Portugal does not belong to the democratic world, it is a criminal organization that has to exit the EU

Portugal and the European Union

Portugal is really a unique case in the whole world. It is the only country in the world that functions at all levels as a dictatorship, but manages to disguise itself as a respectable democracy. How does this happen?
Because, first and foremost, it is located in Europe and it is a member of the EU, which helps a lot to consolidate and disguise the deception, as well as the bewildered Portuguese population deeply contradictory and submissive behavior in the face of the dictatorship in which they live.
The majority of the Portuguese due to their unique characteristics of being a mixture of ingrained dishonesty, stupidity, cowardice and apathy in tons, nourish and cement, since always, the increase and consolidation of absolute corruption at the most dangerous levels, that is, the Portuguese State institutions, as is the case of; political parties, government institutions, the deceptive justice system, police forces, municipalities, really everything where public money runs there SURELY is deep rooted installed corruption, including, as it could not be other way, the unbridled theft of the European Union taxpayers money, which is avidly and systematically stolen by countless Portuguese thieves every day and always “legally”.

PEXIT! Poortugal’s exit from the EU, before they sink us all with them!

Don’t take my word for it, just read the news on this website about the systemic corruption in Portugal, and you’ll very easily spot the pattern of criminal behavior and total impunity that can only happen in dictatorships.

Portuguese economy works very much like a Ponzi scheme, because it is based on a pyramid of endless corruption and authorized thieves who methodically steal other people’s money. This is Poortugal in a nutshell.

You cannot separate Portuguese corruption from the Portuguese people, because they are one and the same thing, so embedded and scattered it is throughout Portuguese society, which is made up of crooks and simpletons who let everything happen under their noses without doing anything to stop it.
The Portuguese must be among the most coward and spineless people in the world; as they are incapable of confronting injustice! Incapable of speaking out! Incapable of fighting for their rights and especially for the rights of their fellow citizens.

Either we can’t trust the Portuguese people to change this calamitous situation through elections, because in Portugal elections are utterly pointless, since they only serve to literally feed the already unleashed levels of installed corruption. Democracy gives the people the power to purge the country of bad actors through elections, such as corrupt and crooks in general, that are at the top of politics and State bodies, and therefore elect and reward honest and capable people by voting for them, but the Portuguese do exactly the opposite of what democracy is supposed to be! Which is to perfect democracy through natural selection of the fittest, by that I mean, NOT crooked (or at least, the less crooked), through the people’s vote, which means NEVER electing crooks! Number ONE rule, or at least, not voting for them more than once! However, the democratic process is totally perverted in Portugal.
It turns out that the Portuguese society is pathetically fond of and actually very much admires the corrupt, crooks, swindlers and the like, the filthier they are, more the Portuguese like them, who are seen by the population in general as very intelligent, sophisticated and even funny people, instead of the enormous danger they present to the society. Portuguese voters identify themselves with crooks, as most of them are also dishonest, and therefore always vote for the most corrupt, consecutively! This behavior, of course, “just” annuls democracy completely.
This is why Portugal has nothing to do with the 21st century Europe. In this respect, Portugal is a geographical aberration in the EU. In reality and in practice, Portugal is, for a fact, a fake democracy ruled by crooks and criminals, just like any other third world dictatorship.

95% of the Portuguese have the country they deserve because they chose to be vassals, the other 5% are, very sadly, powerless hostages to the situation as they are so few to change things.

Very degraded Portuguese public building
We can see the state of total degradation of a Portuguese public building. This is happening all over the country because most of the EU money, as well as Portuguese taxpayers’ money, is continuously stolen instead of benefiting the economy and people’s lives. | The Real Portugal

Quite simply, Portugal functions as a mafia dictatorship of countless, very well-placed crooks, protected by a VERY convenient sovereignty that prevents them from ever facing due justice and suffering the consequences of their crimes, as would be the case if they were located in another EU country.

The EU is betraying its own values by allowing and tolerating this organization of thieves called Portugal to remain in the EU as if it were a true democracy, like Germany or France or the Netherlands for example, which they ARE NOT. Portugal is an unfettered fraudulent society disguised as a nation of law, and not only are they abusing, wasting and stealing the hard-earned tax money of European citizens written with a blank check, as they are also very dangerously for us, sending their corrupt henchmen into positions of high responsibility in the EU, taking very important decisions that are highly susceptible to corruption, and which in the end will certainly affect very negatively the lives of all of us in the EU. Even when there may not be corruption involved with Portuguese in the EU institutions, there is the problem, but in this case a less serious one, that the Portuguese in general are very inept, incompetent and lazy, even more, knowing that the good and competent Portuguese are certainly NEVER the ones sent to the EU by the crooked Portuguese governments, so I am very uncomfortable having an unchecked official, and often using fictitious curricula (more info about this herehere and here), from Portugal taking probably very nonsensical decisions in the EU Commission or Council or voting in the EU Parliament that will affect the lives of all of us, EU citizens. It is no coincidence that, in my opinion, the most mediocre EU president of all times I can remember was from Portugal.

The EU made a gigantic error in letting Portugal join the club and is paying dearly for it. Portugal, morally, is a festering cancer with no cure, the EU must cut Portugal out as soon as possible, if only out of respect for the Europeans who are paying for the EU’s (honest) error out of their own pockets.

Likewise, it is very dangerous to allow this undemocratic, mafia-like organization to have access to and be a member of other prominent democratic representative pan-world organizations around the world.

I consider myself more European than the nationality of my own European country of origin, but that includes the Europeans who share the same respect for democracy, citizenship and fair rule of law, as well as those for whom crooks and corrupts are an absolute anathema, and in my view, a disease for democracy. Every human being is unique and beautiful no matter what, but the only flaw I can’t really stand in a person is being a crook, who I don’t even consider worth the oxygen they breathe. These kind of “people” are just on this world to destroy what honest, capable, hard-working and decent people are building and to turn happiness into misery, I tend to see such ignoble people like “computer bugs”, these kind are definitely a mistake of nature. Therefore, they simply need to be swiftly removed from society so that they can no longer be able to cause more ongoing harm. Simply as that.

NONE or negligible corruption should be the PRIMARY adhesion criterion for joining the EU, but I mean corruption in its true magnitude, not the one released by the country at first glance, if that were been the case, Portugal would NEVER be a member of the EU today, because corruption in Portugal is INFINITELY higher than what is supposedly to be known by international organizations, to the point of, in fact, ANNULLING democracy. I very strongly believe that the TRUE level of corruption in Portugal is even higher than in most African countries.

Corruption in Portugal is essentially “legal”, 99,9% of the time, since these laws are “designed” by the same corrupt politicians. And even when the corruption is deafening, the Portuguese judge just rules that it is “legal”, and no one complains in Portugal.

Portuguese pedestrian crossing completely worn and erased
Portuguese crosswalk completely worn and erased, which represents a huge danger for people. It should also be noted that this crosswalk is located near a school. Many, if not most asphalt signs in Portugal are in this condition. (Mainly suburbs of big cities and most rest of the country) | The Real Portugal

The EU should always focus on following the best examples of EU Member States in terms of enforcement and respect of the rule of law which allows a fair playing field, as well zero tolerance for corruption and crooks in general, because that’s what makes a society happy and able to develop. Enforcement of the rule of law and true justice simply means, that there are fair opportunities for everyone to become the best version of themselves and to evolve their lives, within a secure and predictable environment. When corrupt and thieves are not stopped by the law, they are able to “cheat” the rules and consequently catastrophically harm everyone else lives, and thus impoverish an entire population just for their own egotistical benefit and this is what turns a country into a sh*thole, like Poortugal is, since ever! So, those who do not play by the rules must be kicked out of the EU, otherwise the EU will be weakened and we all will be poorer by contamination. Certain countries, like Poortugal, are just eternal dead weight, poisonous and freeloaders.

It is not just because they call themselves a democracy that they ARE a democracy.

I believe that Portugal is evil, a kind of retarded evil, but nonetheless very evil and toxic, but not militarily of course, due to the perverse and very malicious nature of the majority of its population, made up of crooks and useful idiots, a recipe that makes it possible to be a dictatorship while maintaining a façade of democracy, since the 5% of decent Portuguese, who really care about the situation, will never have the power to reverse it, just because the overwhelming majority of crooks and idiots will always win any election and therefore impose their “will” over the good law-abiding citizens with moral values.

It is a fact, that democracy can only succeed when the electorate is righteous and intelligent.

Corruption is cheating, it’s unfair and immoral! We, the EU citizens and taxpayers are not being respected, so democracy is not being respected as long as the EU allow these Portuguese corrupt to benefit to the detriment of honest EU citizens.

It is obvious that the EU as a whole must be fair and honest, and not the way it is working now, where the righteous, are the payers, and the corrupt, are the receivers, as is the flagrant case in Portugal.

Portugal is an all around amusement park for the corrupt and thieves.
The corrupt must NOT be allowed to be the net beneficiaries of the EU project.

Portuguese corruption is a cancer that must be stopped at the root, lest it grow and metastasize, causing more and more damage to the EU. We can only eradicate the cancer of Portuguese corruption by expelling Portugal, there is really no other way, and in the meantime, at least STOP the madness of sending them another cent of our hard-earned money!

Portuguese road sign boards
This is the deplorable state of road signs in Portugal. When I was driving by, you could only really read the signs when you were just a few meters away from them. This was in Lisbon!
Does this look like an EU country? It seems that the EU’s billions are not being enough to buy blue paint. Why would that be? | The Real Portugal

Democracy will never work in Portugal because the Portuguese are the ones who vote.
Democracy doesn’t work in Portugal, for the same reasons it doesn’t work in Africa either.

It must be very uncomfortable for EU statesmen to be forced to deal frequently with the corrupt Portuguese criminal counterparts, knowing that if they were in their country, most of them would most likely be behind bars.

In principle, I am in favor of transferring European funds to the less developed countries and regions of Europe, not because I am particularly generous, but because in the end, in my opinion, it will benefit everyone, as it is in our collective economic and political interest that there are no underdeveloped regions in the EU, BUT ONLY, AND ONLY on the condition that the money goes into the hands of HONEST and hard-working people, because without trust and honesty the EU will surely collapse, as everything else in life. The Portuguese crooks know only one thing, since ever, to take, and take more from everyone, from the EU to all world organizations, and certainly Portugal does not and will never pay anything back to anyone, not now, not ever. It’s not on their agenda to be donors.

It is only possible to help people who are honest, hard-working and sincerely interested in improving their lives, but regrettably, the sad reality is that the majority of Portuguese are crooks, idiots and thieves by opportunity, so our money never reaches the ends for which it was nobly destined, to develop Portugal and provide an increasingly better quality of life for the Portuguese people.
So what’s the point of continuing to give money to thieves, in a place where ordinary citizens have, in practice, “all” the rights of a dictatorship? It’s so absurd.

The truth is that, as a people, the Portuguese are very low quality people, most of them dishonest from birth, and this will probably get worse in the coming years, so they can’t be helped, it’s impossible. You cannot turn crooks and idiots into honest and intelligent people, never happened.

The EU has nothing to gain from Portugal’s membership, as the situation stands, but quite the opposite, it has so much to lose and risk, presently and much more in the future. Portugal will, very unfortunately, always be POORtugal, a place where regrettably most people are born crooks, so the only intelligent thing to do is to get rid of them.

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


The real Portuguese flag
Portuguese Evolution

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