Portuguese are natural born thieves

The education of the Portuguese

There are honest and very good people in Portugal, the problem is that the majority will always steal from everyone and everything, as long as the opportunity arises. Most Portuguese are inherently dishonest, so they have no problems of conscience and there is no right and wrong for them, or else there is, the right thing to do is steal, lie and not get caught. Which is very easy in Portugal, with the blessing and protection of the perfidious Portuguese (in)Justice system.

Portugal is what it is because the Portuguese are what they are.

Since the majority of Portuguese children are brought up by dishonest parents, it’s only natural that they also tend to become dishonest adults very easily, unless they are born with a very strong character that allows them to instinctively distinguish between right and wrong. Although, Portuguese parents naturally love their children, most of them are inept as also don’t know any good moral values, only bad ones or, most likely, no values at all to pass on to their children, instead, they transmit “values” (actively or passively), such as; crooks are very smart people (and implicitly, examples to follow), rather than crooks are the cancer of any society that must be protected from them in order to guarantee the normal functioning and due prosperity and happiness of its honest and hardworking citizens. Disgracefully, in Portugal, from my empirical perception, only 5% of people are like this, the remaining 95% are pure trash, morally speaking, and simpletons at best. So, unfortunately, this never happens in Portugal, quite the opposite, given that Portuguese justice is itself a monstrous criminal mafia full of despicable people who feed off the desperation of victims to their last cent.

It is a fact that the majority of Portuguese who assume a position of greater or lesser power, especially in the public sector and when the opportunity arises, take advantage of their position to steal “embezzle” as much as they can, be it money, goods or merchandise. That’s why corruption in Portugal is so systemic and deep-rooted in politics, justice or any public sector, because it is the very Portuguese people as a whole who don’t care anything at all, because everyone would (and actually does) the same thing when they have a shot. The truth is that the Portuguese really LIKE corruption, because they are thinking about themselves too!

Most Portuguese are very coward, so they won’t rob you by physically threatening you, but they will certainly steal from you if they know they won’t be caught, or that they are protected by Portugal’s corrupt and wholly inept “justice system”, which is a guarantee from the get go.

Portuguese shop window
This is how most businesses end up in Portugal. Whether you plan everything very well or not, it doesn’t matter, because the social environment as a whole is very heavily anti-business, since it is full of pitfalls, very unfair, highly dysfunctional, lawless, mediocre and poor on every level, which will inevitably render all your efforts irrelevant. | The Real Portugal

I remember once seeing a Portuguese man I was having lunch with in a restaurant stealing a cup of coffee at the end of the meal. The candid justification he gave me was that he collects coffee cups. Just that, so in his mind, just because he likes collecting coffee cups (nothing wrong with that), it’s then okay to steal them?! I was shocked (this type of situation, petty theft, is very common among the Portuguese), but why didn’t he ask the restaurant owner if he could take the coffee cup, since he really likes it and would be very happy to add it to his coffee cup collection? The restaurant owner almost certainly wouldn’t mind giving him the cup, and in the very unlikely event that the owner didn’t accept his request, he might offer to buy one for his collection. It’s only a cup, but a theft is a theft and if someone steals a frigging cup, of course they’d just as quickly steal a million euros. That’s why Portugal is an eternally miserable country. Portugal’s problem is the Portuguese people themselves, the majority of whom have a total absence of moral values.

I once went with my wife to have breakfast at a fast food hamburger restaurant (McD) and we were very surprised to hear the employee apologize for not serving coffee in porcelain cups, but in cardboard cups. She said that they couldn’t supply any more porcelain cups because they had all been stolen by customers, Portuguese customers. (sigh)

Truly intelligent people are honest; dishonesty comes from weakness, which is linked to a defective brain and low intelligence. Intelligence does good, but evil always ends in stupidity and the destruction of all that is good and beautiful. History has tragically taught us that over and over again.

Evil hates beauty and intelligence.

It is irrefutable and makes total sense that the most developed countries are always the ones with the least corruption or no corruption worthy of note, and the poor countries are always the ones with the most corruption and crooks.

Portuguese sidewalk
Typical Portuguese cobblestones, which in most cases are very poorly made and not flat at all, forcing you to constantly look down to avoid twisting your foot, or dangerously kicking a stone at someone or something, or stepping in dog poop, very annoying… Portugal is a country full of irritations. Furthermore, it seems obvious that it is extremely dangerous to leave these stones so close at hand, as they can be very easily used as lethal weapons. | The Real Portugal

What makes this tragic situation even worse, is that corruption and nepotism in Portugal is not limited to grand corruption (as if that weren’t already enough), there is also, shall we say, unfettered petty corruption, which is extremely prolific and deeply rooted in the majority of the Portuguese population of civil servants, who, as long they have the opportunity, will steal “divert” from the state (taxpayers’ money) as easily as chewing a gum. This can range from the theft of a simple child’s ruler to the often artificially inflated budgets of the many public institutions, which also result in the criminal waste of goods of no practical use whatsoever, just for the sake to keep the extremely inflated flow of public state money (taxpayers’ money) in their coffers, so that they can happily distribute the stolen money and goods to many “friends” and “family” pockets and homes. These situations touches everyone, from the cleaning lady to the manager of that public institution, be it a town hall or a hospital. It happens with everything, everyone and all the time! It’s the typical crooked and self-serving mentality of the Portuguese at work and, of course, they don’t see anything wrong with it, quite the opposite. Such sick and primitive mindset can only be explained by the very poor genetics of the Portuguese in general.

Which means that Portugal ends up having a public spending of at least three countries, just counting this “petty” corruption, now add to that the grand corruption.
And this is to where the EU is sending our money?! Unacceptable!

Portugal has practically the same population as Sweden, so why such difference in civilizational development and GDP value creation? It’s pretty obvious, it all comes down to the quality of the people: on the one hand, the very corrupt and stupid Portuguese and, on the other hand, the very honest and intelligent Swedes, broadly speaking.

I really don’t understand dishonesty, it’s like crapping on your own face and losing all your dignity, but since we’re talking about immoral and unscrupulous people, of course, for this kind there is no such thing as the “pesky” dignity to get in the way of their “interests”.

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


The real Portuguese flag
Portuguese Evolution

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After reading the below article I finally understood why for many years on a continuous basis FedEx Portugal takes 1 to 2 weeks to dispatch documents shipments internationally from Lisbon, Portugal!

“Portugal is the European country with the highest rate of depression and the second in the world, but it is estimated that one third of the population with severe mental disorders are not being treated, Lusa news agency reported.

According to the coordinator for the European Alliance Against Depression, psychiatrist Ricardo Gusmão, the United States is the only country that is ahead of Portugal in the rate of depression and mental disorders in general.

Gusmão believes that, although the use of antidepressants is much higher in Portugal than in other countries, there are still many seriously ill patients without treatment. “The most serious consequence of untreated depression is suicide and most suicides occur in the context of depression,” he said.”

Source: https://portuguese-american-journal.com/portugal-is-the-european-country-with-the-highest-rate-of-depression/

Only absolutely mentally ill people and companies run by such mentally ill and depressed people can ignore such business common sense to dispatch shipments ASAP within hours of being picked up since they are a SPEED COURIER for God’s sake!

Stuck in Portugal being dependent on their horrible Fedex “service”.

“There are still many seriously ill patients without treatment in Portugal” and they are running businesses in a really depressed way. How do they remain in business that’s another question. Perhaps most of their customers are mentally ill as well?