There is no freedom of expression in Portugal, in fact, there is not even freedom of opinion

Freedom of expression in Portugal

Just by having an opinion in Portugal, you run the real risk of being sued for hurting someone else’s feelings and then being convicted for that reason alone; your opinion has hurt the feelings of an entitled person or group of people, invariably a crooked and obnoxious person or group of people. I.e. in Portugal, you can’t denounce someone of being corrupt, a swindler, a thief or whatever, or else you’ll be the criminal and then you’ll face very grave penalties, since the scum is always protected and acquitted by the filthy and corrupt Portuguese courts run mostly by pseudo “magistrates” who are themselves criminals and utterly inept, but if it’s the other way around, an honest person being accused by a scumbag, then in that case, justice very promptly, and almost always, will take the side of that scumbag against you, which is clearly intended to act as a punishment to keep you quiet and tamed, just like what happens under a dictatorship.

In Portugal, scumbags protect other scumbags. That is Portuguese society in a nutshell.

The Portuguese press and media in general, with a few honorable exceptions, are notoriously subservient to the political and judicial powers. There is a culture of FEAR: fear of broadcasting the “wrong” news; fear of mentioning the names of those involved; fear of using the “wrong” words; fear of calling a crook a crook; fear of calling a corrupt a corrupt; and so on… Shockingly, the fears of the Portuguese media stem from real judicial consequences, which act as the whip of the dictatorship over the population, since these judges and courts are controlled or strongly “influenced” by the political power.

Therefore, the Portuguese people are prisoners in their own country. It has come to the point where only massive and relentless protest demonstrations, and if necessary more muscular (but pacific) actions, can rescue democracy from the crooks, thieves and corrupt who have stolen it, and continue to do it every day! Tragically, these long due demonstrations will never happen because of the also crooked and simple-minded mentality of 95% of the Portuguese population, that also comes with a lot of cowardice.

Clothes hanging outside the window on a street in Portugal
If you’re distracted, you can get lost in the clothes! | The Real Portugal

The root problem is that in Portugal, corruption and the mentality of the population are one and the same thing. Therefore, this criminal mentality is a cancer full of metastases that cannot be stopped without wiping out society itself.
Dishonesty is the middle name of most Portuguese people, whenever the opportunity arises.

Portugal won’t change if the Portuguese don’t change 180 degrees, which, of course, will never happen.

Portuguese journalists, men and women, who have the ethics and the courage to be true noble journalists, instead of dictatorship propagandists, where their first and ONLY duty is to seek and tell the truth in good conscience regardless of who and against anyone, run the risk of suffering terrible personal consequences from the “superior” administrations, which could only happen in a dictatorship. They are demoted and put on a shelf or even FIRED. These honorable human beings have my full solidarity and admiration, and I wish them much strength. (which unfortunately is of little help)

Likewise, ordinary Portuguese citizens, strangely enough, often act as if they actually live in a dictatorship because they don’t like to talk about corruption at all and get very uncomfortable whenever the topic is mentioned. (very strange, but scary at the same time)

The discomfort is very palpable! If you talk about politics and justice or any other sensitive subject, the Portuguese definitely don’t like it, they lower their eyes and stop talking and they get very annoyed. It all comes down to the typical third world Portuguese mentality, because in reality Portugal never made it past the Middle Ages, and in most places not even past the Neanderthal era.

The Portuguese don’t act like MEN or WOMEN, but rather like wusses submissive to their owners and masters, the criminals who have usurped their country.

In a true democracy it is the politicians who are afraid of the free press and the people, but in Portugal it is the opposite, it is almost all the media who are afraid of the politicians, and in turn, the politics control most of the judicial power, in other words, what is happening in Portugal is the DEFINITION of a dictatorship.

Medical clinic in Portugal
Medical clinic in Portugal: I would rather be sick than walk into that clinic! | The Real Portugal

Quite simply, definitely democracy and citizenship are not something the Portuguese really understand, just as they don’t understand much else.

Very sadly, the Portuguese do not understand democracy and their inalienable rights as citizens and human beings (let alone the concept of EU citizenship), and that they are the masters of their lives, not the crooks in power! Sadly and pathetically, most Portuguese instead look up to the crooks who stomp on them, (since most of them are intrinsically crooks too).

The Portuguese media doesn’t like to publicize the systematic flagrant violations and “errors” made by the Portuguese justice, whether by action or inaction, but even when it comes to reporting on certain situations in the media, the majority of the Portuguese population, very regrettably, only shows a morbid and pleasurable interest in watching the victims suffering, since they really don’t give a sh*t about the horrible cases of injustice, corruption and violation of their fellow citizens, consequently as well to their own violated citizenship, human rights and democracy itself, that is why due to this perverted Portuguese mentality, Portugal will never function as a democracy, even if indeed there are elections, but they are totally superfluous elections, when the overwhelming majority of people who vote are crooks and idiots, who always happily vote for the same corrupt people.

That’s why, unlike true democracies, in Portugal, even showing the people the outrageous news of the permanent state of plunder and rotten (in)justice in which the country finds itself, NEVER changes anything, because the Portuguese don’t give a damn about anything, including democracy, and much, much less about the suffering and injustices inflicted on others.

In short, for the most part the Portuguese media don’t report “the inconvenient” (properly or al all), but the Portuguese don’t demand to know the truth either, nor do they demand integrity, honesty, moral values, justice from the ruling classes… Because most of them aren’t either. Therefore, there is no public opinion, there is no citizenship in Portugal, and consequently there can be no democracy either with “people” who just breathe and have no values.

Strangely enough, it often happens that news stories posted on the web that are less than complimentary about certain politicians in power (or not in power) have an annoying tendency to disappear not only from those news sites, but also from all Internet searches in general. Really scary! Seems just like the dictatorship of China!

What I am saying here is frighteningly true, there is no freedom of speech in Portugal, by that I mean above all, political and judicial freedom of speech and basically everything to do with contradicting the Portuguese rotten, corrupt, and dictatorial system, because corrupt politics and magistrates have tentacles and absolute power over all individuals. Freedom of expression in Portugal is truly fake, like almost everything else in Portugal is, it only exists as tiny letters written on thin sheets of worthless paper, since most people are too coward or too corrupt to exercise it!
A country without freedom of speech is a dictatorship, not a democracy, so what is this criminal organization doing in the EU, receiving our taxes through EU funds?! When we already know by now that Portugal is a bottomless cesspool of corruption and deception?!

Important note: This article and all the others on this blog are not about the 5% of decent Portuguese who care and who deserve all my sympathy and I sincerely wish them all the best, because I know what it is to be a person of integrity in Portugal. Nevertheless, the reality in Portugal is so severe and so ingrained in all strata of society that I have no other way to denounce it than to generalize.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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