Fake invoices, fictitious jobs, hired mothers. Here are the “hired” in the network of favors in the Lisbon councils

“I don’t forget my friends,” says a Portuguese politician to another politician, beginning one of the wiretaps that are part of the police investigation.

Portuguese nepotism at its best: schemes involving favors, contracts, agreements, jobs and even hired mothers.

In another wiretap, the party treasurer shouts, “This way, they’re going to fu*k me!”

On the party bench in the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, they serve wages as if they were lunch, of course, to do nothing, not even to show up.

No, this is not science fiction, this is Portugal, a “country” that is in the EU! How is this possible?! How can the EU be so blind?!

It should be noted that this police investigation is superfluous, because in the end, as always, there will be no real convictions and everything will be archived/dismissed for the same reason as always “no wrongdoing was found”. And in some years, the Portuguese will forget, which is not difficult at all, because at this moment they have already forgotten.

Just a “small” detail. This investigation started only eight years after an anonymous tip, yes, you read that right! Hmmm! I wonder why that is?

The following article is a translation. You can find the link to the original website at the end of it.

“I don’t forget my friends,” said Sérgio Azevedo in 2017. He hasn’t forgotten.

This is just one of the many wiretaps included in the Tutti Frutti investigation, which TVI and CNN Portugal are revealing this week. Sérgio Azevedo, then PSD deputy, is treated by the Public Ministry as central to the scheme that involved favors, contracts, agreements, jobs. And that required maintaining power.

When José Eduardo Martins challenged this power, running as head of the PSD list for the Municipal Assembly in the local elections, this domination was called into question.

“José Eduardo Martins will win and our people won’t be able to stay there”

says in October 2017 Nuno Firmo, who became treasurer at the Santo António parish council. The answer:

“They’ll fu*k me that way.”

José Eduardo Martins ended up slamming the door, after a “palace coup” that was reported at the time that forced him away.

These are the faces of the men and women who make a living from politics and godparents, and who have the Social Democrats allegedly at the center of networks of agreements and payments.

Including people “who just went there to sign the receipt, getting paid without working”

as one wiretap says. Carlos Eduardo Reis even said to Miguel Peixoto (both from PSD), on October 29, 2017:

“That bench has an office where there are many advisors and many monthly agreements – Mafalda Cambeta, Patrícia Leitão and even Rodrigo Moita de Deus who never did anything.”

When he stood at the head of the party’s bench at the Lisbon municipal assembly, in 2013, Azevedo immediately seated friends and served wages. In less than two months, three contracts were signed: Patrícia Leitão, Nuno Vitoriano and Filipa Lages. All members of the social democratic party and with close relations with each other.

At least two were named defendants in the case alongside the former PSD deputy.

See the full report on video on TVI and CNN Portugal.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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