top level, after spitting on another for no reason at all was put on training with the u-21 and then on loan somewhere else abroad. Hopefully to not return. Despite this or being average on pitch football organisations in his own country instead did and do everything to protect him/them and everyone around, getting involved on court cases and using harassment, threats and violence against those who mess with their little boys family or connections. Connections even get jobs after being jobless for ages because of the said and on companies related to the field. There’s a famous portuguese whistleblower exposing all the corruption around football in the country, including how games are won.

Since all this is a cultural problem, the only way to solve it is by total removal of its population and mingling them with more civilized ones. And avoid anything about the country while they’re still there.

There’s only one solution for Portugal

Give all the foreigners in Portugal 48 hours to evacuate, tell them it’s time to leave Portugal for the Portuguese.

Then nuke the entire country from orbit

It’s the only all way to be sure

Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure” is a quote from the 1986 sci-fi film “Aliens” in which Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) decides that nothing is worth saving and that the only sure way to destroy all of the aliens (aliens = Portuguese) is to nuke their habitat from orbit

In a Facebook group that is discussing the mistreatment of terminal patients, and relatives, in Portuguese hospitals, I found the following post. (I’m leaving out the name of the person who posted this, as well as the Facebook group where it was posted, to protect her privacy)

And the more I learn about Portugal, the more I’m starting to suspect that there are thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of horrible stories similar to the one below, that have happened, and are happening now, even as I write this, in Portuguese hospitals, in a land of savage barbarians and inhuman monsters

But the truth about Portugal is finally starting to come out

Here’s the post:

In 2018 I gave birth to a stillborn baby on April 13th. After initial poor care from the maternity and local doctors combined with a total lack of communication Edwards Syndrome was diagnosed quite late. Even though I was 100% sure of my dates and an experienced mum we were told that I couldn’t possibly be as far in the pregnancy as I claimed as the baby was very small which is common with this condition. The staff were abrupt and uncaring, I became unwell and was admitted to Coimbra hospital as my blood pressure was extremely high.

To my dates our son, John Robert was born at 26 weeks gestation, they claimed I was 22 weeks. I was forced to give birth to him on a ward with other pregnant women around me, my husband wasn’t called and when I asked if I could see him I was told he was clinical waste and not to be ridiculous. When I vocalised I had the right to hold him and say goodbye I was drugged to knock me out. The next morning my husband arrived to find me restrained to my bed, bleeding heavily and with a bucket next to me to pee in. He took me home and called a private midwife we had hoped to use and they took me to a different hospital where they found I had retained placenta and needed surgery.

I was not allowed my sons remains for a funeral or given the chance to get anything to remember him by xx

Thank you for this page. It has been my therapy knowing I am not alone on my struggles with my own people, the portuguese.

I live in England since the brexit referendum and I’ve been trying to keep these troubles aside from interfering with my new life I chose, away from all of them and anything related to this country on every aspect of my life. After 30 years dealing with all the things you and others describe here, not making any loyal and trustworthy friend at school, university, professional life, having problems after unnecessary problems, dealing with a biased, corrupt and formatted education system, being stolen on my social life and on my professional one, dealing with violence from those I thought cared, never being or doing anything right, discussing over petty unintelligent issues and even dealing with inconsiderate family members, I decided to leave to not return.

I didn’t leave for economic reasons. It was purely social. I visit there only for property reasons and my parents. And I’m a perfectly normal person, not ugly, not dumb, not disabled. I’m just not like them in terms of character. They keep complaining about everything but they’re the ones responsible. And since I moved abroad I realised how all of them look like they need antidepressants. Also, if you’re white they make racist comments. They did it to me on a social circle and also on my job.

To those who think estate agents steal clients there, they also steal workers. And only recently I realised what you described regarding the portuguese justice. I knew there was corruption on high profile cases on courts but I never imagined it was down to the commoners and the police until I had to deal with it myself. I knew the police was violent there but I never imagined they acted against the victims.

I started noticing it during covid but everyone went hypochondriac there and started mistreating others. But when I had to complain to the police about violence and had to see the case being twisted against me and having to deal with more violence, I knew for sure. And beware political interference as well and it can spread its wings if you live abroad as a portuguese national.

I also realised it recently. To the point I removed my portuguese electoral register details so my address details are shared only where it’s mandatory. There’s no point voting there anyway because the ones pretending to be interested in saving/changing the country are as fake and ill interested as the rest.

Having portuguese people on Facebook I have not because they feed on you for all sorts of ill intentions, cyber stalk, and I’m not even following or commenting on new situations that happen there, they will come to insult and downgrade as if I’m not entitled to an opinion or a private profile and nothing worthy of noticing and no change will really happen there if not for worse.

Just wanted to say you write the best description of Portugal I have ever seen. I am portuguese and what you say is so, so true… above all “a wrong will never be made right, only wronger…” the cancer is the judicial system, god help anyone that ever has to contact with it. It’s like walking on moving sands. Anyway, I feel your pain, literally! If ever you pass by Ericeira, I ll gladly offer you a cup of tea and I promise you I don’t have the intelect of a mosquito!

All the best.

Humans and animals have many similarities, but one of the things that makes humans superior to animals is intelligence. which the Portuguese did not benefit from. I don’t think they (Portuguese) are human because humans can’t be that stupid. Stay away from the Portuguese, wherever you are in the world, if I were to write about the Portuguese, it would take 10 volumes of a 400-page book.

“if I were to write about the Portuguese, it would take 10 volumes of a 400-page book.”

I was thinking the same the other day!

I’m still searching through the lists of the best European artists and painters of the 20th century, looking for one Portuguese name

I’m up to number 1,500 now. Lots of Spanish, Italians, Germans, French, Dutch, Swiss, etc on the list of great artists and painters but so far, no Portuguese

Great artists tend to have empathy, compassion, creativity, originality, the ability to think differently etc, but Portuguese have none of these qualities, and I think that tells anyone all you need to know about them.

Portuguese might look more or less human, but something is definitely missing

I could have done the same search for great writers, original scientists, philosophers, inventors, etc, with the same result: there would be no Portuguese names on any of these lists

Portugal should not be a part of Europe. It should be a part of sub-Saharan Africa (considered to have the lowest IQ of any group on earth) although in fact, saying this is quite an insult to sub-Saharan Africans because it’s obvious to anyone who’s ever been there, that the sub-Saharan Africans are far better people, they are more sympathetic, more honest, much friendlier, and are superior to the Portuguese, in almost every way you can think of

Portuguese… Evil lives within them.


In December 2023 a mother of 2 boys deliberately drove herself, her mother and her 2 boys, aged 13 and 15, over a cliff in Cascais, Portugal. Killing herself and her mother, the two boys survived.

She worked at a bank, Millennium BCP of Ericeira, and she stole more than 3 million Euros from her clients.

On 6 December 2023 management at BCP scheduled an audit on her for the next day.

In order not to get caught, she intended to kill her whole family as her, now, millions in debt would be transferred to her family if she had only taken her own life.

#stranger crimes are low @ Portugal
#family crimes are the norm @ Portugal



Some good news!

It looks like the tide might be really turning against Portugal now. I think the Portuguese government has finally pissed off the wrong group of people, and now that group is retaliating, with a vengeance.

I doubt the Portuguese saw one this coming

They are evil, but they’re also stupid

As briefly as possible, here’s my understanding of what happened

The Jewish community of Porto, Portugal, with members from 30 countries around the world, says they were scammed by the Portuguese government.

They say the Portuguese government promised that anyone who could prove Sephardic ancestry would be granted Portuguese citizenship, to compensate the Jewish community for the Portuguese slaughtering thousands of Sephardic Jews over 500 years ago, and forcing the survivors to either convert to Christianity or leave Portugal

According to the Portuguese government this was to make up for that massacre and expulsion of Jews over 500 years ago, but according to the Jewish community of Porto, this was all a scam, the Portuguese government lied to them, and did not follow through on any of their promises.

Big surprise, right?

But it doesn’t end there. Jewish communities don’t ordinarily double as film production companies, but the community of Porto, Portugal, has shown itself to be anything but ordinary. The Porto Jewish community has made a film about the Portuguese called “1506: The Lisbon Genocide.”

The movie chronicles the massacre of Lisbon’s Jews in the 16th century.

The film will premiere on April 19, 2024, just over 2 weeks, and will be available for free in multiple languages ​​and online platforms, around the world

This is obviously to retaliate against the Portuguese government.

I’m not Jewish and I don’t have any Jewish friends, but the way I see it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. For attacking the Portuguese people with this film, which hopefully will be watched by tens of thousands of people, the Porto Jewish community is my friend. We have the same enemy, therefore we are on the same side

I hope hundreds of thousands of people watch this film for free on April 19. Or thousands watch it and encourage thousands more to watch it, and so on

Look at the faces of the Portuguese in this trailer below. These are the faces of Portuguese scum that readers of this blog are well aware of

Now it’s time for the rest of the world to see those horrible faces (that have not changed in 500 years) and to become aware of what total scum the Portuguese are.

This film is going to help that happen

1506 – The Lisbon Genocide


The Portuguese have been horrible to the Jews during the inquisition. Many left the country, the ones who stayed had to convert or were burned alive. Many ended up in Amsterdam and were very wealthy with their int. contacts. They contributed a lot to the Golden Century. If they would not have been expelled, Portugal would have been much better off, economically, culturally and on educational level. In 2013 they made a new law. The ‘ law of return’. Not because out of guilt, but they hoped to get the ‘ rich ‘ Jew back and get a better economy. Now too many rich Jews are setting up their good businesses and the only thing Portuguese do is not cooperating with them but envy them and trying to make their lives miserable. Read about it, the arrest of a rabbi and so fort…

I’m brazilian and i live in Brazil and I didn’t know about all these cases in Portugal, of course I don’t believe that all Portuguese people are like that, but there really are these types of bad Portuguese people.

I’m just a girl with a vivid imagination

My Dad was scammed out of his money in Portugal. He tried going to court to recover his stolen money, but just ended up losing even more money to a crooked lawyer

This almost destroyed our family.

We left Portugal, we are still in the process of recovering, and we are starting to get better now

My Dad is peaceful and non-violent, and when he lost his case in court, the only solution that he could see left was for us to leave Portugal.

Some days I like to imagine what would have happened if my Dad had not been so peaceful and non-violent.

Instead of peacefully leaving the country after he lost most of his money, what if my Dad had resorted to violence and revenge instead?

(Disclaimer: I am not advocating violence or revenge. My family now lives thousands of miles away from Portugal. We are peaceful and non-violent)

But a girl still has a right to dream, doesn’t she?

I love to imagine that instead of peacefully leaving the country, after losing most of his money to Portuguese scammers, what if my Dad had reacted very differently, as you will see beginning at around the 42 second mark, in this video that only lasts around 4 minutes.

And in my dreams, all the “bad guys” being gunned down in this video, beginning at the 40 second mark, are Portuguese scammers, who believed they had gotten away with their crimes.

If you watch this video the way I’m watching it, it is beautiful and uplifting. It will make you feel good. In my imagination, my Dad is the guy with long blond hair, and sunglasses, smiling (played by Val Kilmer), looking for revenge, who appears at the 42 second mark in the video below.

All the ones being gunned down in the entire video are Portuguese scammers, who deserve what they get

I’m just a girl, I don’t even have a hand-gun, and wouldn’t know how to use one if I did, but like I said, a girl has a right to dream, doesn’t she?

Last thing: when even peaceful young girls like me, start thinking this way about Portugal, maybe the Portuguese people should be concerned

Leaving Portugal (Re-imagined)


I don’t know if people are aware of the fact that the Portuguese have an unusually high amount of psychiatric disturbances, there is a considerable high amount of inbreeding in Portugal, I live in a small place by the coast, and I think a least 70% are related.
This can explain some anti-social components and deviations of the “normal”.


More than a fifth of Portuguese people suffer from a psychiatric disorder (22.9%).
Portugal is the second country with the highest prevalence of psychiatric illnesses in Europe, only surpassed by Northern Ireland (23.1%).
Among psychiatric disorders, anxiety disorders have the highest prevalence (16.5%), followed by mood disorders, with a prevalence of 7.9%.
Impulse control disorders and substance abuse disorders have lower prevalence rates, respectively, with 3.5% and 1.6% prevalence.
Around 4% of the adult population has a severe mental disorder, 11.6% a moderate mental disorder and 7.3% a mild mental disorder.
Mental and behavioral disorders represent 11.8% of the global burden of disease in Portugal, more than oncological diseases (10.4%) and only surpassed by cerebro-cardiovascular diseases (13.7%).

This came up when I searched for “lazy and impolite Portuguese”. Good to see I am not the only one reacting.
I was in Portugal one month (February), one month in Brazil (March) and now back in Portugal since Wednesday, and have got a total culture shock. Where the Brazilians are welcoming, including and generally happy – Portuguese are the opposite.
Ex. In Brazil I was briefly bitten by a stray dog and needed rabies prophylaxis (4 vaccines taken in intervals). I took two vaccines in Brazil, and only official hospitals and health stations are allowed to administer them. Both times, without speaking Portuguese and being able to order an appointment, I got in after 30 minutes. In Portugal I had to run around from hospital to hospital and it took 24! hours to get help 🙄 I was close to panic as obviously I do not want to die from rabies. The health “professionals” I met could not care less, and I ended up taking it in a pharmacy after being turned down by other pharmacies also. And I have health insurance. What the f**k is this country???
I regret I booked a place to stay 15 more days, I really hate it here. Also, last night (I am in Portimão) I had to walk down as no taxi was on duty 😮 This I never have experienced anywhere, and I’ve been to 26 countries.
Thank you for clearing things up, good to see I am not the only one. Yes, there are some nice people here, but very few.

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Just to add to the discussion, there haven’t been any cases of rabies in Portugal since the early 80s, it’s considered to be eradicated. As far as I know, there’s only one place where you could (theoretically) get the vaccine, at the Ricardo Jorge institute, where they study infectious diseases. Pharmacies don’t sell it, because there’s no need for it. COVID-19 vaccines, on the other hand…

When I lived in Portugal, I could always tell from a distance who the Brazilians were, because they were the only ones who appeared to be friendly and smiling

The way that Portuguese treat Brazilians is disgusting. It’s a national disgrace.

The Brazilians are far better people than the Portuguese, there is no comparison

As soon as Portuguese hear someone speaking Portuguese with a Brazilian accent, their entire attitude changes to one of hatred and hostility

I met a Brazilian in Portugal who looked European and she told me she that she only spoke English to Portuguese, because like this, they believed she was a tourist, not a Brazilian, and so she was treated better now than before, because when she used to speak Portuguese with her Brazilian accent, they always treated her like shit

And yes, it’s common now for Portuguese hospitals to refuse entry to a foreigner who doesn’t speak Portuguese, even if they’re experiencing a medical emergency

I’m out of that nightmare place, living far away from Portugal, but I still have friends who are trapped there, and they tell me the latest thing happening in Portugal now, is for Portuguese who work in service jobs and who speak English, to REFUSE to speak English to a foreigner

No other country in the world would do something like that, but these people are not civilized. They are savages

And so, for example, a foreigner in Portugal, who is involved in a car accident with a Portuguese driving recklessly, might be refused admission to the emergency room in the hospital, unless they can speak fluent Portuguese

This is insane!

Portugal is a nightmare land, most civilized people can’t even imagine how bad it is, but people need to start getting the word out, to STAY THE HELL AWAY from Portugal

This website is doing a great service by trying to warn people about Portugal, and thank you for all the work you’ve done

I will go back to Spain 13 days from now, fortunately.

Another example: I travel with my small dog in cabin, and we needed a travel certificate which is valid for 60 days, issued by the Direção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária. I took me at least ten hours of paper work and phone calls to finally go get it in Faro. Then when I arrived they STILL did not have it ready as they were discussing if my dogs titertest was valid or not. I had to google “EU approved laboratories” for them and show them the lab I used in fact was listed there 🙄
Then, and most important, they forgot to tell me they had made an important rule two years prior – now everyone coming from Brazil with dogs needs to notify Direção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária three days upon arrival = I almost did not get my sweet, little dog with me 🥺 The TapAir assistant in Brazil was running back and forth with her manager, and after 20 minutes wait she said they would do an exception for this time, but next time it would not work.
When I arrived in Lisbon I was still so upset I just went to the custom, showed my dogs EU pet passport (I am Norwegian), smiled and was told they did not need anything from us. They did not even open it as they probably thought we came from within Schengen.
I will leave in 13 days as said, but this is how I am built – you try anything with me, you get a response 👍🏻

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Please take precautions and stay safe during your last few days in Portugal

On July 13, 2020, an Irish woman, Jean Tighe, walked out of her hostel in Parede, Portugal, with an unknown Portuguese man, and vanished without a trace

Here we are 3 years and 9 months later, and the Portuguese police have not even started any investigation or search for this missing woman

Probably she was raped and murdered by a Portuguese man, but without a police investigation, there is no way to know for certain

And the ONLY reason a few of us have even heard of this missing Irish woman is thanks to the love and devotion of Jean’s sister, Leona Tighe, who has spent over three and a half years searching tirelessly for her sister, without any help at all from the Portuguese police, whose responses to Leona’s questions have been horrible….

For example, when the Portuguese police even bothered to respond at all to Leona Tighe’s questions, it was something along the lines of: “Oh, your sister has gone off to live her own life”

Only in Portugal

Leona Tighe hired a private investigator and she spoke to alternative, NON-Portuguese media, outside Portugal, otherwise NO ONE would have ever heard that her sister went missing in Portugal, in July 2020, with no police investigation.

How many other cases are there of young women who go missing in Portugal?

Young women who do not have a devoted, loving sister who is willing to spend her life savings and OVER THREE YEARS of her life, trying to bring attention to their family member’s disappearance.

My guess is there are thousands of young foreign women who go missing in Portugal, and are never found, maybe tens of thousands

But there is no way anyone would ever hear anything about these missing foreign women, not from the Portuguese media or the Portuguese police, and not from the Portuguese people


There are articles on Portuguese media about Jean Tighe. The COVID lockdown probably didn’t help the procedures. Around that time, I filed a complaint to the police, as I was the victim of a small crime. I sent the authorities information that would identify the perpetrator (place of residence, photo, phone number, bank account number), waited over two years for their reply: “unknown individual, complaint archived”. Going out on a limb here, the level of the Portuguese authorities’ investigative abilities is probably not world class. Or… they just don’t give a shit.

I know that hostel, it’s close to the train station, they have cameras, did they bother to look at the footage? The taxi drivers in front of the hostel saw her with a Brazilian man, were they interviewed, did the police try sketching a likeness of the man she was seen with? Curious as to what they actually investigated, especially since the investigation only started two years after the disappearance. Her supposed boyfriend was found murdered some time later, he lived in a ghetto, basically. Who else was she hanging out with, did she get into trouble with the wrong sort of people? Do the Portuguese police have anything to say about this? I wonder.

Like little Madeleine McCann
Original Spanish text:
“Como la pequeña Madeleine McCann”

After being scammed out of most of my money in Portugal, an immense hatred keeps me alive…..

I would live for five hundred years, five thousand years, if I were certain of seeing every damn Portuguese in the whole world croak

Thank you for this site, you are doing a great service. And the truth about Portugal is finally starting to come out

A few months ago, when I was still in Portugal, a man in a Cafe told me that his son’s car was hit by a Portuguese driver going 160 kilometers an hour on a side street.

His son (who name was Frederic) had his lungs punctured, and his wife who was driving, was impaled on the steering-columns,

There was a pool of vomit with clots of blood everywhere.

When the Portuguese police finally arrived they told Frederic and his wife, that they could not help them unless they spoke Portuguese. The police were speaking English when they said this


But apparently this is the latest thing now, in Portugal, Portuguese who speak English are refusing to speak English to foreigners

Somehow Frederic’s daughter who was in the back seat and had less injuries, was able to call a friend who got there as fast as possible, and got all of them to a hospital

But it was too late to save them and the man’s son and his son’s wife both died that night. His grand-daughter survived, however she is completely traumatized by what happened

Can you trust that this Portuguese hospital even tried to save their lives? I really doubt it. They probably insisted that they speak Portuguese before letting them die

And the man in the Cafe said he told this story to several Portuguese who did not think the police had done anything wrong.

What kind of mentality are we dealing with?

When the man told me this story I didn’t believe him at first, because it did not seem possible. Not in a European country. Not in a civilized country. No way, it wasn’t possible, I couldn’t even imagine it.

But that was a few months ago. Before I started to see the dark side of Portugal, before I left the country, before I found this poortugal scum website, before I spoke to a Finnish man who told me he was scammed out of all his money in Portugal, and he told me there was no judiciary system in Portugal, only one scam after another… before I started looking for all the dark things that are hidden in Portugal, and I started connecting all the dots

Now, after what I’ve learned about Portugal, I believe that the story this man in the Cafe told me, was probably true. I believe he was telling me the truth

It’s a very very dark place. Most people from civilized countries can’t even imagine what it’s like

And the Portuguese are the most horrible people on earth

I’ve been going through the lists of greatest European painters of the 20th century and all time, and their country, greatest European artists of the 20th century and all time, and their country, greatest writers of the 20th century and of all time, poets, etc etc

And so far I haven’t found one single Portuguese name out of hundreds of great artists, writers, painters, poets, and creative genuises

Why am I not surprised?

Not one Portuguese. Not one. This is because mentally the vast majority of Portuguese are stone age barbarians

When I recently worked for few months in Portugal, I can’t count the number of times I was told to “go back home” or “we speak Portuguese here”

I was there to do a job. I was not a resident and I was not a tourist

I disliked the Portuguese people intensely (“dislike” is putting it mildly) and I resented them telling me to “go back home” when I was just there on business (aircraft maintenance) and I was just doing my job and minding my own damn business

So I came back to my home, in Newark, New Jersey.

In what is called the Ironbound district of Newark, there’s a large Portuguese community

The other day I went over to the Ironbound district, just to walk and have a look around. I stopped at a Cafe to order coffee and a snack, and there I was made to feel like I did not belong, and despite being friendly, at first, I was not made to feel welcomed at all, because I wasn’t Portuguese

Everyone around me was speaking Portuguese, ignoring me

I decided to hell with this. First I paid for my order

I stood up and screamed at all of them: “Shut the f**k up! We speak English here, get the hell out of my country. Go back home to Portugal, you f**king savages! You are NOT welcome in my country! Get the f**k out! I’ll be back and when I come back, you had better be gone!”

Man, you should have seen the shocked expressions on their dumb, stupid faces. It felt so good, to treat portuguese people, in my own country, in my home town, exactly same way they had treated me in their country

Then I stood up without saying another word, and walked out there

Of course, I’ll never go back to Ironbound, but they don’t know that, so let them always wonder when is that crazy guy who hates our guts, when is he coming back here?

Good on you! made me smile 🙂

I’m a French woman who is trapped in Portugal (until I can find a way out) and do you know what a Portuguese man recently said to me about foreign women in Portugal?

We were speaking in English. Here’s what he said: “When I see a pretty foreign girl walking down the street I think two things. One part of me wants to take her out and talk to her and be real nice and sweet and treat her right”

I stop and finish my glass of wine in one swallow. I’m afraid to ask him, but despite my anxiety, I tentatively ask the Portuguese man: “And what does the other part of you think?”

He answers me: “What her head would look like on a stick”

I’m not sure what I said to him in response to that, I think I was too shocked to say anything, but I know I got the hell out of there, and got away from this psycho, as fast as I could run

And that was probably the last conversation I’ll ever have with a Portuguese man

You have no idea how relieving finding this blog has been for my family and I. We moved here not too long ago after buying the idea that Portugal was this amazing paradise, hidden gem in Europe with all the benefits from the first world and also a calm, laid-back culture where no one bothers you and you can be free and have everything you need because of how cheap it all is.

It didn’t take long before we realised that everything here is broken: prices are inflated, no one cares to help, everything has to go through massive bureaucratic processes before it’s even considered, everyone will try to scam you even if the benefit is less than what they will lose long-term, everyone is mean-spirited and will gaslight you into thinking whatever happened is your fault and you’re wrong for whatever they feel like blaming you for.

People will maybe invite you for coffee once and then expect you to do everything for them for life while laughing at you at your face… Even most, if not all, immigrants/expats we met in Portugal (which have all been living there longer than 2 years in our experience) are mean-spirited and try to take advantage of you after telling you they don’t like the Portuguese for the EXACT SAME THINGS THEY DO TO YOU. It contaminates everyone, we’ve been to many countries and even if the people aren’t always the friendliest, most won’t try to go out of their way to scam you, and the immigrants are always extremely warm and trying to make connections. If there is a black hole of evil in the world, it’s definitely in Poortugal.

It’s time for a little humor, but considering the topic is Portugal, I’m afraid this will have to be dark humor.

There are 2 or 3 recent facebook groups where foreigners, immigrants and expats are just beginning to discover (and to discuss) the negative side of Portugal. Most of them are beginners, and they still have a long way to go, but even the slightest negativity is too much for some Portuguese lovers, so one of them asked the following question:

“I just wish in this forum there was a modicum of positivity. It’s supposed to be ‘The Truth’ right? To me it just feels like a whinging forum; negative, negative, negative.

Come on guys, is there not an iota of something good in the whole of Portugal?”

Yeah, I’ve been thinking that

Still thinking….

It wasn’t easy, but I did manage to think of one thing about Portugal that’s kind of positive or at least it doesn’t bother me too much


Yes, I have no bone to pick with portuguese graveyards

After I was scammed out of my money, and before I was able to leave that country of con artists, and criminals, sometimes I used to hang out at the graveyards…

You Portuguese lovers – you can keep all the rest of the country, to yourselves, just leave me the graveyards.

My sandwich, my banana, tasted sweeter when I was sitting on a portuguese tomb, thinking about all the money I lost there, and when the time came to p*ss again, as it so often does, I had my pick.

And the smell of portuguese corpses, distinctly per­ceptible under those of grass and humus mingled, I did not find un­pleasant, a trifle on the sweet side perhaps, but how in­finitely preferable to the smell that the living Portuguese emit, their feet, teeth, armpits, etc

The living Portuguese wash in vain, in vain they put on lots of perfume, but this doesn’t hide the fact that they are horrible people, and that they stink

It looks like the good ones are all dead, assuming they ever existed, and the best Portuguese are the ones buried in the cemeteries

Before escaping Portugal to an undisclosed safe location where I live now, and for reasons that are too complicated to explain, somehow, for a few months, I ended up being the only foreigner living in a Portuguese village

Never again.

No one ever spoke to me, and the villagers were openly hostile, but then it got worse

One day when I was out walking around the village, someone came up and jabbed me from behind with a rake. I jumped aside. Someone else pricked me with a sharp prong. Again I sprang away, crying loudly.

The portuguese crowd became more lively. “vá para casa estrangeiro” (go home foreigner) they screamed at me

A stone struck me. I lay down, face to the earth, not wishing to know what might happen next. My head was being bombarded with dried cow dung, moldy potatoes, apple cores, handfuls of dirt, and small stones. I covered my face with my hands and screamed into the dust which covered the road.

That’s the day when I started planning my escape

And I’ve heard many stories similar to this one, from foreigners who had (or in some cases still have) the misfortune to live in Portugal

You are such an idiot asshole. The fact you had a bad experience, doesn’t mean that Portugal is the worst place in the world and the portuguese are worst people in the world.

In Portugal
No matter how good you are, they will take revenge on you for no reason in the dirtiest way possible. Portugal is a society full of mental patients.

All I have to say is, I’m done with this country and I am from this country, but I’m not portuguese. Everyone is a narcissist in portugal.

Portuguese people can’t bear to hear criticism and facts, they love to hear compliments, even false compliments. This country is a dictatorship with dictatorial people and rotten brains.

This blog is authored by a mentally ill person who must have serious problems and who is in need of medical attention… honestly, I don’t know how you can cooperate in this kind of joke… similar problems exist in many countries, now you can’t go along with the nonsense of a mentally ill person or else you’re worse than him. The administrator of this blog is any abnormal person who urgently needs to be institutionalized… him and the idiots who comment here!

This blog is 99% right, it’s a beautiful country, only a shame so much dumb, ignorant, envious, corrupt people live in it
(I am Portuguese)

You Portuguese are so mean and jealous and bastards that meanness is normal for you and it has become part of your culture, that’s why you don’t accept it when someone criticizes you. There are good and bad people everywhere in the world, but in Portugal there are bad and very bad people

You know what is sad ? That the 99 % of the crooked, vicious and evil Portuguese ruin it for the other 1 percent. 🙂

The author of this blog is so right as he can be. I ‘ve had many many horrible experiences in your horrible country. I have been around in this world but Portugal is rotten til the bone. Dishonest, evil, vicious, corrupt, passive fatalistic. I know why you are so damn poor. Because you deserve it. There is nothing to be proud of. Btw, they never laugh in your country. Portuguese are depressing people. Any thing else ?

Just read how this person express himself 🙄 Only professionals are allowed to diagnose a person as “mentally ill” and only a very immature person would act out like this.
Yesterday I went out in Portimão, and briefly spoke to four Portuguese people which were extremely rude. I do not take disrespect from anyone and told them how disgusting their behavior was, the answer? “Try acting like that in any other country and see how it goes” which I replied “I have been to 26 countries and have never met people like you”. Then she replied “Had I not been pregnant I would have hit you”.

Honestly, the only nice people I meet here are other tourists and expats. Just came here after one month in Brazil and it’s like coming from heaven to hell.

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Oh yes, people in Latin America in general tend to be very welcoming and friendly. You have some crime and some very rotten apples, but everyone else is lovely.

In Portugal however… No one helps, even if you pay, no one is respectful, they will try to make fun of you, or help you with the simplest thing and expect eternal gratitude, no one smiles for the right reason.

I saw your other comment, about rabbies, and I’m glad you ended up getting your shot, others were probably less fortunate in this cesspit of a country.

Please, get out of here as soon as you can, before they scam you, and be happy with your family elsewhere.

I was scammed out of all my money in Portugal. Since leaving there, I’ve been homeless for weeks, and I’ve lived in 15 rented rooms. I’m barely surviving, because all my life savings were stolen by Portuguese criminals, who call themselves “real estate agents” or “lawyers”

I’m in my own country now, in northern Europe…..thank god at least I got out of that crime scene alive, and every moment of every day, no matter how difficult my life is, I am always grateful to be out of Portugal, and to be surrounded by human beings with compassion and empathy instead of being surrounded by monsters

I would prefer to be homeless in northern Europe, than to have a so-called “home” in Portugal

The truth of that horrible place is completely censored, totally hidden…. no one knows the truth, the truth is very dark and it’s all hidden. Even the few of us who know there is a very dark side to Portugal probably know less than one percent of just how bad it really is, and what’s really happening there….

And so I’ve written a poem to Portugal, inspired by Paul Celan’s “Death Fugue”. “Death Fugue” was about Germany in the 1940s. This is my version of Paul Celan’s Death Fugue, adapted to Portugal in 2024, instead of Germany in the 1940s

This is my revenge

Portugal (a poem)

A portuguese man lives in the house he plays with his snakes
he tortures his dogs, he drowns stray cats
he looks for foreigners to scam but they’ve all gone, they either left the country, or they’re dead, or hiding
he whistles his foreigners to appear, give me money, when the money’s gone let a grave be dug in the earth, for you
but they’re gone
he commands foreigners give me money then leave my country
He calls jab deeper into the earth you foreign lot there
he grabs the gun in his belt he draws it his eyes are black
he plays with the snakes, he tortures his dogs, he drowns a stray cat
He calls out death is a master from Portugal
he calls out dig deeper, you foreigner there, give me money, dig that grave
then you’ll have a grave in the dirt there you’ll lie at ease
death is a master from Portugal his eyes are black, beady black eyes, the color of shit
he strikes you with lead bullets his aim is true
he sets his dogs on the foreigner (but they’re gone)
he calls out to the foreigner, give me money, leave my country, go home, then you’ll have a grave in the dirt
the portuguese man plays with his snakes, he tortures his dogs, he drowns a stray cat
he looks for a foreigner to scam out of his money, but they’re all gone, or they’re dead or they’re hiding
he dreams death is a master from Portugal

It looks like the truth about Portugal is finally starting to come out, and this is only the beginning

Look at this headline in the UK’s Daily Mail, about an Irish woman who retired to the Algarve:

“My dream retirement to Portugal became a nightmare when neighbour tried to steal my land, someone tried to ram my car off the road and my dog was tortured to death – I fear for my life”


Anja, writing from Stockholm. I was there for 2 years, and I got scammed, so I left and will never return

It’s better to assume that everything in Portugal is a scam, and that everyone is in on it. Maybe the reality isn’t quite that bad, for example, maybe if you had to deal with 100 Portuguese concerning real estate transactions (rent, buy or sell), you might only get scammed 99 times, and one would turn out to be honest, unless that one exception was setting you up for an even bigger scam…. like for example, you buy a house and you get the keys and everything seems okay, so you’re congratulating yourself, thinking wow, they’re not all so dishonest here as everyone says they are, or am I just one of the lucky ones?

But then 4 months later the house collapses, killing you and all of your family, and there’s no mention of this anywhere in the news, so along comes the next unsuspecting foreigner into your town, where you and your family are still buried under rubble (because there’s never been an investigation and no one has even searched for the bodies), but here comes another clueless foreigner looking for another house to buy in the same town, from the same real estate agent

And it on and on it goes, until the truth finally starts to come out

But are they human? That’s the question I keep asking myself

Or were they dropped off here in what is now called Portugal, hundreds, or perhaps thousands of years ago, by aliens from another planet, who did not want these creatures on their planet, so they dumped them on our planet. Like toxic waste

Perhaps it was some kind of genetic laboratory experiment that went horribly wrong, and so they had to get rid of it

And now look at the result…. It’s not a pretty sight!

Portuguese here, living in England for five years.. I love Portugal but in some points you are totally right, and it’s a shame.

(Blog Author)
I apologize for letting this trash post such an eloquent response below, which I’ve translated, but it’s useful for readers of the blog to know the kind of creatures they very sadly find in such great abundance in Portugal, which is why Portugal is such a horrible place to live.

If you’re Portuguese, I’m Martian… fuck you!
Se tu fores Portuguesa eu sou Marciano…vai-te foder!

The Portuguese School

(before anyone tries to accuse me of defamation, the following is a work of fiction, and the author is anonymous)

Well, we had all these Portuguese children out planting trees, because we figured that . . . that was part of their education, to see how, you know, things grow, a sense of responsibility, taking care of things, being individually responsible. You know what I mean. And the trees all died

They were orange trees. I don’t know why they died, they just died. Something wrong with the soil possibly or maybe the stuff we got from the nursery wasn’t good. It wouldn’t have been so bad except that just a couple of weeks before the thing with the trees, the kittens all died.

But I think that the kittens, well, the reason that the kittens all died was the children’s parents were on strike for 2 weeks, so they couldn’t feed them, or give them water and that was explicable. It was something you could explain to the kids because of the strike. I mean, none of their parents would let them cross the picket line to feed the kittens, or give them water, and they knew there was a strike going on and what it meant. So when things got started up again and we found all these dead kittens they weren’t too upset.

With the herb gardens it was probably a case of over watering, and at least now they know not to over water. The children were very conscientious with the herb gardens and some of them probably . . . you know, slipped them a little extra water when we weren’t looking. Or maybe . . . well, I don’t like to think about sabotage, although it did occur to us. I mean, it was something that crossed our minds. We were thinking that way probably because before that the gerbils had all died, and the white mice had all died, and the salamander . . . well, now they know not to carry them around in plastic bags.

Of course we expected the tropical fish to die, that was no surprise. Just look at them crooked and they’re belly-up on the surface.

We weren’t even supposed to have puppies.
We weren’t even supposed to have the ten puppies,
but we had all these puppies, two of the children brought them to school with them because they said their parents had them chained up and were torturing the puppies at home, so we had all these puppies, and as soon as I saw them, I thought, Oh Christ, I bet they will live for about two weeks and then . . . And that’s what happened. They were all dead within 2 weeks

And then there was this Korean orphan that the class adopted through the Help the Children program, all the kids brought in 10 centimes a month, that was the idea. It was an unfortunate thing, the kid’s name was Kim and maybe we adopted him too late or something. The cause of death was not stated in the letter we got, they suggested we adopt another child instead and sent us some interesting case histories, but the second orphan died as well and the third, we didn’t have the heart to adopt another one after that.

We had extraordinary number of parents passing away as well, that year. For instance, there were I think four heart attacks and seven suicides, six drownings, and fourteen killed all together in different car accidents. One had a stroke. And we had the usual heavy mortality rate among the grandparents, or maybe it was heavier this year, it seemed so.

It’s been a strange year. I forgot to mention two of the parents, who were knifed to death while fighting with a masked intruder in their home.

The class took all of this pretty hard, they began (I think; nobody ever said anything to me directly) to feel that maybe there was something wrong with the school, or maybe even something wrong with Portugal….But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the school, particularly, I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse.

It was just an average year in a normal school in Portugal that just a run of bad luck. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with Portugal either, what happened was all the fault of the foreigners, and there was nothing we Portuguese could have done about it

Portuguese people are really great manipulators. They lie, cheat, and treat you badly and somehow manage to make it all your fault.

I had to google why is my life miserable for the last 2 years and the reason is, I know now. I enjoy reading this because it’s kinda makes sense. Even the professors, the offices, the banks…. how a country move backwards.

When I came to this country, my only response was, yes it’s okay (I had no I’ll will nor superior perspective).

After 6 years of living here, I feel I have a right to voice my experienced opinion (to those who care to know).

Portuguese people come from an extensive heritage of abuse. Abuse within the family structure derived from the acceptable dictative nature of communication.

97% of them walk around with giant chips on their shoulders. Thinking the world, and anybody they come across ows them (because poor old them had to suffer) so they will make you (the foreigner) suffer).

I have met many Portuguese people outside of Portugal. Some were horrible narcissists with massive chips on their shoulders and others were lovely individuals who were clearly victimised. But they all had one thing in common – none of them had any desire to move back to Portugal.

Portugal has one of the highest rates of qualified young people leaving the country (brain drain).

Yes the economy is bad, but it is not the economy that drives good people away.
It is the Portuguese people themselves that drive people away.
Hypothetically, a bad economy opens various doors for new investors to bridge the gaps and improve the economy. Yet, new investors in Portugal suffer immensely and flea the country at a financial loss and psychological distress (fact).

Abuse and dictatorship within families are the main cause.
Narcissism has become the culture.
Everyone is only out for themselves.
There is no sense of community, and no sense of the good Samaritan.
Good morals mean nothing. It only matters how many connections you have (like the corrupt old boys club).

Here, people hate and report their neighbours. Everyone thinks they are better than the next guy and would literally proudly scream it at the top of their lungs. (Like competing animals on the discovery channel).

Like true narcissists, they pride themselves in the ignorance of foreigners who “simply believe them”. They get together, laugh and boast at how they have “ripped off” another foreigner…how stupid the foreigner was, and how they deserved to be ripped off due to their stupidity. (Foreigners call this trust your lawyer, doctor, account…as they are a registered business – supposedly reputable).

The majority of Portuguese people have no morals and integrity. The only morals that seem to matter to them, is how much money you have, and your public profile.
Like true narcissists they are only interested in your projected image and what you can “give” them. Money and connections to “important” people.
They are not shy to admit that these two points are the only points that matter in life.

They openly accept that you are either a king or a servant. (In their opinions), if you are a king, you can be the biggest ruthless, soulless asshole ever. If you are a servant, you have no right to live, think and speak.

This is not a democratic mindset.
Portugal is not a democratic society.

Discrimination and racism is not considered as discrimination and racism. They will be happy to tell you “this is how things work in Portugal”…”if you don’t like it go back to your country”. They don’t seem to understand the concept. Because according to them, you will never be on “their level” you will always be treated subservient…as is normal…’cause “you should be lucky that they even allowed you to live here”.
(Btw, being from a 1st world country, living in this 5th world country, changes nothing).

Portuguese people are master manipulators in “flipping -the-script”, confusion, gaslighting, intimidation and faking it.
If you ever see a Portuguese person (in Portugal) smile = they are conning you/ripping you off.
They are severely unhappy people who derive pleasure out of making others suffer.
Like a true narcissist they will absolutely justify their every con and will absolutely never admit fault.
They constantly complain and point fingers and never ever accept responsibility for anything.

It is the result of centuries of abusive narcissistic dictatorship. It has engraved itself upon the Portuguese gene to such an extent that it has become the culture itself.

The new generations, educated, are fleeing the country, without any desire to return.

Alcoholism, Domestic Violence, Narcissism, and the refusal to change “tradition”, when alcoholism, domestic violence and narcissism is the tradition, will continue to deter everyone (educated Portuguese and foreigners) until the cycle is stopped.

Perhaps after 30/40 years the good Portuguese people will be able to return to Portugal, after all the toxic, evil people have died out and they will be able to rebuild a new, democratic, educated Portugal.
But then again, will the viscous cycle of abusive behaviour ever die out when it is so deeply engrained in the culture itself.

Since the day I arrived in this country (due to a con), I have been praying to leave.
I’ve been a prisoner here, not leaving my home (anymore), having no friends, no community, no cause…for 6 years already…
Fighting a legal battle to send 3 individuals to prison.
I will not give up!

Please do not fall into this honey trap.
It truly is a psychological hell on earth.

If you find yourself in Portugal, for whatever reason, there are only 2 rules:

(1) trust no one, while planning your escape from hell

(2) once you’re out of there, if you know any non-Portuguese who are still trapped in that hell, do whatever is possible within your means, to try and help them escape, and to help them rejoin the human race

Perfect, just stay in your perfect country.
No one is asking you to come here.
I wish there were more websites like this.

Say that to TapAir or the owners of thousands of vaccation homes listed. But hey, according to you TapAir are willing to fly back and forth without passengers, and the owners do not care less if their houses are empty.
All this work for nothing, cause hey, you do not want us here? 🥴

This is all lies

I am portuguese and this is all slander and offensive, I live in America now come over and say this nonsense to my face

Internet tough guy, I challenge you to a fight at rough and rowdy, if you have the balls to accept. You little pussy. Online tough guy pussy boy. I’ll smack you with this linguicia mandingo across the face

You are an idiot, a real Portuguese moron, confirming what is told here about the likes of you, well done

The blog author is an old female. Do you wanna try with me gorilla?
I live in San Diego

The author is 100 % right. I have been many times in Portugal. I never experienced a more despressive, dishonest, jealous and primitive and corrupt people. and I have been around in this world. They do not deserve it to be in the EU. Read all the comments here. Every one is fed up with your country

Your mother is probably ashamed of the discrimination people are facing from her migrant fat Virgin son who made a blog bashing a whole country because he had to use his right hand because he is so disgusting that portugese women in the shops couldn’t even stomach saying your welcome to your ugly ass when you buy your cheese

bacano portugal mete nojo, tu ate te puseste a milhas ganha nocao!!

Learn to write porkandcheese

João Silva, tu fazes com que todos nós fiquemos mal vistos. Está literalmente a provar o ponto de vista do autor. Por favor, seja educado nas suas respostas.


I also got scammed, 2 years ago in Lisbon, and I lost a lot of money

But what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

And I learned a lot from this terrible experience.

I learned that …. in the Portuguese mind, it’s always the foreigner who causes every problem in the country. If a foreigner didn’t cause the problem, he was certainly planning it, and if he wasn’t planning it, he was thinking of it, and if the foreigner wasn’t thinking of causing the problem, he would have thought of it.

So any way these stupid creatures look at it, every problem in Portugal is always the fault of the foreigner, one way or another, never the fault of their own corrupt government, or their criminal real estate agents, or their criminal lawyers, etc etc… no, in their mind, it’s never the fault of Portuguese people.

I was there, for 3 years of living hell, but now that I have escaped that country of con artists and criminals, I’m finally starting to recover from the trauma, and learning to live again, back in my own country, France, a country with many serious problems, but here there are also many good people, and that’s what makes all the difference. Here there are people you can trust and turn to for help, whenever you need it. There is no comparison between the majority of French people, and most of the Portuguese that it was my misfortune to encounter

And there’s no comparison between the two countries. I only wish I had known this before, and never left

this site an excellent demonstration of why speech should be free. In my opinion, Portugal might be better of if it ditched the language and adopted English as its official language

“Operation Stork (“Operação Cegonha”) was a broad initiative under the authoritarian Salazar regime in Portugal, focused on the removal of children from families considered politically undesirable.”… https://www.pedrasdelrei.org/blog/operao-cegonha-in-2024

I’m Portuguese and you’re 100% right!!! I left this country 4 years ago and I will never go back to this place of primitive people, NEVER!!! I was scammed when buying a house, the judge’s crook proved right to the thieves from the construction company who had been carrying out this scheme for years. I came to Germany, I’m very happy here, my advice is: don’t waste a day of your life and your health in that SHIT country, full of envious and primitive people loaded with inferiority and vengeful complexes.

Four years ago, I migrated to this sewer with great enthusiasm, and from the very first months, the harassment started, and I always thought about what I did to be mistreated so much, and I tried. Each day they do better than the previous day, but unaware that these stupid creatures are only taking revenge, a revenge that is rooted in their cultural poverty and the shortcomings of their lives. I just want to get out of this swamp as soon as possible. Even hearing the sound of this garbage is annoying

I found this website by randomly googling “why are Portuguese people so exhausting”. That was just on my mind today.

A lot of what’s written here clearly comes from a place of hurt and outrage, and, being Portuguese myself, I fully share the sentiment. As the saying goes, Portugal is a wonderful country, unfortunately, it’s full of Portuguese people.

A couple of things to note, however.

Portuguese society is indeed predicated on mediocrity. But Portuguese people are well aware of this. You’re incorrect to believe we don’t complain about the state of the nation, in fact, that’s all we complain about!

Because mediocrity walks hand in hand with inferiority, the Portuguese will never admit this to a foreigner. That’s where the “we’re the best!” mentality comes from, deep awareness of our inability to achieve anything meaningful and an immense fear of being found out. If you’re a foreigner in Portugal, you’ll be treated very nicely, just know that Portuguese people do this to fish for compliments about our climate, our food or how nice we are, as insecure people seek validation constantly. Know also that if you criticize Portugal in any way, you’ll immediately become persona non grata, even though we complain about the exact same things you’ve just criticized.

We’re still experiencing the effects of fascism, in a way. We’re an unsophisticated, servile people. The social order changed a little but most of the pieces are still in place. People are educated now (not that long ago Portugal had an 80% illiteracy rate) but the system is so mediocre, students are discouraged from thinking critically. You’ll be much more successful sucking up to your teachers and later your bosses, than pointing out the system’s points of failure. Every tall poppy shall be decapitated!

You’re 100% correct that the Portuguese are a miserable, jealous people. Even with this many hours of sunlight, over half the country is running on antidepressants. I’m currently working at a large company. There was a meeting with our European counterparts to share what everyone is working on. After the meeting, the Portuguese promptly patted themselves on the back as being the best in show, but not before commenting how the other team who are researching the same topic had a terrible presentation and basically had nothing of worth to show. Of course, the official discourse is “we love collaborating and sharing knowledge with our European colleagues”. Portuguese people are such frauds. And there’s no such thing as meritocracy here. There’s a culture of secrecy and withholding information, first, so no one can see how shoddy your work is; second, so you become indispensable and less likely to be fired. Companies talk about “retaining talent” but they’d rather keep lazy, incompetent obstructionists, than workers who are productive, share knowledge within the company and strive to optimize processes. If you’re a woman, then you’re also subjected to humbling treatment, lest you think your hard work will better your career in any way.

Yes, at work and in social circles, as many foreigners realize, it’s quite difficult to make friends here. Even among the Portuguese, most relationships are incredibly superficial and you can never really trust anyone. These people will smile to your face and bad-mouth you behind your back, while actually believing you’re doing the exact same to them. They think that’s the expected, normal behavior.

Portuguese people are deeply antisocial. That’s why there’s such a disregard for the law and other people’s rights. The laws themselves are written so the average (objectively not so smart) person won’t understand them. If you’re fighting for your rights, you can counterpoint every legal objection to the point where you’ll no longer get an answer. In the end the system isn’t meant to be accessed (growing up, “Before the Law” was one of my favorite stories and I swear, Joseph K. was part Portuguese).

We complain about corruption but will soil our hands for the most insignificant things. We’re actually jealous of the big fish, if only we could steal as much as them! There’s nothing a Portuguese person enjoys as much as feeling they’ve pulled a fast one on someone. In a country where most people barely graduate their secondary education, that’s one way to feel smart, I guess.

I should’ve left years ago, but where would I go now? I feel like a stranger in my own country. Maybe it’s not too late. Thanks for sharing your frustration with Portugal and her people… it echoes my own experience in many ways. Sometimes it feels like I’m being gaslit by an entire nation.

Wow! Sou portugues e concordo totalmente. Sempre me senti um ET aqui neste pais totalmente delusional e ridiculo!!

One day I was out walking in the forest, when I heard portuguese voices so I ran up to the nearby rise. Hiding in the bushes, I was horrified to see some village boys chasing a dog through the field.

Running frantically, the dog tried to reach the safety of the forest. But portuguese boys threw rocks, bricks,and pieces of wood, in front of it to cut it off. The dog weakened, its leaps shortened and slowed. The boys finally caught it, but it bravely continued to struggle and to bite. Then the portuguese boys, bending over the animal, poured some liquid from a can on it. Feeling that something horrible was about to be done, I tried desperately to think of some way to save this poor little dog. But it was too late.

One of the boys took a piece of smoldering wood out of the can slung over his shoulder and touched the animal with it. Then he threw the dog to the ground where it immediately burst into flames. With a squeal that stopped my breath it leapt up as if to escape from the fire. The flames covered it; only the dog’s tail still wagged for a second. The small smoking body rolled on the ground and was soon still.

The portuguese boys looked on, laughing hysterically, and prodding dead animal with a stick.

Just another day in the life in Portugal.

Counting the hours, and the minutes, until I can get the hell out of this nightmare land

God where was that?

The following article, about missing persons, or people who disappear in Portugal, was copied and pasted from the Portugal Resident

The focus in the article below is on Jean Tighe, a 38 year old Irish woman who went missing on 13 July 2020 from Parede, on the Cascais line in Lisbon

So it’s not only the scam and fraud and corruption that is everywhere, it’s even worse….rape and murder…. Portugal is not safe, women disappear, they are never found, there is no investigation, the media doesn’t cover it, and no one here knows anything about these missing people…

Article is below, with a link to Portugal Resident, at the end. Click in the link and look at Jean Tighe’s innocent face, This young woman should never have come to Portugal, but no one warned her, she didn’t know, and so she thought it was safe:

“The PJ list of missing persons doesn’t even mention some of them; in fact doesn’t feature a number of ‘notable missing people’, like two of the men who went missing in Madeira in the past couple of years (Benoit Way and Darren Kay); the Lagos chef (Jon Anderson Edwards/ Balion) who seemingly vanished into thin air in 2014, and the Irish woman who left a hostel in Parede (Cascais) during lockdown and who has also disappeared without trace.

As few stories focus on the number of ‘missing people who are also missing from the PJ list of missing people’, there are scant explanations for these lapses.

In the case of the Irish woman, Jean Tighe, it has been claimed that ‘she might want to be missing’ – hence why very little publicity seems to have been given to the incident in the ‘early days’ (in the summer of 2020). It is an attitude that has been publicly lamented by the family who were not even made aware of their loved one’s disappearance until months after Jean walked out of the Help Yourself hostel, leaving behind her passport, clothes, money, keys and one mobile phone.

Since then, the family – particularly 38-year-old Jean’s sister Leona – have pushed for a great deal more in the way of active investigation. “ It is clear to us, especially in the context of the time lapse, that Jean’s disappearance has never been fully investigated”, says an emotional post on social media, placed roughly two weeks ago

Leona Tighe has since been actively following up leads herself. With the help of Expresso reporter Micael Pereira she has been in Portugal recently. Eye witness reports, encouraged by the recent social media campaign, included a possible sighting in Madeira, another in Lisbon. Tragically, both led nowhere, but Leona has stressed she has been buoyed up by the fact that people are, finally, responding to the information about Jean Tighe’s disappearance.

“It means there are people aware and keen to help”, she tells Expresso. “That is what we need, for people to help us find my sister”.

Adding to the puzzle

Adding to the mystery of Jean Tighe’s vanishing is that her own Facebook page has shown “some signs of activity since she disappeared on July 13, 2020”.

Says the latest Expresso story: “An ex-boyfriend, called Klaus, has told police that he tried to call the Irish woman on February 23, 2021 through Facebook Messenger. No one answered, but the notification of this unanswered call was read on Messenger a few weeks later (March 15) by someone with access to Jean’s account.”

In previous stories, Expresso has referred to the mobile phone left behind at the Help Yourself hostel: it was found by a hostel ‘volunteer’, but it was never handed in to police with the rest of Jean’s personal effects. No one seems to know what happened to it. The hotel volunteer has also ‘disappeared from the map’, according to the paper – but whoever has it has accessed messages at various points in 2020 and 2021.

Another twist to the story is the fact that the former boyfriend, Sheu Quitamba, who first reported Jean missing to Portuguese police, has since been found dead in his apartment in Alcabideche (not far from Parede).

His body was discovered on the floor of his kitchen on December 28 last year. “According to a police source there were no signs that he had been the victim of murder”, said Expresso in January. “And although there has still not been an autopsy report, authorities point to probable cause of death being a major heart attack, related to problems with alcohol that he had had for several years”.

There are other ‘loose ends’ – possibly unsurprising considering the lack of interest by authorities to tackle this case in its early days.

“The minimum standard for a missing person’s investigation does not appear to have been followed here, given the significant array of open issues outlined above. We feel that, because of the initial communication issues between authorities, and the subsequent time lapse before the family became aware of the disappearance, Jean’s case was largely ignored in Portugal, and neither Irish nor Portuguese authorities have shown any great appetite to either admit their prior failures or, more importantly, to start anew and launch the investigation which should have been launched in July 2020, with the urgency which any affected family in any country would reasonably expect”, said Leona in her social media posting of last month.

“We need to get the Portuguese police and the Irish authorities to work together and investigate Jean’s disappearance”, she continued; Expresso’s latest report suggests this is at last happening on a Portuguese level.

“In January this year, the public prosecutions office sent a request to Meta (Facebook’s parent company), and to authorities in Ireland”, says the paper.

Meantime, Jean Tighe’s family reinforces the need to keep this investigation alive: “We would like for everyone to keep sharing Jean’s Facebook page because we need to highlight what is not being done within the investigation. At the very least, we hope to ensure that these endemic failures in cross-border judicial communication and cooperation are not revisited on another Irish family in future”.

Jean was a traveller

According to an article in the Irish independent, “Jean was a seasoned traveller and it was not unusual for her to travel solo all over the world. She had suffered from mental health difficulties in the past, Leona said, but she does not believe her sister took her own life”. This belief appears to have been backed up by Leona’s subsequent meeting with the chief of police in Cascais (close to Parede). She told the Independent: “He said 99pc of people who take their own lives by going into the sea, their bodies are recovered. There have been murders in Parede and we have always had fears she went to meet someone, not realising they were dangerous. But we just don’t know”.


Horribly jealous, Scammers, traitor, etc. you can’t use the word human for these creatures. Don’t waste your time in this dirty country.

Remax is by far the largest real estate agency in Portugal.

Look at some of these reviews of Remax/Portugal on Trustpilot.

92 percent of reviewers give Remax/Portugal only 1 star, the lowest rating possible, with many of them saying the entire company is a total scam, their real estate agents are all pathological liars, and they would give the company 0 stars if they could

Here are just 3 reviews of Remax/Portugal, just to give you an idea

(1) Diabolical.

They lied and exploited our situation and even tried to charge us a fee without selling the flat. They put the wrong bank details for the transaction. Ultimately we were ground down to a state where we sold our flat after 6 months for less than what it was worth.

The most incompetent and disingenuous services company I have ever dealt with.

(2) These guys are absolutely the worst. Not just worst but evil. They will lie, manipulate and screw you while smiling in your face! I dealt with them in Algarve, Setubal, Montijo and Lisbon. All different realtors but do the same dirt. I would put a minus star if I could.

(3) The worst company in portugal

The worst company in portugal. behavior of the agents , i had contact with about 16 expect of 3 women, is a fkn dissaster and reminds me of the 80/90s in germany. this guys are all fukup. You @remax, you are a shame and you destroy the dreams of many many people.
worst thing, you also destroying the reputation of portugal. i wanted to spend more the 400k in 3 steps.
you dont want my small money, you never get the big money
ppl hate u, ask any portuguis
Take care if you are in contact with an Artur. If you r his customer kick him

It goes on and on like this with many of the reviewers saying they were scammed by Remax/Portugal and that the entire company is a scam

Here is the Trustpilot link for reviews of Remax Portugal:

Honestly, every country has its problems, but for God’s sake, taking isolated cases and saying what those frustrated idiots come here to say, my goodness, if I go to England, France, Italy, Germany, and live there for a while, I will certainly find reasons to dislike them too. But honestly, taking this and labeling a country based on isolated cases smells like foolish xenophobia… you, the author, must have had a horrible experience in Portugal, go get yourself treated, you must be some crazy frustrated person, go to the doctor, you xenophobic and crazy person! You and all the others who come here to say shit, even the Portuguese!

Charming, hurt, little Portuguese brain. I’m so happy this is being exposed. I hope that country gets the real media attention it deserves. This is the awakening.

Tell me, are you a normal person, or are you some frustrated individual who invents names to come here and denigrate Portugal? And then you come with that sad phrase, “oh, it’s clear from your writing what the Portuguese are like”? If I were to describe what you say about the Portuguese? The insane hatred with which you treat all Portuguese would suggest that you are a disgusting being, a rat, petty, miserable, a wretch, a lifeless being, an outcast, a miserable little shit. You don’t even have the courage to put a name on the blog, you must be from a wonderful country, right? You must be disgusted with yourself, that’s why you hide behind a crappy blog! Get another way of life, you worthless piece of shit, go work, you lazy bum? Oh, and you certainly aren’t European, Europeans are not like you, by the smell of your blog, you must be from a shitty country!!!

There should be signs at every Spanish border crossing into Portugal:

“Warning! European culture and civilization ends here! You are entering a primitive society of savages and stone age barbarians. Your life is at risk if you proceed. Turn back!”

Lol 😅 I was thinking the exact same thing! Just with the wording “welcome to hell”


Who pay you to write all that? None of this is true. If you don’t like it then leave, simple as. Fucking idiot!!!

Who pay you….Typical Portuguese thinking, must involve money…no moron, it’s about reality, something you clearly know nothing about

Portugees are mostly dishonest, racist cowards. I see allot Brazilian people entering. I am actually like the Brazilians more. And I hope they keep coming until the Portuguese will be burried with them. And other cultures, it will be a healthy change.

Truths are always painful specially for the people’s in you level.

You nailed it!

Nothing in Portugal is what it appears to be. It’s all a scam, based on lies.

Thank you for all the work you’ve done on this site. As far as Portugal is concerned, this is the most truthful website I’ve found anywhere on the Internet.

You are Absolutely right 👍

Thanks for your blog, you are 100% right about Portugal, and this blog is a great service by trying to warn others to stay away from Portugal, or get the hell out if they are living there

On the Facebook group “Leaving Portugal: Speaking Candidly “they are currently discussing the extreme animal cruelty in Portugal

Here are just 6 out of many comments concerning cruelty to animals by Portuguese savages (without giving any names of the commenters)

(1) Portugal is the only nation in Western Europe without an enforceable animal anti-cruelty law now. One was finally passed in 2014 but it’s been ruled unconstitutional. It’s literally backwards. Might want to keep that in mind.

(2) Even the cows are mistreated. They are never milked. Now they have mastitis and tumours and are in terrible pain. Yet every morning they force them out into the field with their tractor making them run even though their front feet are tethered to their neck by a rope and they can’t lift their heads up. This is supposed to be a religious country. Why don’t they treat them all as Gods creatures then!! For the record I’m not religious at all.

(3) We arrived in Portugal with our four rescue dogs. Two have since passed due to old age.
We currently have 13 dogs.
Two cats
Three ducks
Two sheep and 10 chickens.
All cats and dogs were abandoned. We rescued them all off various streets or from situations that were dire. We’ve also rehomed two in the last month, thankfully, as we’d have been up to 15…
If, like us, you’re an animal lover and you genuinely care for their wellbeing (many people like to say they care, but when it comes to the crunch they turn a blind eye) Portugal isn’t for you. We’re out of here once our house is sold and we’re taking all the dogs with us.
In the meantime we’ve started a charity to help, as we simply can’t afford them all. But we’d rather eat baked potatoes each night and feed them well than turn them away due to a lack of funds.

(4) It is the number one reason I am leaving Portugal. I can’t stand it. It’s everywhere. I’m surrounded by animals on chains, starving strays, and the Portuguese people who simply don’t care. As a dog owner and animal lover I just can’t deal with it.

(5) Stay away from Portugal if you don’t want to see chained dogs on a daily basis and some other horrific situations.

And finally this one, some Portuguese monster killed her dog:

(6) I ended up rescuing 2. As I already had 2 rescue dogs I transported one to a friend in Ireland and paid another serious amount of money to a vet to look after the other one, who died of kidney failure within 6 months. I wanted to have the second dog put down – but the vet didn’t. Too lucrative. Since then, I purposefully turn a blind eye. Then in November I found my beautiful Henry floating dead in a well. It was not an accident – it was another warning to me. I ended up being treated for PTSD. I am a toughie – but having to use a drone operator after searching for him for nearly a week really tortured me. I still have nightmares about it.

I made the comment about the 13 dogs, plus most of the others are mine too. This place is a hellhole. if we had more money we’ve have a hundred or more! There’s a great new group called Portugal Propaganda – The truth about living here. The admins are very strict and it safe place to vent and be heard, anonymously if you wish. The lady whose dog Henry was murdered, is my friend. Her own Portuguese lawyer advised her to get a gun to defend herself as nothing else will work here.

Last edited 17 days ago by Anonymous

I live in Paris and an old Portuguese man who was manspreading on public transit punched me (a woman) when I asked him to kindly move and also to stop yelling into his phone in the quiet car. Also my friend dated a Portuguese guy living in France who’s 65 years old and can’t retire because he never wanted to work enough to earn a normal pension. It was a rude awakening when he was planning to use his pension to travel the world lol. Lazy POS who flied off the handle regularly for no reason.

I have been here many time in periods of 3-4 months discovering the nature beach etc.At first I brushed of the horrible encounter with the Portuguese..when I spoke English they got angry when I tried Portuguese they mocked me… going to buy a innocent ice cream it says 1.80. She says 2.3 …putting on a show like it was a mistake, taking the ferry to the beach oh..sorry I don’t have change…taking tourist tax when it is off season…going to restaurant they give you tourist menu .. going to BD shop there is now price on items you have to ask them and they make up the price a they go.. checking in a hostel or hotel all pictures are lie, wifi don’t work, going to do laundry the machine does not give change back which is written in small text…why make such a machine???etc..EVERY INTERACTION IS A HUGE SCAM! It is extremely exhausting… Unfortunately YouTube and Instagram are hyping this shit hole up for now reason.. I am so done with the disgusting Portuguese people…feel bad for anyone stuck in this hell hole…

I am Portuguese and lived almost 50 years abroad, YES it’s a very correct description of this sad inbred country, where corruption and nepotism rules, and stupidity and IGNORANCE seems to be the highest achievement possible. Give a Portuguese a slitter of power, and he will immediately turn into a ruthless miniature Mussolini, this was very obvious in Holland where Portuguese, would be like parasites leaching on other Portuguese, stealing and defrauding each other in every way possible, work, house rent, selling cars etc. Envious shit little insignificant people, retarded and dumb. But the best “slaves” for common work in Northern Europe.
No wonder they “discovered Brazil”, because they turned the wrong way!)
And special the flag is SPOT ON.
in 1602, the Dutch apprehended the Galeão Santiago, after taking the ship, they wrote this:
“Say, Portuguese people, what nation will there be in the world so barbaric and
Greedy to commit to passing the Cape of Good Hope in the way
you all pass by, stuck in the depths of the sea with cargo, putting your
lives so likely to be lost, just because of greed; and therefore not
wonder that you lost so many ships and so many lives (…)”

My friends have been defrauded of over 350,000E. 17 years of lawyers and the justice system have just got them deeper in debt with unspecified fines and “court fees” plus an “honest” lawyer who only took cash payments under the table in a local café.

As a portuguese I’m sad to say the only way with this country is to leave it. We can’t change a culture and those of us who try regretted it. It’s a vicious circle. My sister worked at the.most respectable bank in the country which later was bankrupt by its corrupt but respected CEO.
She worked hard but guess who got promoted. The ones who pander to the boss and do all the illegal things he asks them to do

Stop hating foreigners for pointing out bad behavior.
Take responsibility for the state of your nation.

Portugal map

Portugal, A sewer full of cockroaches

Thank you for pointing out all these instances in Portugal. Whilst I was there in 2011, my rental car windscreen was smashed. I called the police who just seemed really lazy and unconcerned. I ended up having to take a taxi to the police station and the man that I saw could speak good English, but his sluggish lazy manner was enough to make me wonder if I was wasting my precious vacation time. To cut a long story short, I will not return to Carvoeiro, in that Godawful country which smells like an open sewer system. To hell with Portugal!

I thought it was just me ….
We bought into the fake PR and social media version of how wonderful it is to live in Portugal. (Great place for a vacay but NOT to live!)
Once the cracks appeared in the thickly laid varnish, we got a good dose of reality. Originally we wanted to wait out the 5 years to apply for EU citizenship but found out the more realistic number is more like 8 years until you get it (or may not get it). By year 2 we were done and over with living in Lisbon and made a plan to move to France. At this point we are counting the days to get out of this dump, we feel like we live in Bedrock City…. waiting for Fred Flintstone to appear at any moment.

I agree with most of what you have said although we did not ever have any occurrences where we were ripped off and did encounter some nice Portuguese people but you are always the outsider and yes, you feel the envy as an American.

Ultimately, we could no longer tolerate the absolute ineptness of how businesses are run, the annoying, depressing victim mentality of the people, less than mediocre food, filthy streets, shit graffiti everywhere and zero lack of initiative or pride in ownership. I started a business here in the tourism sector but there is not a day goes by where I want to bang my head against the wall trying to get anything done with the Portuguese and we are lucky as our 2 main vendors want to do better for themselves but the effort still is average and laborious on our end. If this does not improve in 2024 (not holding my breath) I will walk away from the business and not feel one bit bad about it. My energy is better spent with people who can get things done and where a difference can be made and appreciated.

It is a fact that 50% of Americans that move to Portugal leave. I suspect another good portion are stuck here with no exit plan.

Thank you for sharing this and allowing me to get this off my chest.

So much crookedness among Portuguese businesses, including Chinese stores. Chinese ask you to pay more than you saw on the price tags after removing the price tags so you don’t have proof of cost. Honest businesses are few in between.

I lived in Portugal for less then one year. It wass my most horrible time ever in life. I have been scammed, threathened and assaulted. No one helps you. The Portugues are very closed and despressive people, very difficult to approach. When you live there for a while you have to be carefull not to become paranoide since no one you can trust in that country. I was an absolute nightmere. This country is very corrupt, in every field. Why is this country still a member of the EU?

If someone has not lived in Portugal, may think that these writings are exaggerated. But it is exactly the same as reality. A real hell with very jealous, evil and deceitful people who will stab you in the back at the first opportunity. Life in Portugal is like a nightmare. When you leave your home, you take this negative energy from those around you.

There are good and bad people everywhere in the world, but here in Portugal, only absolute bad, very very bad. I am a social person, I always like to make new friends, but unfortunately it is almost impossible in this country, I always think that only one woman gave birth to all Portuguese people, because unfortunately they are all (unreliable and backstabber)

Thank you, I found this at the right time. For so long I have been struggling thinking I was the only one to think this way and feeling guilty about it. I lost my health, my life savings and my self-esteem in this Dark Age’s place. If I wanted to work with retards, I would have become a psychiatrist. Now I feel ready to go, nowhere it can be as bad as here.

As a Portuguese, I apologize for what happened. There are good, serious and hard working people and it’s sad that this occurs in the twentieth-first century.

We have been living in this country for almost 4 years and because of our work situation, we deal with these creatures a lot.

I’m only visiting and feel trauma from interaction with Portuguese people..I feel bad for you…

I agree with the comment below. From my personal experience the vast majority of people you will encounter as a foreigner are extremely unpleasant and untrustworthy.

It is not worth building relationships with them, they are primarily motivated by resentment and jealousy.

I am sure there are nice Portuguese, but they are hard if not impossible to find as a foreigner.

At first glance, some people may feel that this article is racist/discriminatory. I am sad to say that the points outlined within have generally been my experience growing up with a number of Portuguese-Canadians in Canada. Some of the worst people from my childhood came from Portugal unfortunately.

Reading this article was frankly cathartic for me, as I have had resentment towards these people for a long time.

I have lived in Portugal for over 20 horrible years. It has been hell! The article is sadly 100 percent true. I married a Pprruguese man. He has been horrible to me fir 40 years. I am trapped! I am trying really hard to leve this hell. It has taken way too long!

I had a good one today.

I hired a lawyer more than 2 months ago in Almancil to find out about a criminal complaint I made months ago. He found the case had been dropped by the Public Prosecutor – partly because I had not responded to correspondence from them. I have been living at secret addresses for the last 6 months due to a very violent neighbour who is believed to be involved with organised crime. His crimes towards me included land theft, blackmail and extortion to keep the stolen land, driving me off the road etc etc – and then blocking my post box to prevent me receiving post.

So we were reopening the case as the neighbour’s intimidation continues – I’m a woman. Even major journalists know this guy and helped rescue one of his female partners towards whom he was very violent.

The lawyer writes today and says the deadline is in 3 working days, but he only wants to complain about the neighbour taking pictures in my property. Nothing else. And, of course he knows it is impossible to get a new lawyer by the dealine. We are highly suspicious – everyone in Almancil knows everyone else. So, we are submitting a new complaint ourselves – gender based violence etc.

I am now at the stage where I don’t believe one word out of the mouth of a Portuguese person. I have found virtually everyone of them to be dishonest, corrupt and liars. Poortugal Scum indeed. One only needs to read about Merde im Boca to understand these people.

First, let me state that there are exaggerations and misconceptions. There are serious and hard working Portuguese but they’re difficult to encounter. Due to the toxic environment, they are usually at work or at home.

In many points, you’re right. However, it’s complex. Our history is outstandingly long and complex.

Some of what you see comes from Soviet Russia. We had a Fascist Dictatorship from 1926 (well, a military coup in may 28) up to 1974. It was horrible. Then in 1974 we had a military coup that was taken advantage by the Soviets to install a communist state. It “failed” and we moved to democracy. I wrote “failed” since what happened was that Soviet ideas were disseminated at all levels and the public administration and work unions became under communist control. Many parts of the public administration, work ethics, and people’s behavior are still contaminated by the Soviet poison. Even within families, the struggle is unbearable, and often all tricks are allowed. I’ve seen and experienced everything.

From my part, I can’t complain about the hospitals (both public and private) and other services.

I still feel the implications of my stay in Portugal. The author of this blog is so right about his views on the Portuguese people. At all levels you ‘ll meet them, from the people in the street, the waiters, the brokers, lawyers and the judiciary. I never had a worse experience in any country I have visited or lived then in Portugal. Keep this blog alive and warn the world for this country.

Your website contains really interesting insights, and obviously I found it because it resonates with my experience. It’s my fourth visit to Portugal, this time to Porto. I was born and raised in two former Soviet block countries, so I know a thing or two about socialism, poverty, rudeness, lack of empathy, and catching up with the West. I also lived and studied on other continents. I’m not going to complain about crowds, tourists, high prices, urine-smelling streets, or lack of infrastructure because these are the things you will always encounter (to a varied degree) in popular tourist destinations. However, the one thing that strikes me each time I’m here is how unbelievably rude the Portuguese people are. I truly understand that the locals are fed up with stupid tourists because even if they make money off of them, tourists do make life difficult. I get that. But Portuguese meanness has a different quality to it – these people take ACTIVE pleasure in humiliating you (for absolutely no reason), and judging by their behavior in shops, on the streets, or on public transport, they have zero empathy and couldn’t care less if you dropped dead right at their feet. We have three more days left in Porto, and my husband nearly broke out in tears today after he heard some Spaniards on the metro – he said he wanted to hug them and ask them to take him back to civilization :)))

The sad thing is about living here even as a Swedish person is that I lack the honesty and care to do a good job.

The best service you get is generally from foreign people and I once complained about a car mechanic that charged for making a diagnosis of my car problems and didn’t find the problem, but still wanted to charge me 150 euros when there was an obvious problem with the car. I got angry and said I would not pay for charges that was not agreed upon, so I got my keys back and they said that I should not count on their services anymore. I didn’t even reply to this as I am sick and tired of arguing with ignorant Portuguese people and this type of behaviour is more a rule than an exception. Most times I can’t stand them and I don’t even try to befriend them.

The aggressiveness, the rudeness, corruption and arrogance is enough for me to really not want to engage at all if possible. I don’t admire their culture, small-mindedness, their pathetic patriotism and development. I understand why they are poor. They don’t even treat each other any better.

I find their sense of humour to be very mean and I am not convinced that they are just joking as they claim. Their TV is terrible and food bland.

The fact that Portugal is a really beautiful place to be does not change the fact that us foreigners normally don’t like the Portuguese people. Most people come here to get the right to stay in Europe and then move on. Portugal has a decreasing population in spite of their growing costs of living, and no employers will pay a livable wage, but expect 100% commitment and overtime.

I am planning on moving to Spain, but have not been able yet. This country doesn’t feel like my future. There is no opportunities and progression in life here.


Have been here many times on vacation to avoid snowy Sweden… But this is my last one… Among the beaches and palm trees hide disgusting Portuguese individuals who lurk or mock you.

Slowly the curtain has been pulled away from my naive eyes… 8 out of 10 interactions are completely psychologically taxing… Feel sorry for the people who live here… Occasional encounters with wandering tourists that have given me a bit of happiness for the moment…

— Original text in Swedish: —


Har varit här många gånger på semester för att undvika snöiga Sverige…men det här är min sista…bland stränder och palmträd gömmer sig avskyvärda portugisiska individer som lurar eller hånar dig .

Sakta har skynket dragits undan för mina naiva ögon..8 av 10 interaktioner är fullständigt psykiskat påfrestande.. tycker synd om de som bor här…enstaka möten med vandrande turister som gett mig en gnutta lycka för stunden..

I live in the Azores (not on the main island) and people are not as bad as described here, (dentists are really bad though), perhaps because it is a mixture of Portuguese, with the French, the Dutch, American and Canadians, some Germans and at least some people are friendly, honest and caring here in the Azores (Pico island). But yes there are some cases of crookery, theft etc. as described but not as bad as I would guess on the continent.

I have barely finished reading the first post I came across on your website. I literally stopped midway so that I can write this note to you.

I am the son of a Portuguese woman born in Mozambique. The entire family was displaced by Frelimo violence and came to South Africa as refugees. My grandparents themselves were economic migrants out of the area of Serra da Estrela. My grandfather’s father also made his living in Mozambique, having been sent there by the Salazar government to develop the agriculture.

My personal journey of discovering my roots, the history of my Portuguese side of the family (my father is Afrikaans) and meeting family members I had never met in my life before, was depressing. The words you write resonate deeply with me. I thought I was being a typical german and that my experience of Poortugal surely had to be an exception. I started questioning my sanity and my beliefs.

I am very relieved to find my experience validated in your writing. I would like to share two instances of the absurdity I experienced;

I had a court case in 2021 against an employee of the library, who called the cops on me when I asked her to keep her voice down in the library (in VFX). What started as an entry in the livro de reclamações literally ended up in a court case in the favour of the obnoxious bitch at the library.

My family’s house on the tejo at Vila Franca de Xira (VFX) was hijacked by a squatters 47 years ago. Now their drug-dealer son lives there too, along with his two children. Wonderful, don’t you think. There’s a housing crisis and I’m not allowed to live in my own house unless I… first, find alternative accommodation for these pigs within a 2-km radius, second, pay 6 months of their lease upfront, and third, pay for their relocation.

I’m starting to understand why there are so many arson fires in Portugal. It is a MUCH worse place than the shit-hole colonies like South Africa or Mozambique.

I have yet to resolve any of the issues I’ve mentioned. Things simply don’t move in the legal or justice system. I am a dual-citizen of two of the worst-off and corrupt places ON EARTH. Still trying to come to terms with it. What has not been difficult is my decision to move to the Netherlands.

Your blog is am amazing find for me at a very challenging time. Thank you for the effort you put into it. Most of all, thank you for your honesty!