She went to give birth and ended up with a perforated intestine. After five years, the case has still not come to trial

Portugal is such an absurdly dysfunctional and dangerous country that even giving birth in a Portuguese hospital can have disastrous consequences for the life of the mother and her family.

Due to the numerous and repeated gross errors made by the hospital’s medical teams, which forced this mother to undergo repeated surgeries with the sole intention of correcting the errors of the previous surgeries, but which only served to create new very serious health complications.

The end result is that the health consequences are so severe that this mother will never be able to have children, she will never be able to work more than three hours a day, and her body will be covered with scars. In addition, she will likely need care and further medical intervention for the rest of her life.
This mother could just as easily have died at the hands of these doctors (fortunately she did not), in Portugal everything is a matter of “good luck or bad luck”.

Of course, this woman’s future has been completely obliterated, hijacked as if she were just an insect! She can never be what she could be! This is what Portugal does to people who live there.

This mother filed a complaint with the Portuguese court and five years later she has not even been heard by the court! Even the Portuguese Medical Order closed (archived) the case! This contempt for the lives of others is so typical of this country and of the Portuguese in general. Horrible, horrible place to live in!

Anyway, even if the victim is finally heard in court one day, it is certain that nothing positive will come to her, let alone any compensation.

This is Portugal! Where people are not people, but treated like garbage! On every level.

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Estela gave birth and ended up with a perforated intestine. She waits for justice.

Estela Encarnado had health complications from the day she gave birth at Santa Maria Hospital, in Lisbon, on September 17, 2015.

A patient accuses Santa Maria Hospital of medical negligence. Estela Encarnado told CNN Portugal how she had leftover placenta after giving birth, she needed surgery and, during that intervention, her intestine and uterus were perforated.

The patient had health complications from the day she gave birth at Santa Maria Hospital, in Lisbon, on September 17, 2015.

According to CNN, a week after giving birth she returned to the emergency room. She had to be assisted because she was bleeding.

A scraping was scheduled when it was discovered that she had “remains of placenta” in her uterus.

“The doctor told me that they had made a small cut, prescribed antibiotics and sent me home”, said the patient.

After eight days, Estela began to complain of some pain, which got worse and was joined by more bleeding. She went back to the emergency room, they did a CT scan and, at that time,

they confirmed that she had a uterine and intestinal perforation. The report, says the lawyer, states that Estela went into “septic and hemorrhagic shock due to uterine and intestinal perforation”.

The woman spent nine months with a colostomy bag and then had her bowel closed. The consequences are serious: she cannot have children again, she cannot work more than 3 hours a day and she is covered in scars. Furthermore, the surgeries may not be over yet.

The patient filed a complaint with the administrative court in 2018

and, today, 5 years later, the case has still not reached trial.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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