Municipal Councils: The mayor of Arroios from the CDS gives contracts to the president of the Popular Youth. (And they are still bench colleagues in the Lisbon Municipal Assembly)

Corruption in Portugal has another name, it is called “helping your friends”.
It is perfectly normal in Portugal for large contracts to be awarded “directly” for “consulting” type services without any independent scrutiny, the monetary values of which are completely arbitrary but always very high. Taxpayers’ money is blatantly stolen, but the Portuguese don’t give a sh*t and just turn a blind eye.

In conclusion, 99% of corruption in Portugal always occurs within the “law”, which is why it is NEVER considered corruption and therefore not included in statistics, including international (!!!), interestingly, these “laws” are made by the very people who then steal the taxpayers’ money. It’s a treat!

We are talking about a country where the average monthly pension is 490.65 euros, but many people receive a change of 231.88 euros!

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Madalena Natividade, the president of the Arroios Parish Council, awarded more than 38 thousand euros to a colleague of hers on the CDS bench at the Lisbon Municipal Assembly. In the capital, this is not the only case. The president of the Junta de Belém also hired a colleague from the PSD bench for legal advice

Shortly after assuming the presidency of the Arroios Parish Council, Madalena Natividade, who is part of the CDS group in the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, awarded two contracts to her bench colleague Francisco Camacho, also leader of the Popular Youth.

Natividade was elected in October 2021 by the Novos Tempos coalition – which included PSD and CDS -, and took the place of socialist Margarida Martins who found herself involved in controversy due to suspicions of embezzlement.

Eight months after being elected to the position, the new president of the CDS board made a direct arrangement with Francisco Camacho to provide “services of a legal nature” to the Board. For this, 11,250.00 euros were paid.

This year, on January 31st, Navidade gave the green light for a new direct adjustment for the same services worth 27 thousand euros. This is a total of 38,250 euros plus VAT.

According to the documents on Portal Base, the contracts signed between party colleagues, Madalena Natividade and Francisco Camacho, provide for a “retainer for jurist”.

This is not, however, the only party colleague to have direct contact with Madalena Natividade. The president of the Arroios council has also signed contracts with Carlos Roque do Rosário Rego, from the CDS, also elected by “Novos Tempos” as a member of the Alvalade Parish Assembly, for the acquisition of services within the scope of the Organ Support Office. Since 2021, the president of the CDS Board and this member of the same party have carried out two contracts “within the scope of the Executive’s Organ Support Office” for a total value of 63,600 euros.

But Madalena Natividade is not the only mayor to choose colleagues from the municipal assembly bench for direct contracts.

Fernando Ribeiro Rosa, president of the Belém Parish Council and deputy for the PSD in the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, hired a colleague of his on the bench, Francisco Américo Maurício Domingues, on a direct basis, for 12 thousand euros.

According to the contract, signed on November 31, 2022, it is expected that Francisco Maurício Domingues will receive one thousand euros per month plus VAT, until the end of 2023, to provide legal advisory services in the areas of administrative law, environmental law and labor law for the Board.

Speaking to CNN Portugal, Fernando Ribeiro Rosa states that the hiring of Francisco Américo Maurício Domingues “aimed at providing legal advice in the area of human resources, an area that this Parish Council has long lacked monitoring, given the growing management of human resources essential to the pursuit of of the powers and obligations of this entity”. “His hiring thus follows from the needs of this entity and the professional competence of the two jurists, with no regard for their possible connection to any political party. As a result, there is no envisagement, either from an ethical or legal point of view, of any incompatibility”, still advances.

Madalena Natividade, president of the Arroios Parish Council, did not respond to CNN Portugal’s questions.

A country where criminals and the powerful are systematically protected to the detriment of victims and its citizens is the definition of a dictatorship, which is why Portugal should leave the EU.


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